Ramona Of The Silent Eye

Ramona of the Silent Eye
Domina of Individuality
(Associations: Variety, Independence, Specialization, Selfishness, Evolution)
Affiliation: Song of the Wild

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0p
Domain 5 5 DMP 15p
[1] Individuality develops and builds over time.
[1] Individuality differentiates you from your peers.
[1] Individuality wants to be freely expressed.
[1] Individuality causes conflicts and independence.
[1] Individuality creates opportunities.
[1] Individuality makes things less predictable.
[1] Individuality is frowned upon by those who lack it.
Persona 0 5 PMP 0p
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0p
Sec. Domain 5 "Self" 5p

Skills & Passions

Passion: I make the world less boring! 3
Skill: Improvised combat 1
Skill: Psychology 3
Passion: Looking out for number one 1


Shapeshifter (full) 3p

Transformation into pretty much anything.

Infectious Personality 1p

Les. Enchantment of Ramona 4, hard -3, target -2, full +1 uncom +1
Makes the target more like Ramona.

The Silent Eye 1p

Treasure 5 "You are being watched!", hard -3, local -1, comp -1, uncom +1
Induces a state of Being Watched By Ramona in things, a feeling consistent with having a huge eyeball floating silently behind you where you can't see it. This is useful for:
*Countering Illusions and Invisibility
*Making people intimidated, encouraged or paralyzed with stage fright.
*Collapsing quantum states.
*Scouting around, keeping an eye out for surprises, finding weaknesses.
*Having all the functionality of a binocular or electron microscope

Bonds & Afflictions

[3] Bond: Song of the Wild
[2] Bond: Me, Myself and I make beautiful music together.

[3] Affliction: I. am. AWESOME. (It's a burden I must bear)
[2] Affliction: My deeds mark my body.
[2] Affliction: I'm always full of vim and vigor!
[1] Affliction: I'm somehow recognizable despite always looking different.


Treasure (Mundane Collection): The Many Selves of Ramona (Me, myself and I)

Treasure (Symbol): The "Anarchy" sign (song of the wild)

"I'll give her this - she's got enthusiasm!"

-Theodore Wainsmith, Power of Teddybears

"She pulls all the attention away from me, where it belongs!"

-Vivian Manifold, Power of Imagination

Ramona of the Silent Eye (formerly known as Ramona Parker, Psych Major) looks different every day, but her original form - which she tend to resume subconsciously whenever she's in a serious mood - is that of a spunky young brunette, 19 years old, with a punk-ish hairstyle and outfit.
Whatever her looks may be, one thing is sure - Ramona is AWESOME. An Affliction to this effect reflexively produces dare-devil stunts and compex fist-bump maneuvers when appropriate (preventing her hair or clothes from getting messed up in the process), and assures there's always a gust of wind when her hair or clothes need to billow dramatically.
Ramona's transformations (and deeds in general) tend to have lingering side-effects, such as patches of circuitry visible on her skin if she transformed into a robot earlier in the day. She's also quite recognizable apart from that - even disguised as a lamp post or something, she exudes such a personality that it is unmistakable to anyone who knows her.

Ramona is a new Power, with about a year as a Power behind her, and she's still defined mostly by her humanity. She tends to comment on or lampshade the aspects of Noble life which are outlandish by human standards, complaining about the less convenient ones and reveling in the rest. Her personality is cheery, with a mischievous streak, and she acts in the unconscious belief that life is one big party - in her honour.

Modus Operandi
Individuality faces many challenges in the world - repressive regimes, franchising operations, the public school system - and Ramona can often be seen on the frontlines of these battles, wielding Lesser Creations like hammerstrikes, transforming a McDonalds into "Billy's Burgers & Beers" or a corporate drone into a tattooed biker.
Players, though, are more likely meet Ramona at a Noble get-together - not only is she a frequent party-goer, not only is she highly noticeable at said parties, but furthermore, she has a history of dividing herself into 50 copies so she can say hello to every guest at the party at the same time…

Ramona's favourite asset is her exquisite mastery over her own being. Not content with simple mastery of form, she can also adjust her size, position, toughness, context, quantity - and destiny (to the extent that any Noble can be said to have a mortal-style destiny).
In combat, she will start with shape-shifting and move up to Godzilla-style Major Creations of Self, before finally moving on to her more abstract Noble abilities. Lesser Creations of Individuality, which Ramona can throw around like confetti, are capable of dissolving any matter into its constituent molecules (or further, into what are essentially noble gasses), but this is not an ability she'll reflexively use until her shape-shifting falls short.

