Joseph, Shepherd of the Flocks of Night, Dominus Nox, Viscount of Night

Aspect 1 (5 AMPs)
Domain 2 (7 DMPs)
Realm 1 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 0 (5 SMPs)

Veil of Night
Darkness Between Stars
Shapeshifting (any natural creature)
Teleportation (anywhere on the night side of the Earth, or to the Moon)

Focus: his Black Crook, containing 2 levels of Domain (+2 DMPs)
Restriction: Somnolent during daylight hours
Restriction: Drives electrical devices haywire with his presence
Affiliation: Code of the Wild
Virtue: Free-Spirited


  • his own freedom to do as he wishes (4)
  • the santity of his Estate (3)
  • his role as shepherd of young and dreaming things (3)
  • humanity's freedom to act out its impulses (3)
  • the Power of the Moon (3)
  • his herd of black sheep and silver goats (2)
  • the Black Crook (1)

Estate: Joseph controls the Night, which includes both the physical force of darkness and the metaphysical "shadows" cast by consciousness. Joseph's magic can control dreams and subconscious impulses- the parts of the mind that are poorly understood by the awakened understanding.

Joseph, the Shepherd of Night, is the keeper of the dark side of experience, the patron of impulse, whimsy, and the ruler of the Jungian "shadow-self". He encourages mortals to act on their whims and secret desires rather than be constrained by social convention. His favorite hobby, however, is leading young children off onto dangerous adventures, from which they may or may not return. It is not safe to put your trust in the Night, though it is often rewarding.

Joseph's favored appearance is as a young shepherd boy, ranging from eight to fifteen years old, depending on his audience. His eyes, hair, and skin are dark and wild, and he wears a black sheepskin garment and a stone talisman around his neck. He carries only the black crook which is his symbol of authority, although he often loses it.

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