Nile Teer

Nile Teer, Pawn of Smoke, Dominus Fumus

Aspect 0 (10 AMPs)
Domain 0 (10 DMPs)
Persona 0 (10 PMPs)
Treasure 0 (10 SMPs)

Passions and Skills:
Passion: I will grind the truth out of the world. (5)
Passion: I'll defend the downtrodden, because while I might not be the best they need someone who'll try. (1)
Passion: I want to trust people. (-1)
Skill: PI (2)
Skill: The Blues (-1)

Note: PI is for all the nitty-gritty stuff of actually having a real PI business (like accounting and getting his taxes done), it also includes his handling of weapons and whatnot. For investigating, his Passion for finding answers is generally the go to. Methodology and regulation falls away in the face of his unrelenting desire to solve mysteries.

Bonds and Afflictions:
Affliction: I always get in too deep. (5)
Bond: Somehow, I always manage to find my own way out of trouble. (5)
Bond: I can always count on a cigar. (3)

Estate Properties:
Smoke is a medium of warnings. (2)
Where there is Smoke, there's fire. (2)
Smoke kills through denial. (1)
Smoke is just thick enough. (1)
Smoke is diffuse. (1)

Ell, Imperial Secretary
Sudden Reversal
The Sovereign Gift
Unblemished Guise

Cheap suits that are well taken care of, a fedora that is worn without irony, and a burning down cigar clenched in thick lips. Nile fits well enough with people's take on a PI, though he's rougher and less shabby than his fictional counterparts.

Nile never took anything at face value. He knew the world was holding out on him, teasing him. It kept sucking him in to crazy situations and then expecting him to just accept it without question. The hell with that. Through sheer force of will, he got answers, and through hard work and a willingness to live on only dry beans and lentils, he managed to make a living as a PI.

Until one day he investigated a burnt out building and woke up without answers, but instead a new secretary in his office, and a whole new nature. Somehow, in that hazy period when he poked around at the remains of the bank, he became Noble, the Power of Smoke.

Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart:
0: Know when something endangers Smoke.
1: Infuse an area with the smell of a chronic smoker's home; make a place seem like it has been burnt out; exhale a puff of somewhat opaque and very stale air.
2: Find out the details of what caused a particular Smoke cloud—what ignited it, what was burned in making it, etc.
3: Make a fire produce more smoke; make a cloud of smoke hold better against the wind.
4: Produce pipe smoke; fill an area with choking smoke; ensure that something burns with maximum possible smoke produced; shape smoke to show a particular scene; draw all smoke in an area to you, against the wind.
5: Clear the air entirely in an area; cause a fire to burn smokelessly.
6: Cause a cloud of smoke to be un-clearable; make smoke that is breathable to certain types of people; cause smoke that moves through the air always against the wind or never rises; change the type of smoke something makes—oak produces hallucinogenic fumes now.
7: Create the sort of smoke you'd expect from a giant forest fire.
8: Remove all smoke from a huge area—nothing produces smoke at all, the air clearing of smog and the like.
9: Cause smoke to emerge at different temperatures than normal; create something smoking from thin air; make it so that smoke in an area is colder than the temperature of what is burning.

Persona Miracle Chart:
0: Recognize people/things with a strong connection to Smoke (this includes smokers, firemen, pyromaniacs, etc.)
1: Make something's warnings a bit more obvious; cause something to be near/followed by heat, sparks, and maybe minor flames; cause someone's denial to be a bit painful; make a report the right length to be accepted by a teacher.
2: Spend a scene as the cigarette smoke in a political back room.
3: Become a medium of warnings (everyone knows what kind of danger is around when you show up); make fire be where you are; kill by denying someone a seat on a bus; be too dense to understand something but not too dense to get what you need to out of a situation; become misty and able to waft under doors.
4: Make a dog capable of delivering understandable warnings via their barks; where there is Mr. Smith there is fire (this can make someone an arsonist); make your shirt just thick enough to stop a bullet; cause a door to become diffuse so you can pass through it.
5: Cause a poison animal's markings to give a sense of safety to everyone who sees them; make a lighter not just incapable of sparking but when it is flicked it makes it impossible for fire to be in the area; cause a wall to no longer be able to stop any sound or to support what is above it; gather together disperate information to present the whole, scattered history of someone.
6: Make someone always have a cigarette handy; make it so someone can become healthier from smoking; become such a strong and universal sign of warning that your presence panics animals and sends people into bombs shelters.
7: Make it so that anything the color red will be in the presence of fire; make it so any time Mr. Smith refuses someone something, that person dies.
8: Cause glue to no longer work—being too thin and runny.
9: Wood no longer burns with smoke.

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