It bears mentioning that Ramona is hard to kill. Partly because any attempt at a non-awesome death faces an Auctoritas, partly because maintaining a Major Preservation of Self is the next best thing to immortality, partly because she can teleport away from danger for 1 MP… but mostly because if despite the previous points she is somehow reduced to chunky salsa, she doesn't even need to take a wound; she can just immediately create a new body with a free Lesser Creation of Self.

*Ramona is one of the characters in the Example of Play

The Estate of Individuality

Individuality, as defined by Ramona, is the process of waking up from unthinking compliance and defining yourself as your own person, then taking steps to express and promote yourself, resulting in a population in which each individual is measurably different from every other.
When taken to extremes, individuality can cause dissolution of a society, as individual concerns dwarf any sense of community - but as long as there is cooperation, variety is strength. The interplay of Individuality, Cooperation and Imagination is crucial to society. Where Teddy-bears fit into the whole hasn't been established.
Notable for this definition is that it almost requires things to be similar to start with and then diverge; before you can differentiate yourself from your peers, you must first have peers. This is notably different from the individualness of Imperators, where each one is absolutely different, and in fact cannot be alike.

Persona Miracle Chart Domain Miracle Chart
0: The Sight (Cost: 0 MP)
*See when people have strong connections with Individuality - rebels, loners, artists.
0: Warning (Cost: 0 MP)
*Recognize when the Estate of Individuality is in danger.
1: Blessing/Curse (Cost: 1 MP)
*Bless or curse people with the power of Individuality
1: Ghost miracle (Cost: 0 MP)
*Produce some stickers or rub-on tattoos to individualize something or someone.
2: Lesser incarnation (Cost: 2 MP)
Incarnate as someone's individuality, trying to subconsciously influence their behavior.
2: Lesser Divinations, Communications (Cost: 0 MP)
*Learn how one individual expresses their individuality
*Divine the name of some person particularly connected to Individuality.
*Argue directly with someone's sense of individuality.
3: Lesser Emulation (Cost: 4 MP)
*Differentiate someone from their peers.
*Battle a master planner by making events in an area hard to predict.
3: Lesser Preservation (Cost: 1 MP)
*Make a naysayer even more obstinate.
*Make someone's weird habits difficult to drop.
4: Lesser Enchantment (Cost: 4 MP)
*Make a villain's thoughts strive to be expressed, causing him to monologue and explain his master plan in detail.
*Make the lethality of a beheading develop and build over time, leaving time for first aid to be applied.
*Turn a full-blown phobia into an expression of individuality, at least making it less stressful. "No, I scream at spiders because it's cool. You wouldn't get it."
4: Lesser Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 0 MP)
*Make a person be more individualistic, independent and self-assured.
*Mutate a cat until it qualifies as a unique species.
*Make the muscles in someone's body too individualistic to properly cooperate, causing them to fall twitching onto the ground.
*Sublimate iron bars by making their constituent atoms individualistic to the point of being a noble gas.
5: Lesser Sacrifice, Greater Incarnation (Cost: 8 MP)
*Turn Goth fashion from an expression of individuality into a trendy way to be just like the 'in' crowd.
*In a limited area, make sexuality into a non-issue as regards discrimination and bullying.
*Incarnate into all instances of Individuality all over the world at once, or into Individuality in Hell or Heaven.
5: Lesser Destructions, Greater Divinations (Cost: 0 MP)
*Cure cancer, by bringing the errant cells back into the fold.
*Make a rebel into a consensus-seeking wuss.
*Make it so every person in a crowd is wearing the same clothes.
*Create a hive-mind from a group of individuals.
6: Greater Emulation, Lesser Binding (Cost: 8 MP)
*Grant yourself the miraculous ability to differentiate others from their peers on a large scale.
*Spread conflict and independence wherever you go.
*Make someone into a magical champion of Individuality.
*Doom a headmaster to be plagued by the antics of individuals exhibiting individuality and nonconformism.
6: Greater Preservations, Lesser Motions (Cost: 1 MP)
*Make a person unable to ever swear loyalty to another, or even consent to being someone's employee.
*Make a rebel invulnerable to harm.
*Make a dissenter's social standing imperturbable, letting them act without fear of consequences to their reputation.
*Make a rebel destined to succeed in his goals.
*All the above, at once. With sprinkles on.
*Make a gun-toting rebel into a social reformer, changing the way in which he promotes Individuality.
7: Greater Enchantment (Cost: 8 MP)
*Cause the restlessness and desire for democracy in Egypt to seek expression.
*Make the Eiffel Tower into a mystic node confusing all predictions around Paris.
7: Greater Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 2 MP)
*Dissolve the U.S. by causing every single member state to secede at once.
*Make an entire city of people into individualists.
8: Greater Sacrifice (Cost: 8 MP)
*Remove the "builds slowly" part of a brewing revolution, causing it to happen immediately.
8: Greater Destruction (Cost: 4 MP)
*Create a rather bland world peace by making everyone value their individual prosperity less than those of the collective.
9: Greater Binding (Impossible with Persona 0)
*Make San Fransisco into a city celebrating individuality and diversity.
*Make someone into a super-powered guardian of Individuality.
9: Greater Motion (Cost: 4 MP)
*Manipulate Rebellions, Borders or Fashion Statements as instances of Individuality.
*Declare that the individualistic opinions of John Galt will topple nations.

