Krrr'zzmizsh, Baron of Elsewhere

Aspect 2 5 AMP 6 CP
Domain 1 5 DMP 3 CP
1 Elsewhere contains all that has been lost.
2 Elsewhere is never where you look for it.
1 Elsewhere is anywhere but here.
2 Elsewhere is wherever you have never been.
1 Elsewhere has the terror and allure of the unknown.
Persona 3 5 PMP 9 CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0 CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I am curious about all new things! (1)
Passion: I love the rock spirit Gulab! (1)
Passion: I want everyone to share my vision! (1)
Skill: Traveler (3)
Skill: Superior Strength (2)
Cool (0)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I can't stay in the same place for more than three days! (2)
Affliction: Things go missing around me! (1)
Affliction: I am a bizarre and unidentifiable thing! (2)
Bond: You can never find me when you look for me! (4)
Bond: I am a friend to the hopeless and the lost! (3)
Bond: No one knows where I come from! (1)


Durant (1 CP)
Gatemaker (4 CP)
Invisibility (1 CP)
Natural Weapon (1 CP)


Krrr'zzmizsh is vaguely humanoid in form, with long, spindly limbs and a hard, chitinous exterior that is darkly green in colour. He moves quickly and jerkily, making a rustling noise of fine membrances rubbing together. His head resembles that of a praying mantis, with huge faceted eyes and mandiples at the side of his mouth. He has long, fine, human-like fingers and toes, though they end in rough, dark, very sharp claws. He tends to wear tidy, old-fashioned suits with neat little bowties, and when he speaks it's in a cheerful, high-pitched voice that frequently breaks into sheepish little titters.

While he has various similarities to a great number of humanoid and insectoid species throughout the multitude of worlds in the Ash, he is sufficiently different from each and every one of them to make it obvious that he does not belong to any of them. Indeed, if a race was ever discovered that he could conceivably belong to, it is probable that he would immediately and retroactively change to become sufficiently different from it to make it impossible to consider him a member of it. Needless to say, this may already have happened an indeterminable number of times - simple chronology never was much of a match for the might of pure logic.


"There have been many Powers of Elsewhere throughout history, and indeed it has never been proven that they are not all still alive. Each one, in his or her or its own time, simply left one day and did not come back, whereafter another Power of Elsewhere eventually (after how long? The records are sketchy on the subject) appeared in the vacated place. Many theorise that the Estate itself gives birth to us, and that we eventually have to return to it, becoming lost and forgotten as all its children. Another possibility is that there is only one eternal Power of Elsewhere, but that it sometimes must go away and stay missing until it has been forgotten, at which time it can be reborn into the history of the world.

"I certainly don't not know; my origin, if I have one, is Elsewhere and can't be found, even by me. As near as I can tell, I have existed for a mere few decades, and my earliest memory is enjoying a cup of coffee in my study when the housekeeper walked in and said, 'oh, it's you. Wait… who are you, again?' I considered the question for a moment and then admitted that I was not sure, and asked her if she didn't agree that that fact was really quite interesting.

"As I recall, she found it more upsetting than interesting, but that's just the way it goes. I tend to have one of the two effects on any given person, and there is no telling who will react which way.

"Things after that progressed in much the same way, to my eternal fascination and bemusement. The Imperator into whose service I had so unceremoniously been born tried to make use of me, but I fear he found me somewhat too feckless for his liking. Whatever path he set me on, I always managed to find some interesting detour, and when there was work to be done, I was always somewhere else. I cannot help but be as I am; the world is just so large that being in any one place, mentally or physically, for more than a short while seems like an unbearable shame. There is a joy in me, though it sometimes turns bitter - a love of infinity, even as I find myself lost in it. I do not know if it makes me happy or unhappy, this eternal wandering, but I am all too aware that it makes me an unreliable servant.

"I was given over to a number of Imperators who each despaired of me, before someone did what I admit was the only sensible thing - give me to the Devil Shekoliel, who would not reject me because it is not in the nature of Devils to reject anyone. She is an intimidating employer, to be sure, but I can see the wisdom in her philosophy - and there is some appeal to her particular brand of folly, too. I serve loyally, though not always faithfully.

"I still wander. All of the Earth is mine to explore, and a thousand thousand other worlds as well. I can never stand still for too long. Yet sometimes, I dream that in this world of endless possibility, even a Noble's nature might change, and I might be able to make for myself a home."

Life Path

Clematis (IV): Key of Something, Given Gifts
I Have Witnessed It:
Enlightened and at peace
I can show you the stars
I am a friend to those who have lost their way

Why I Doubt:
A place that contains nothing is without value
Those who follow me become less human thereby

"Am I a prophet, or a broken thing making others like itself?"

Mimulus (XIII): Key of Something Restless
My Path:
Eternal stranger
I show people a different way
To enter the unknown is to risk never returning home
I was born in a place between places
I cannot stay with you

"Is there a purpose to it all?"

Why It Feels Empty:
The things I've left behind

Inspirational Friend - "Once, I befriended a teenage hitchhiker named Sammantha Taylor. I thought to teach her about the greatness of all things, but she already knew that all things were great; and so I was the one to learn from her. Before we parted, I taught her how to walk paths that are normally not for humans to walk. We still meet on those paths from time to time, and she listens to me without either awe or judgment."

Faraway Love - "When wandering the Australian outback, I met Gulab, the spirit of a lonely rock. He is as steady and reliable as I am fleeting and unknown, and part of me would stay with him forever. Alas, that is not my nature, so no matter how many times I return to him, before long it is always time to leave."

Aliens - "I meet many people on my travels, and some grow close to me, and become wanderers themselves. They are vagrants and drifters, explorers and scientists. All that they have in common is that they are different for having met me… different, and eternally cut off from normal people because of it."

