Nick Seelie

Nick Seelie
Power of Music
(Song of the Wild)

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0p
Domain 0 5 DMP 0p
[1] Music is Sound made Art.
[1] Music is seductive and alluring.
[1] Music sets the mood.
[1] Music inspires passions and soothes worries.
[1] Music wants to make you move.
[1] Music is subjective and divisive; each person has their own favourites.
[1] Music is ubiquitous in peoples lives.
Persona 4 5 PMP 12p
Treasure 4 5 TMP 12p

Gift: Immutable 1p

17p total
[3] Bond: I can draw power from flowing water.
[3] Bond: I love playing on my fiddle.
[2] Bond: My hair is adorned with amulets, charms and flowers.
[1] Bond: Magical tattoos cover my body.
[1] Bond: Clothes are silly and uncomfortable things, aren't they?
[1] Bond: I drive an old-fashioned Chevrolet Pickup truck.

[4] Affliction: Whenever I perform physical labor (not often) I do the work of ten!
[1] Affliction: I'm repulsed by Cold Iron and symbols of personal faith.
[1] Affliction: Looking into my eyes, people see the silvery dance of the Wild.

Treasure(wondrous): Magical Tattoos
Enables shape-shifting (mainly horse and various aquatic forms).

Treasure(Miraculous item): Pink Carnation (hair)
Instills positive emotions towards wearer.

Treasure(Mundane Vehicle): Chevy (Pickup Truck)

Treasure(Wondrous items): Protective Charms (hair)
Deflects aiming of attacks/attention, through manipulation of luck.

Treasure(Wondrous Place of Power): Rivers (flowing water)
Augments and defends.

Treasure(Wondrous tool): Ring of Illusions (clothes are sillly)
Tool for mundane illusions

Treasure(Wondrous tool): Choir of the Drowned (flowing water)
Lays subtle compulsions

Treasure(Miraculous tool) Fiddle
Plays the music of the Soul

Treasure(Miraculous Anchor) River Dragon (flowing water)
Controls the Weather

Inherent Superiority: Sidhe 2
Passion: I make people dance! 4
Skill: Glamour 2

Shine 4

Nick Seelie has been the power of music since 1959 (After the tragic death of his predecessor, American Pie). Before, he was a minor fae spirit with a preference for water, nudity and fiddleplay. Afterwards… he is much the same.
Nick has unruly blondish-white hair - decorated with magical amulets - and silvery tattoos all over his body, plainly visible, since he tends to be nude or nearly so, putting on a loincloth, speedos, shorts - or simply a faery glamour - when the situation warrants it.
His ears are slightly pointed, but Nick can pass for a human, as long as noone looks too deeply into his eyes.

Normally lazy, Nick can accomplish a surprising amount of work when he does apply himself to something. Even if he just adjusts a painting, nine equally small acts of housekeeping will happen all over the room as his actions are supernaturally amplified. When he does something involved, like cooking or leading a Noble strategy session, the effects are just eerie. (This goes only for seriously-approached tasks, though - casual fiddling doesn't result in an orchestra.)
Nick has been more or less forced by circumstances to take up increased responsibilities in the Valde Bellum, coordinating a small fast-response team of Nobles and Greater Spirits, fighting Excrucian intrusion. Powers might meet him in that capacity.
But as Nick puts it, "That's what I DO, not what I AM." In his spare time, the Power of Music is all about Wine, Women and Song.

Modus Operandi
Music is an important Estate, one of the cornerstones of Creation, and it is a high-priority target for Excrucians. Accordingly, Nick spends a lot of his time fighting against sustained attacks on his Estate (Punk, The RIAA, Auto-tune, Dubstep…)
That one of the other Powers in his Familia is Love (Specifically, dramatic/romantic Love) doesn't make things easier; their chancel is always on a war footing, threatened by Excrucians.
Powers that approach Nick for favors are likely to be roped into the defense of some aspect of Music or Love, or other anti-Excrucian activities.

Nick avoids battle when possible, and when it's unavoidable, does his best to keep it to a battlefield of his own choosing - likely a major river, where he can control the environment as a weapon and enjoy +3 Strike on most of his actions, courtesy of his "power from flowing water" Bond. Though, since the Power of Rain is in his Familia, rivers might appear in unexpected places…

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