Johann Muellerstadt

Johann Muellerstadt, Duke of Mathematics, Song of Light

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Domain 4 9 DMP 15CP
3 Numbers are the basis of Physics.
1 Numbers solve problems.
1 Numbers only tell facts.
1 Numbers exist everywhere.
1 Numbers bring order.
Sub-Estate Physics 3 Essentially merged with Numbers for the purposes of the effect table, but operating at a lower base power; revolves around Newton's laws and Einsteins's theories of relativity, but branches into other applications with solid mathematical bases
Persona 2 7 PMP 6CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I desire everyone to know the truth (4)
Skill: Musician (3)
Skill: Conductive Body (3)
Skill: Loyal (2)
Skill: Dungeon Master (1)
Cool 0
Shine 0+2

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I am trapped in Pikachu form! (4)
Bond: I must choose my words carefully! (3)
Bond: I can’t incorrectly perform a math problem! (3)
Affliction: I must answer questions truthfully! (3)


  1. Wondrous – A pencil that draws perfectly curves and straight lines, making geometry problems a breeze (math problem)
  2. Mundane – A high-powered calculator, a book of conversion charts and important formulas (math problem)
  3. Mundane – A German-English dictionary, A notebook filled with writings on Nobles, math problems, and whatever else strikes my fancy, a tattered Bible[NKJV] (Choose my words)


Pikachu Power! – Domain 6 Control over Lightning, Normal Miracle, Local, Striking Targets with Lightning, Base Strike 1; 3 CP (Electrocute people and objects)


Johann was once a lanky, blue-eyed blonde high school student with a penchant for mathematics, music, and tabletop games. After he attained his Noble status, however, his Imperator decided it would be more fitting for him to be transformed into a nonexistent animal of his choice - and so, he took his current form, a Pikachu with a shining coat and blue eyes rimmed with halos of purple. He doesn't need clothes - Pokemon don't really have genitalia, after all - but does have a satchel in which he keeps bonded possessions. Rarely, if ever, does he go somewhere without it - if he does, it usually means that there's gonna be hell to pay for an Excrucian who tried to lash out as his Estate…


Johann's life was pretty normal - divorced but kind parents, the pursuit of education, a small group of close friends. He hadn't even finished high school (senior year, man!) when, during Calculus III one period, the Imperator Archangel Helio whisked him away from his desk and told him, in no uncertain terms, that she needed him to hold the Estate of Numbers, as the Excrucians where starting to poke around in it. Johann wasn't given a choice - she immediately jolted him with a shock of lightning, and he gained his Power. When she mischievously winked and asked wht animal he'd want to be if he was stuck one for the rest of his life - throwing him completely for a loop - he answered "giraffe or Pikachu" and was jolted again, becoming the latter.
At this point, Johann is in love with his Nobility, carving out a corner of Helio's Chauncel for himself and his fellow Pokemon. He's also got a mild crush on some of his Familia - primarily She Who Weaves, the drow Power of String - but has prioritized earning Helio's blessing before getting so entangled, and the easiest way for him to do that is to find a way to quantify Excrucians' absolute comparative power. It won't be easy, but he's made some progress…

++Approach to Life
His former mercy has been largely lost, replaced with a sense of duty and focus on preserving his Estate. A large part of this comes from his love of mathematics from before he had Power; part of it stems from a casually binding loyalty, a fluid but stable idea that Johann aids those who aid him, befriends those who are friendly towards him, and will defend those whom he finds deserving of it; part of it comes from his compulsory sense of duty, strengthened by the Light; lastly, some of it comes from the aloofness of godhood, an apathy rooted in what makes one great. He's pragmatic while hiding behind a mask of the moral high ground, writing new equations to override those that would be detrimental to him. In protecting his Estate, and other things, he sees that it is often its own worst enemy and often should be treated as such.
Johann values commitments, goals, and promises - willful agreements to do something, whether it be remain married until death does one part, a mission to climb the World's Tallest Escalator Hill, or an oath to slay the Excrucian who killed one's father. He sees these commitments as binding, and will make them more often than not to ensure that his weakness doesn't keep the necessary things from being done.
Love and lust call to him - he was Commenced as a teenage, after all, and this aspect has yet to depart. Still, his duty comes first, and no physical or emotional desires will stop him from defending his kingdom…unless there's an Excrucian or Actual behind it, then there might be problems.