Domain Miracle Chart

0 Know when the concept of Elsewhere is in danger.
1 Pluck out of thin air an object that is known to exist in the near vicinity but which has been temporarily misplaced. Make something easily lost disappear with a snap of my fingers (but it can be found again by someone spending a moment looking around the area for it - it will turn out to be under the sofa cushions or similar).
2 Sense any nearby lost objects or people, or nearby locations that no one knows about. Talk the local Elsewhere into stretching a little to encompass some small object, making it go missing. (by a careful search, it will turn out to be in some place where it might conceivably have ended up through natural causes - e.g., the keys were never on the table, they were left in the owner's other pants) Ask local unknown locations how old they are, i.e. how long it has been since anyone had them as part of their personal mental map. Talk local unknown locations into subtly beckoning people in with curiosity or warn them away with foreboding.
3 Make a limited unknown area (e.g., a house) more difficult to enter or find or a reasonable-sized lost object (e.g., a car) more difficult to discover - when you try, events conspire to move you back towards known places and things again.
4 Make an object, person or limited location become forgotten or go missing (if there are people in a "banished" location, they not only forget exactly where they are, but also forget how to get to anywhere they know from where they are now). Create labyrinthine areas (empty, derelict apartment buildings, thick stretches of woodland, etc) that turn up between two known areas that were previously connected. Move around lost objects or the contents of unknown locations (e.g., move an undiscovered Inca temple in the Andes to an unexplored spot near the North Pole). Make one place or object suddenly discovered by making another, nearby place or object fade from memory or get misplaced.
5 Make an object or place suddenly become discovered or mapped (generally happens through someone just happening to be in the area and just happening to stumble on it). Instantly locate any lost or unknown object, place or person, anywhere.
6 Bend space in undiscovered places (remember: a place counts as undiscovered even if there are people in it, if they do not know how to get from there to any place they know), creating endless staircases, doors in the attic leading to the cellar, etc. Make a lost item or unknown location entirely impossible to find by mortal means. Make it impossible to venture off the beaten path in an entire forest or mountain chain.
7 Make entire countries vanish off the map (the knowledge of the country does not disappear; no one can just remember where it was anymore. Maps are retroactively redrawn to show the country either as "terra incognita" or as a stretch of mostly uninhabited wilderness theoretically claimed by neighbouring countries). Create vast tracts of uninhabited nothing-very-much that no one has ever noticed were there before. Make entire armies get lost and turn up again somewhere far from where they were heading. Rearrange all the undiscovered areas in the world to my liking.
8 Make everyone in the entire world aware (at least subconsciously) of a location, how to get to it and what can be found there.
9 Twist time and shape to my liking in undiscovered places, creating a limited nightmare realm of non-Euclidean geometry where one step can carry you a mile and you can walk for your entire life without reaching a door that is three meters away.

Persona Miracle Chart

0 Know with a glance whether a location, or the location of an object or person, is known to anyone.
1 Render a person exotic, elusive, interesting, frightening and unpredictable, or commonplace, well-known, safe and predictable.
2 Possess the Elsewhere component of any unknown location in the world (see difficulty 2 Domain Miracles for examples of what a piece of Elsewhere can be made to do while possessed. In addition, it can see what is going on at its location - though that is often not much, per definition).
3 Appear frightening or intriguing. Become impossible to see or touch, except by accident. Spit out any object of minor importance that is currently lost. Teleport to a random location (not much of a method for reliable travel, but good for last-ditch escapes).
4 Create a "wandering store" that suddenly opens at a streetcorner, selling an amazing variety of rare and exotic items, only to be gone without a trace in the morning. Make an item, place or person famous but elusive, so that everyone in town is talking about them but no one can actually claims to have seen it, been there or met her.
5 Render an undiscovered location into a "nowhere" (a "nowhere" is neither interesting or frightening, and does not play any part in anyone's life. It contains nothing of any interest or value - if there was previously something in the location that for some reason can not be easily destroyed or altered, it immediately disappears and turns up in another undiscovered location. People think they might been there before, or perhaps not - they don't quite remember, and it doesn't seem to matter anyway. A "nowhere" can be turned into a "somewhere" if people begin to make use of it and imbue it with meaning again, and may then return to being part of Elsewhere if they subsequently abandon and forget about it). Embody many different undiscovered locations at once.
6 Make a person unable to ever go to any place he does not know or to find something once he has lost it. Make a person unable to return to any place he knows, forcing him to wander forever. Make a person obsessed with mapping out and cataloging every square inch of the world. Make a person fall in love with "getting lost," making her prone to wandering around for hours or days exploring new places. Become so terrifying that people will raise great walls of stone and lies to keep me out, or become so entrancing that they will cross oceans in rickety wooden ships to find me. Split open and let anything that is lost come out of me, including entire cities. Become absolutely impossible to find, yet have rumours of my presence arrive from every quarter, as if I were everywhere but right where you are.
7 Make a place or item the equivalent of Atlantis or the Holy Grail - known to everyone in the world but impossible to find, a subject of romantic legend and endless academic theorising. Make an entire city vanish without a trace, banished to another planet or another world.
8 Make an undiscovered location (or every undiscovered location throughout a larger area, like a city) cease to exist. An abandoned house will no longer have an inside; the door can't be opened, only darkness can be seen through the windows, and if you try to dig your way through the wall you will find that it is a solid block of wood or bricks, without any rooms inside. An uncharted stretch of ocean becomes surrounded by winds and currents that makes it next to impossible to enter it, and if you somehow do anyway the water throughout it turns out to be only a few feet deep and devoid of sea life.
9 Make an entire society so venerate the unknown places that it is punishable by death to walk outside the existing paths or search for anything that isn't already written up in books.
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