Hubert Gray

(This is a work in progress, and is unlikely to be finalized until he finds a home in a game. 4CP remaining)

Marquis of Games

Aspect 0 ( 5 AMPs)
Domain 3 ( 5 DMPs) 9CP
Persona 3 ( 5 PMPs) 9CP
Treasure 0 ( 5 TMPs)

Passion and Skills:
Passion: Hold something in your heart, or you'll wither and collapse. (1)
Skill: Eccentric Old Man (1)
Skill: Janitor (2)
Skill: Trickster (2)
Cool (1)+0
Shine (0)+3
(1 remaining)

Bonds and Afflictions:
Bond: The world is fundamentally good and just and beautiful[, and I am driven to share that vision]. (3, Anchor)
Bond: I love children and want them to grow up into good human beings. (2)
Bond: I am loyal to the Midwives Society and their goals. (1)

Bond: I find it hard to give a straight answer to a direct question. (2)

Affliction: People don't notice me arriving until I announce myself. (1)
Affliction: My presence in a game makes it impossible to cheat, whether miraculously or otherwise. (1)

(3 remaining)

Goofy Golf [Sanctum]: A miniature golf and arcade park, built as a wedge by which to break open the ordinary world.

Estate Properties:
Games want to be fun. (2)
Games have rules. (2)
Games can be won, but not trivially. (1)
Games teach covert lessons. (1)
It's only a game. (1)

Teleportation 2CP
Elusive 1CP

Late middle age. Graying hair, moustache but no beard. Tanned with spots. Wears blue collar clothes. Has "hidden wisdom" kind of eyes.

I won't talk about Gray's beginnings. What's important is that he was a janitor in the Minnesota public school system, where he saw plenty of bright young minds, full of potential… and the tendency that the systems of the world have to grind them down or incentivize rote cramming and gaming the system over the joy of discovery. He hung onto his hope in the brightness of those children by a thread. Then, grace came to him, and he was Commenced as the Power of Games, and witnessed the Mythic World.

It was like a lightning bolt, to him. He saw dharma - the fact that everyone has a purpose, a path that is harmonious to them. He saw karma - that the universe is just, and in the end it gives people what they deserve. He saw that the world is turning, and that if it does not perish, it will turn until it reaches its telos: the infinite beauty of the Fourth Age.

In short, he was transformed by the realization that "under all its masks the world is awesomely, unshakably good."

He wanted to share that. He wanted all the children he'd seen crushed under the amoral causal systems of the Ordinary World to see that the world is worth their striving.

But his early attempts were failures. Most of the kids thought he was a loony. And when Gray found one boy who was smart, kind, and most of all curious enough to listen, and when he took Devon with him to the Mythic World… he realized why we need the Prosaic.

Devon contracted the psychological disease of being stuck in the Mythic World - the "dementia animus". And it gave Devon hope, but it shattered his ability to function in the Ordinary World. And the boy would not give it up - he shut and barred the gate of Surolam in his heart because to him being functional was not worth losing his perspective.

And Gray… Gray loved Devon and was glad that he could see the truth, but never forgave himself for derailing a bright and kind boy, for shattering his prospects by sharing with him that enlightenment.

It was then that he started searching for data on Dementia Animus, and fell in with the Midwives Society: a cleve of nobles who, for over a century now, have been doing what he wanted to do… but carefully, slowly, letting the children catch glimpses and tastes of the Border Mythic and acclimating them to it, so that they might be able to know that wonder without losing their ability to function in Prosaic human society. Mary Poppins? Valerie Frizzle? The Tiki Room? That was all them.

Gray learned from them, and in time joined their ranks, using his command over the Estate of Games to build a miniature golf and arcade park. Most of the games, he created as mundane things, but one of the golf courses he painstakingly crafted as a Road of the Mythic World, sloping gently down from Prosaic to Mythic and then back. The careful construction of this Road, combined with his own miraculous reinforcement, meant that when he saw a group of players that had potential, he could direct them to Course Four, and they would get, for an hour or two, a taste of a world where everything happens for a reason, people get what they deserve, and the best is yet to come.

And if they made it out hungry for more, he'd be ready.

Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart:
0: Awareness of threats to Games as a concept or category.
1: Summon a deck of cards to pass the time with.
2: Convince a skeeball game to give you a free play, or find out who played it last.
3: Keep a game from breaking up - or keep it from getting too high-stakes. (Gray's standard use of this power is to ensure that nothing perilous happens to the golfers on Course Four.)
4: Create a new arcade game from nothing. Summon a bunch of giant chess pieces from one of those giant chess sets.
5: Play a game of Risk and get data on upcoming geopolitical upheavals. End a tennis game in progress, or delete the tennis equipment, or both.
6: Protect a game from an international campaign to ban it. [Lesser Motion?]
7: Invent (a safer) Jumanji.
8: Eradicate Monopoly.
9: Make Settlers of Catan have been published by Hasbro. Invent (actual!) Jumanji.

Persona Miracle Chart:
0: Awareness of things that are Games or correlate to them.
1: Make a person a little more receptive to a fun night out. Alternatively, make a competition a little less fun, a little more serious, a little less rigid… in short, a little less of a Game.
2: Know what it is to be a friendly Mahjong match.
3: Interacting with me has a crafty, sneaky sort of way of making you learn something.
4: Make an American football match a Game proper - nobody will get concussed, the rules will generally be followed, and everyone will come out of it having learned something.
5: Remove all friendliness from a local bar, making it a serious business place for serious business people. Live in a chess match between two of the Angels in Heaven.
6: I have rules, and they're absolute. Alternatively: that guy over there will become a game developer.
7: Global thermonuclear war? You can win it now, and the radiation won't really hurt anybody either.
8: Calvinball used to be a Cricket variant, then this miracle came along.
9: Henceforth, arcades will be equal to bars and clubs as a weekend destination for people looking to socialize.

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