Jonas Kail

Jonas Kail, Baron of 3, Dominus Tres
by eternity-braid

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0 CP
Domain 1 5 DMP 3 CP
[?] … draws the eye and the mind
[?] … makes or breaks patterns
[?] … coordinates disparate elements
[?] … creates stability
[?] … conveys divinity
Persona 3 5 PMP 9 CP
Treasure 3 5 TMP 9 CP

Passion and Skills

Skill: The Simple Life (3)
Skill: Patience (3)
Skill: Good Conversationalist (2)
Shine (3)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: Things seem to spontaneously gather into sets of three around me for some reason. (3)
Bond: I would do pretty much anything for my kids Sarai and Megan. (Wondrous Anchor) (3)
Bond: I would really rather be at my farm right now. (Wondrous Anchor/Sanctum) (2)
Bond: The Song I weave is a code of simplicity: things should do what they do and no more - and so too with people. (2)
Bond: I have to show up my ex-wife and prove to her that I am not, in fact, crazy. (Not currently anchored, but has the potential to be!) (2)
Bond: I’ll only use technology I can understand. My phones still have wires on them, thank you very much. (1)
Bond: I want to introduce you to my dog Carter. (Mundane Anchor.) (1)
Bond: I’ve always got a good story to tell you about this one time when… (1)

1 free Bondfliction point.


Durant (1 CP)
Immutable (1 CP)
Luck (1 CP)
Unblemished Guise (1 CP)


Jonas Kail was a farmer. Farmers lead circular lives: lives defined by the light of the sun, by the turning of the seasons, by the cycles of life. It is strange, then, that the thing that took Jonas Kail was not the embrace of death when he was an old man: it was the fire of Jophiel, Angel Imperator, as Jonas turned thirty-five.

He investigated his new life for a while - two years, maybe - and then returned to his family. He told them everything. His wife decided he had gone crazy, left him, and took the children.

The children reached out to him when they grew up. I think they all knew deep down that whatever their mother told them, their father was a demigod. In any case, one works for the Cammora, and the other two (Sarai and Megan) are essentially his public-facing receptionists and secretaries, working in Locus Jophiel.

As for Jonas himself, if you wish to reach him, he’s probably on the farm, digging up potatoes. As far as he’s concerned, he’s still a farmer.

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