Manjor Calhon

Power of Chancels……….(Manjor Calhon)

bond I enforce and follow the contract 5
bond I am a cool kickass starship 5
bond I have an awesome crew 5


Aspect 0
Domain (channels) 5
….are home 2
…are separate 2
…are well guarded 2
…are valuable 1
(the channel) 4
(this are the proerties of the channel as well so some input would be good)

Persona 0
Treasure 2

Passion Making things better than they were 5

Inherent Superiority 1
Superior Strength 4
Superior Understanding 4

Most Imperators when they want to make a channel do the normal 100 sacrifices or other sacrifices in or to make it. However this imperator tock the long approach. He asked, bargained and dealed to get a landmass to become his channel. This was a very long term process. Genius loci tend to think in geological time and not to jump into things. The bargaining to hundreds of years, but in the end I decided to become his channel. I promised that I would protected and nurture him and his children (and other things if you want to add them in). In return he speed up my thinking, gave me the ability to change myself (domain 5 the channel), flight and respect.

A lot has changed sense then. Prosaic Reality became a fad among the genius loci of earth I am sure they will get tried of it soon. Lord entropy leads the council of four and the war with the Ex got started.

Oak Key of Something that Hasn't changed
*I am contantly improving (humble life)
*I still consider myself part of earth and am friends with gaia altho we have drifted apart (literally)

Alyssym (key 16) Key of Destiny Fulfilled
*A am a channel

*I Protect and Nurture
*I am home

Some say that great captains are born not made. I say they are wrong. I created John Hanway to be the greatest captain ever. I made him as a baby and raised him up. He is a son to me. I am so proud of him. I made the rest of the crew as well, but he always stood head and shudders above the others. There are the best of the best and he is the best of the best of the best.

captain John Hanway
bond I am a awesome captain 5
bond I make the world a better place 3

skills and passions
passion captaining the channel Manjor Calhon 5
skill diplomacy 3

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