Psyche, Marchessa of Individuality, Dominus Psyche

Aspect 1 ( 6 AMPs)
Domain 3 ( 6 DMPs)
Persona 2 ( 6 RMPs)
Treasure 0 ( 6 SMPs)

Passion and Skills:
Passion: Truth must be followed even into agony. (4)
Skill: Cool. (3)
Skill: Shine. (4)

Bonds and Afflictions:
Affliction: My beauty cannot be matched or ignored. (5)
Affliction: I know the prayers of my devotees. (3)
Bond: I am wed to the True God of the Gray Mountains. (3)
Bond: I remember the early ages of the world and keep their ways. (2)

Estate Properties:
Individuality creates barriers that cannot be crossed. (2)
Individuality is the wellspring of enlightenment and understanding. (2)
Individuality is absolute—if it is compromised it is destroyed. (2)
Individuality must be earned and kept with great effort. (1)

The Estate of Individuality can also be expressed as Sense of Self/Self Image/Self Knowledge—it is the thing that makes one individual and makes one aware that one is individual.

Active Immortality

Psyche is everyone's type. Which is not to say her beauty changes, simply that it is impossible to deny. When she was mortal, it was divine but not overwhelming, however her commencement transformed it into a law of her nature and into part of the world's nature.
She is the classic beauty, whatever that means for in one's creation.

CS Lewis had it more right than Apuleius. There was once a pair of princesses in a kingdom, and the older was ugly while the younger was beautiful. The older lost herself in possessive love for the younger, but the younger was given to a god. Except, the god that would sometimes be called Cupid and sometimes called his mother Aphrodite, among other names, was a True God, an Imperator, who did fall in love with Psyche. In the second age of the world he loved her and she loved him, and it was no crime. She was cast out for the offense of fixing him with an individual nature, and only after questing through the divine realm to truly understand the harm she did—and in the process claiming the Estate of Individuality for herself and her husband—was she reunited with him, now a Power.

The arrival of the third age and the war with the Excrucians has not changed her relationship with her husband, though it has made things a bit more perilous when she visits the earth. She is, however, a generally well regarded warrior against Excrucians—particularly Deceivers. Some believe she was previously mightier, but that the very entrance of Deceivers into Creation is an assault upon her Estate that has injured her as well.

Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart:
0: Know when something endangers Individuality
1: Give someone the senses that they know themselves better than ever; make a particular mass produced item seem different than the rest; cause a member of a crowd to question, at least for a little while, the zeitgeist
2: Understand someone's self image
3: Keep someone from falling in with group think; prevent a moment of insight from fading; ensure that a developed difference is not erased
4: Impart an individual identity to a member of a hive-mind, colony, or the like; impart a distinguishing feature on something, so it can no longer blend in with other things of its type; instill in someone a complete, honest understanding of their self; draw to you those who have distinguished themselves from the crowd of their kind
5: Transform a set of individuals into a hive being; obliterate someone's sense of individual self; inquiring about lost senses of self and the selves of things with transient individuality
6: Alter the course of enlightenment gained from understanding one's true self; change someone's sense of self; make it so someone's individuality distinguishes them from a different group than it previously did; turning a moment of insight into enlightenment
7: Instill an individual identity in anything; shatter a colony or group mind into components; make each cell of a person an individual—whether or not they decide to keep making this 'body' thing is up to them
8: Transform a species from a species of individuals into a eusocial species; shatter someone's enlightenment, leaving them ignorant and with a clouded self perception; blot something's potential for individuality entirely—making it one with the universe
9: Make someone's current self perception absolutely true and valid and indicative of deep insight into the universe; produce an emergent individuality from a collection of things; create a new way for individuality to emerge from mental activity; instill an aspect of someone's consciousness or thoughts with full individual existence, including a body (e.g. making imaginary friends real, give physical form to someone's id, and so on).

Persona Miracle Chart:
0: Recognize potent sources of individuality and the enlightenment it brings
1: Make something difficult to get around/cross; make someone a bit more enlightening to talk to; make someone or something more brittle—more likely to break instead of bend
2: Spend a scene as the self image of someone else
3: Declare yourself uncrossable; declare you are a source of enlightenment and understanding; make it so others must go to great lengths in order to earn you and then to keep you
4: Cause a piece of paper to be very difficult to keep, or to claim once it is no longer kept; make a line drawn in the sand impossible to cross; cause a deal to be utterly voided if any part of it is amended or broken; make it so playing a particular video game yields great understanding
5: Make it so a wall can be walked through as if it were not a barrier at all; cause a particular book to provide only ignorance and false understanding of self; make an Ivy league degree in physics easy to earn; incarnate as every current human sense of self; incarnate as the fleeting individuality of a true god or the more stable sense of self of other Imperial beings
6: Ensure someone will always find enlightenment when they establish their individuality; cause someone's self image to always be distressing and self loathing; make your stretched out arms a barrier that none can cross or tear down—one that perfectly separates one side from the other, so one can only imagine what lies on the other side
7: Declare a law all or nothing, so that if one person violates it, everyone will subsequently regard the act as perfectly legal; make it so that breathing now requires great effort and suffocation is the consequence of insufficient introspection
8: Annihilate a philosophy's ability to provide understanding or insight; make national borders mostly a convenient marking and not an actual division between countries
9: Make looking in a mirror an act that grants a sense of self and individuality to whatever looks into it—though they must then keep working at it to maintain that sense of self

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