Nomen, Power of Nights

Aspect 0
Domain (Nights) 4
Secondary Domain (Black Holes) 3
Persona 1
Treasure 0


  • …make things darker (3)
  • …are scary (1)
  • …and beautiful (1)
  • …and mystical(1)
  • …come after the sun is down (1)

Black Holes…

  • …draw everything towards their center (3)
  • …and destroy those things (3)
  • …are inescapable (1)


Soul Carving Sword (1 CP)
Active Immortality (6 CP)

Skills and Passions

Supreme Sorcery 3
Cool 3
Storyteller 1
Women 1

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond (2): If a mortal asks for my protection I must give it
Bond (2): I cannot tell lies
Bond (1): I am feared by most
Affliction (1): I may teleport to anything that is a representation of me
Affliction(2): I can bind demons if I cast the right spell
Affliction (2): I have a gravitational pull half as strong as Earth’s, that doesn’t extend far from my body
Affliction (3): I turn every flower in my vicinity into a night-blooming one

I was a diabolist. Well, not at first. First I was just a boy who walked into the clock tower of the town. It was abandoned, but for books, and weird things. Like any boy, I was rather averse to reading, but that ended up not stopping me. I picked a book and started reading it. Something in it drew me. I read it, stopping only when necessary to go do something else. Not realizing as time passed. Then, a week later, I snapped. The book was over. All its contents, were suddenly in my mind. And I tried them out. It worked. It was magic. I could do magic now

As it turned out, I was quite good at it. I went back to read the other books. None of them drew me in the same way the first had. I guess this time I needed to be aware. They talked of magic theory, the community. I learned all of it. My town had a pretty big community for us practioners. It was a place of old power.

I was still young. When I first learned magic, I was a kid. 10 years or so. When I started walking that dark path, I was 15, I guess. An adult in my mind. I had found a book hidden. It talked of demons. Dealing with demons was the most dangerous magic. The most rewarding one in a way too. I took the challenge. I became a diabolist. How much of a fool. For the first 5 years, I used them to grant me power. To make me rich. And to tell the truth, I stopped feeling like a sorcerer. I stopped feeling as if I did magic.

I changed then too, once more. I resumed to diabolism once more. But this time for good. I’d go into the places other sorcerers wouldn’t go, afraid of the dark creatures. I’d bind them, ignoring all their miraculous defenses that stopped the rest of us, for my powers were unmatched in that area. I don’t know how many I bound. Enough that I paid hefty prices. I lost my name. And in the end, my will too. In my desperation I cast the demons against the world

Most of a town was destroyed, before he came. He stopped all the demons, easily. He…forgave me I guess. And granted me power. I was made a Noble. A Noble of pure destruction.

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