Irina Estersol


There aren't really any earthly records of where Irina Estersol came from before she was ennobled, and getting a straight answer out of her is notoriously difficult. Some days she claims that she was created by a massively unlikely, but completely natural, quantum fluctuation somewhere out in the Eridanus Supervoid. Other days she claims that she pulled herself out of her own hat. On others, she claims to be an Excrucian, or an Actual, or a bodhisattva, or that she doesn't exist in the first place and she's just a shared hallucination.

As the self-proclaimed Great Scholar of the Void, Irina is one of the few people who can hold her own in debates with Excrucian philosophers, although such conversations rarely make sense to anybody who's not well-versed in the nuances of nonexistence, and it's not really something she [i]enjoys[/i]. Still, while her estate looks suspiciously Excrucian-friendly to some people, she maintains that there's a world of difference between it and the sort of nothingness preferred by the Excrucian host. As one of the foremost loyalist experts on this area of Excrucian philosophy in addition to being generally knowledgeable, other Imperators occasionally send fresh Nobles to study under her.

When she's not giving out cryptic advice or debating philosophy, Irina is a tasteful hedonist, suspiciously fond of fine food, drink, entertainment, clothes, and lodging for somebody who occasionally claims to be free of all earthly desires. Her ability to acquire such things effortlessly has made her popular among other Nobles with similarly expensive tastes, although she doesn't bestow such gifts on people lightly.

Passions and Skills

  • Skill: Philosophy (3)
  • Skill: Persuasion (2)
  • Skill: Painting (1)
  • Passion: I want to be respected. (2)

Bonds and Afflictions

*Affliction: I have access to the finest luxuries, wherever I go, no matter how little sense it makes. (3)
*Bond: I just do not give straightforward answers to questions. (2)
*Affliction: I can survive comfortably [I]anywhere[/I]. (3)
*Bond: I always look like an outsider. (2)
*Bond: Never lose your cool. (1)
*Bond: All favors and slights must be repaid in equal measure. (2)


Aspect 3 5/5
Domain 0 1/5
Persona 4 5/5
Treasure 0 4/5



Irina carries around an old-fashioned brass lantern, which is heavily inscribed with runes of warding. Bound inside is Lord Chiir-ni'taan, The Abyss of Fangs, The All-Devouring Hunger, etc etc, an elder god. This isn't as useful as it sounds like, unless she needs something (or somebody) ripped apart and eaten by tentacles, which does admittedly come in handy.
(Treasure 5) 5 (Activation: simple miracle, 0 MP) -1 (Area: Local only) -1 (Flexibility: Devouring things) -1


Irina can teleport herself over a distance of a few miles, assuming she knows where she's going.
(Domain 6-Lesser Motion of Self) 6 (Strike 2) + 2 (Activation: simple miracle, 0 MP) -1 (Area: Self only) -3 (Flexibility: Teleportation to nearby areas only) -3


Estate: The Void

The void is the space where something [i]could[/i] be. (3)
The void hungers to be filled. (1)
The void extinguishes emotion, knowledge, and value. (2)
The void is home to very strange things. (1)

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