Nathanael Icarius Tennemore

Nathanael Icarius Tennemore
Power of Pollution
Song of the Dark

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0p
Domain 2 5 DMP 6p
[1] Pollution is waste and dross and unwanted things.
[1] Causing Pollution makes production easier and more profitable.
[1] Pollution teaches harsh lessons of foresight and caution.
[1] Pollution is disgusting and unclean.
[1] Pollution insinuates itself everywhere.
[1] Pollution poisons and weakens life.
[1] Pollution desecrates nature.
Persona 5 5 PMP 15p
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0p

Gift: Elusive 1p

Foci: Nanomachine Symbiote 2p
Treasure 4 "Supports my bodily functions", auto +1, self -3, comp -1, uncom 1
(basically Immutable + speedy physical wounds recovery)

Gift: Spirit Traveller 1p
Aspect 3 ["Changing my modes of perception"] simple-1, self -3, limited -2, uncom +1, Strike 3
(Easy travel to/from the Mundane Reality / Border Mythic / Deep Mythic / Spirit world)

[3] Bond: I'm an enthusiast of unusual human weaponry.
[2] Bond: I'm invested in the progress of humanity
[1] Bond: "But if I save people from their own stupidity, how will they LEARN?"
[1] Bond: I enjoy and compose classical music.

[4] Affliction: I must be an effective Mediator and Negotiator
(If I need to be able to breathe underwater or stare down avalanches for this, it will happen.)
[1] Affliction: My body is clean, scent-free and clinically sterile.
[1] Affliction: My blood is a vile black toxic sludge.

Treasure(wondrous): Outrageous Amounts of Money (progress)
Speeds things up in the mortal world

Treasure(mundane): Industrialist Network(progress)

Treasure(mundane): High-voltage Taser (weaponry)

Treasure(mundane): Korborov 022 assault rifle (weaponry)

Treasure(mundane): Laser-guided Missile launcher (weaponry)

Treasure(mundane): Stradivarius Violin (music)

Treasure(mundane): Digital Video Camera (stupidity)

Skill: Science 2
Passion: I enjoy being the voice of reason 3
Skill: Music 1
Skill: Weaponry 1

Cool: 0+1
Shine 5

The Power of Pollution, Nathan to his friends, is a lanky man with small rectangular glasses and an elegant, aristocratic look about him. His dress is impeccable, but his skin looks pale and unnatural - a sign of the symbiotic nanomachines he commissioned from the super-scientists in his Chancel. Nathan gives off a sense of distance - from the world, from humanity, from himself.
Perceiving himself as neutral and unattached regarding many questions, Nathan often volunteers for duties as mediator or negotiator, in which role he is fairly effective.

Normally pleasant, polite company to those he deems deserving, Nathan believes in harsh lessons, and will in most cases laugh at self-imposed problems, rather than remedy them. His favourite reading material is the Darwin Awards, from which he will read out loud to his friends. That said, he can be genuinely sympathetic when an individual has problems caused by accidents or the malevolence of others.
Humanity is something Nathan is invested in and fairly benevolent towards. In his opinion, Humanity is an ongoing story, and as such, it should have climaxes, important moral lessons - and of course a satisfying ending, somewhere down the line. He is currently working on making the climax as powerful as possible, empowering humanity with industry and high-tech, meanwhile setting up a moral lesson here and there. (Note that the Power of Pollution will defend Humanity against any ending not deemed "satisfying".)
Nathan collects weaponry; to him they are an expression of Humanity's power and self-caused suffering. Also, they're occasionally handy for shooting things.

Modus Operandi
Players will typically encounter Nathan in his role as a mediator and negotiator. His conflict-resolution approach IS rather effective, maybe because he's never afraid to hurt people in the process, as long as a)it's for their own good, and b)the pain is spread equally on both sides, so he can maintain neutrality.
In Mundane Reality, Mr. Tennemore is a wealthy industrialist, setting factories up so they reap wonderful spoils in the short term, cause spectacular disasters in the medium term, and benefit mankind in the long term (commonly by way of setting horrific examples people avoid to emulate).
With his Spirit Traveller Gift, Nathan can easily slip between realities, and will use this to exploit useful environmental Properties, or to escape, putting the natural 3-point Auctoritas of the Spirit World between him and his enemies.

In combat, the Power of Pollution is hard to pin down. He will generally use mundane weaponry supplemented with a high Auctoritas Magister AND his 3-point Bond to his weapons. He's hardly invulnerable, but his internal nano-bots continuously work to restore his health - using an automatic Treasure 4 Miracle - and his slippery nature means Miracles has a hard time getting a grip on him to stop them doing this.
While Pollution's Estate Properties lends itself mostly to peaceful yet devious purposes, in a pinch Nathan can still use his high Persona to turn people into oil spills, load-bearing walls into smog, air into poison… for free. And if ever events should cross the Godzilla Threshold, he can go for a level 9 Greater Emulation of Pollution; an Affliction of "Poisons and Weakens Life" enforced by level-9-or-lesser miracles with 5-point Auctoritas is not to be sneezed at - though the collateral damage would likely kill millions. Greater-protected screens of Pollution are also on the 4-MP menu.

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