++Modus Operandi
Johann's usual approach to a confrontation is one of two things: against Excrucians and Actuals, he tries to find and exploit their weaknesses, refusing to play fair; against his fellows who decide to antagonize him, he shows all the subtlety of a tornado, blasting them with lightning and reducing them to nothing with the proper applications of Numbers and Physics. If they at any point concede, they'll live - but they'd better not try that again. He figures that, while the invaders will never truly die so much as be subdued, the other Nobles and Imperators aren't so persistent, and it's a hell of a lot easier to just break their faces and reconstruct them if necessary then take the time to figure them out.

Life Path

Lotus Flower, The Descending Angel

  • Heart - My Power: Prophet (How am I supposed to use this power?)
    • Legacy of Freedom - I've always known I was special
    • Song of Heaven - Sent to Enlighten
  • Shadow - My Nature: Glorious, Set Apart
    • The Light Side of Things - The Truth Reigns Supreme

Oak, Something That Hasn't Changed (Double-Tied to Numbers)

  • Heart - My Identity: Mathematician
    • Something Weird - Reincarnated as a Pikachu
    • Something You Can Point To - My World Revolves Around Numbers
    • Humble Life - My Family Taught Me Well
  • Shadow - Crisis: Once Friends Follow Me (Is my past a boon or a curse?)
    • Noble Acquaintance - Horus Watches Me (Power of Eyes)
    • Mystery Cult - I Was Once an Arithmatist (Worship through Numbers)


  • Revelation: To earn Helio’s respect, I need to give her great knowledge
    • 5 Destiny - I'll give her a way to organize Excrucians by comparative power.

Domain Miracle Chart

0 You are aware when Numbers are in danger
1 Create an airtight proof of a known mathematical law; recite the first hundred digits of an irrational number of choice; create a halo of glowing numbers above someone
2 Recall the formulas related to a natural law; make 2+2=5, so long as the Twos consent
3 Make a law of physics stronger; make a law of calculation stronger; strengthen a variable’s identity
4 Create a field of increased gravity around someone/thing, slowing them down; reduce a bullet’s acceleration to the point where one could step out of its path; reduce the number of cells in someone/thing’s body; define a person by the amount of something with/on them (strands of hair, coins, ex-boyfriends, etc.); simplify a proof so that anyone could understand it
5 Calculate the amount of gasoline needed to burn down Brooklyn Bridge; extinguish an object’s inertia; make a set variable random; cause someone to think in binary
6 Reprogram a machine by switching around the 1s and 0s (or 0s through Es) in its code; change a person’s center of gravity; destine a speeding bullet to hit someone else; make an object’s inertia bring things together instead of ignore change
7 Create new laws of physics and mathematics
8 End a law of physics or mathematics; introduce randomness to a stable environment
9 Cause numbers to rain from the sky like water; create a perpetual motion machine; divert Earth’s center of gravity to a tiny Hawaiian island

Persona Miracle Chart

0 Recognize those with strong connection to Numbers
1 Make a person weigh more or less; allow someone to have more children in their lifetime; force someone to speak nothing but the truth for a time
2 Spend a scene as a mathematical formula
3 Declare yourself present in everything around you; declare that you can solve all of a single person’s problems; declare that you make the world around you more organized
4 Transform a person into a formula of some kind; make a moving car go faster or slower; have a house tidy itself while its residents are away
5 Declare that 37 is no longer a number; end gravity on a particular object; erase circles’ circumferences; spend a scene as the force of gravity on Earth; incarnate as Euler’s formula
6 Make a janitor spontaneously and spotlessly clean an entire building, inside and out; have a student hate math as much as you wish to defend it; allow someone to instantly calculate the values of any variables given the equations; give yourself omniscience; give yourself the repulsive power of a white hole
7 Give someone the ability to defy gravity at will; make a pencil always draw perfect lines so that it could draw a model of anything
8 Stop inertia inertia on an entire planet
9 Declare that Yale University shall provide the best mathematics and physics education known to man and empower them to do so for anyone willing to learn.
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