Dominus Persona, the Hidden Lord

You would consider those of us who constantly work every second of every minute of every hour of every day to save humanity cruel?
You understand nothing.
After all, a single life does not matter, because what is one when two can be saved?
What does it matter if a million dies, as long as two million survives?
It is all about making sure humanity itself never dies - and, as such, everything is allowed
And to make everything as the Song says it should be.
Because, after all, one life doesn't matter in the face of several…
And things which aren't human matters not at all.
- Dominus Persona, Mask's-Regal, in a talk with a powerful Fey Queen moments before every single member of her court died, with a mask on their face

Oh, those?
Yes, they are magnificent masks, aren't they?
I believe I took them after a talk with some Fey about the importance of human lives - the thing needed a proper lesson in what actually matters in Creation
It is my hope that, when I send them out later to other fey courts, the souls inhabiting these masks will tell them what the price is to threaten humanity
- Dominus Persona, to a newly Commenced Power of the Light at a party in Gateway, looking at recent additions to his collections of masks

Aspect 0 (5 AMPs)

Domain 5 (8 DMPs)

Realm 0 (5 RMPs)

Spirit 1 (6 SMPs)

Know Threats
Read Minds

Limit: Light Touch (+1 DMP)
Manifestation (Can't hurt someone who has never hidden something) (+1 DMP)
Disabled: Amnesia (+1 DMP, +1 SMP)
Restriction: Health-Linked with Mask
Revelatory Trait: His reflection always shows a mask instead of a face
Affiliation: Code of the Light

Spiritual (Code of the Light)

Sanctity of his Estate (6 points)
His ability to protect humanity (6 points)
His Familia (3 points)
The success of northern Europe as a regional area (3 points)
Leanne, Beloved Anchor and Undine Spirit of his Chancel (1 point)
Johanna, Beloved Anchor and Zephyr Nature Spirit of Northern Europe (1 point)

The Estate of Masks covers everything that deals with lies as well as things and actions being hidden.
It covers the moment when people decide to act in a "proper" way instead of doing whatever they actually wish to do.

The Regal of Masks has the body of a young man, from Northern Europe standing at an average height.
He has brown hair, and hazel eyes can be seen through the holes of his Mask when he choses to make it have them.

The Regal of Masks came into his position of power after having watched the previous holder of his Estate, one sworn to Heaven, strike a killing blow upon an Excrucian shard.
The Heavenly Power, whose name no one seems to remember, paid for his victory with his life.
The Present Power of Masks felt a need to get closer, and when he came close enough he was granted the power of Masks.

Feeling a sense of vertigo, he scrambled for something to make sense of it all, when he heard the most wonderful song in his life, telling him about how humanity should survive despite everything else, singing with the voice of a woman that he knew he came from, in some way.

Grasping it, he pushed out all the other songs he heard, all those discordant and hideous themes that did this one no justice.
He even ended up pushing away his memories of his time before Commencement.
He became a fervent believer in the cause of the Light.

Now, he is firmly aligned to the Light, and uses his Estate to find out and stop all plans to destroy humanity.

A pair of Ashflowers with radical leaves growing around the base of the two flowers, one which is Yellow and Open and the other which is White and Closed, both of whom are entwined around a caduceus on a gray background with white "raindrop" patterns

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