Lan Chao-Xing

Lan Chao-Xing, Memory’s-Regal



[2] Affliction: Immaculately lovely
[3] Affliction: Mortals’ memories of me drift away
[3] Affliction: Legate of the Council of Four
[2] Bond: Humanity must live (Code of the Light)
Anchor: Arabesque, a wondrous artificial intelligence.
[2] Bond: Humanity should control its own destiny
Anchor: Carolina Sanchez, a hacker/spy whose abilities have been over-the-top since she was upgraded to wondrous.
[2] Bond: I can be reached anywhere by smartphone
Anchor: A smartphone app which lets her be telepresent, authorized for use by Nobles, the Camorra, and some mystery cults. Unleashing its wondrous power lets her physically teleport.

Mundane Abilities
Superior Quality: Computer wizard 4
Skill: Silver tongue 3
Cool 2
Shine 4

Estate Properties
Memory defines personality (1)
Memory is not infallible (1)
Memory creates an emotional response (1)
Memory is the foundation of learning (2)
Memories are precious (2)

Design: Rosemary, the flower of memory, and hyssop, signifying cleanliness and purity, twined around a caduceus on a gray background with a white raindrop pattern.

Lan Chao-Xing is a hacker from Shanghai enNobled about ten years ago. She has taken advantage of Nobility to upgrade her formidable skills to inhuman levels, as well as upgrading her programming masterpiece to superintelligent capability. Chao-Xing (personal name; her family uses surname-first) belongs to that faction of the Light which holds that the ordinary world is the necessary context for humanity to achieve its potential, rather than being drowned by the animism of the world. As such, she has embraced the sometimes rather tattered screen which hides not just the Valde Bellum but all the magical elements of the world from the everyday lives of ordinary humans. As Memory’s-Regal, she is well-equipped for this task.
After a couple of years following this self-imposed duty she was called before the Council of Four and given an official appointment. As an official Legate, she is required to answer requests for help from any member of the Society of Flowers who needs help in cleaning up miraculous fallout. If requests for such aid become too frequent, she has the authority to impose sanctions to discourage abuse of the system. Her testimony is also taken very seriously in prosecutions under the Chestnut Law.
Although she is well-known among her Noble peers, Chao-Xing remains virtually unknown among normally clued-in mortal groups like mystery cults and perhaps even the Cammora. Although she often makes a great impact in person, the effect doesn’t last: once out of her presence, she fades rapidly in memory. Its hard to think about her, and even the most unforgettable actions she took tend to get misattributed to other people.
“Arabesque” is an A.I. who would be of world-altering power and scope if that world weren’t full of miraculous entities. It has embraced the Code of the Light, in somewhat purer form than Chao-Xing herself, and thinks she is far too hesitant to use her authority as Legate in getting Nobles to clean up their acts. Chao-Xing and Arabesque have a bickering but ultimately affectionate relationship; each has a somewhat condescending fondness for the other. It is usually cheaper in MP for Arabesque to do a media clean-up than for Chao-Xing to exert herself for a global memory miracle.
It should be noted that Chao-Xing is an excellent choice for Second Skin by a Deceiver or Deceiver-shard. Having become aware of the possibility, Arabesque keeps constant watch for indications of such activity.

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