Domain:Yourself (Ramona of the Silent Eye) Miracle Chart
0: Warning (Cost: 0 MP)
*Recognize when the Estate of Yourself is in danger ;)
1: Ghost miracle (Cost: 0 MP)
*Produce an autographed photo of Yourself out of thin air.
2: Lesser Divinations, Communications (Cost: 0 MP)
*State Your exact (current) height and measurements
*View what You look like from the back.
3: Lesser Preservation (Cost: 1 MP)
*Temporarily emulate the "Durant", "Elusive" and/or "Immutable" Gifts.
*Heal papercuts and lesser wounds.
4: Lesser Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 0 MP)
*Create a new body, if Your old one is somehow missing
*Grow Your hair out a few meters.
*Temporarily emulate the "Flight" Gift
5: Lesser Destructions, Greater Divinations (Cost: 0 MP)
*Cut Your hair and nails.
*Delete yourself from someone's memories, leaving them with no explanations as to why they're in the Amazon Delta wearing a tutu.
*Create a new body in a faraway location, while at the same time destroying Your old one, in a pretty transparent attempt to save on MP:s
*View Your fuzzy memories of that Noble Party where you got drunk and made out with Meon. in sharp, uncompromising HD .
*Delete above memories, after you realize that yes, you do in fact have access to Brain Bleach.
6: Greater Preservations, Lesser Motions (Cost: 1 MP)
*Temporarily emulate the "Active Immortality" Gift.
*Teleport Yourself anywhere you have a Mystic Link
*Do the above, but fade out gradually, Cheshire-cat-style, just to annoy people.
*Fade in unnoticeably into a crowded party. Other guests vaguely remember You being there earlier, though they might be puzzled if this conflicts with other memories. Needless to say, seating plans and food delivery have been retroactively adjusted.
*Produce your memories in DVD-format so you can watch them with your friends and comment MST3K-style.
*Convert Yourself into an electronic data format, so You can make an excursion into your PC and give the Word Paperclip the beating it has always deserved.
*Destine Yourself to meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger five minutes after entering the pub on Friday.
7: Greater Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 2 MP)
*Grow into Godzilla size and rampage through Tokyo.
*Traverse space at Warp Speed.
*Create an Army of You, in order to eat at every restaurant in New York at the same time (and determining which one is the best).
*Temporarily emulate having Aspect 6-type superstrength, by moving your hands with inexorable power.
8: Greater Destruction (Cost: 4 MP)
*Destroy any DNA-trace You ever left on Earth.
*Delete that enchantment some bastard Deceiver hit you with.
9: Greater Motion (Cost: 4 MP)
*Manipulate as extended parts of Yourself Your various relatives, cast-off clones or statues in Your likeness.
*Manipulate as an extended part of Yourself that Thought-record testimony you gave.
*Destine yourself to become President, then proceed to have the wackiest, corniest election campaign ever, now that you know the outcome.and can relax a bit.

Properties of Ramona (tentative)
[1] I'm full of Vim and Vigor.
[1] I'm stubborn and willful.
[1] I seek to be free and unfettered!
[1] I change bodies like some people change clothes.
[1] I'm Cool and Awesome.
[1] I'm easily recognizable.

Bonus Story: 'Rolling with the Punches

"The Eighties called. They want their record collection back."
They were in the Gym, with a Power Ballad booming out while Ted was benchpressing a small Volvo.
The Power of Teddy-bears paused briefly in his reps. "Yeah? You tell Rick that I won his collection fair and square in that bet over the Bowie Affair."
A pause, as Ramona's brain made some rapid readjustments.
"I just wanna be clear here… The 80:s is an actual Estate? For reals?"
"Yup. The Sixties is, too. You can tell by the way it comes up often in casual conversation."
"….Well, crap." Ramona slumped dramatically into a nearby bean-bag. "Another one of my fave taunts, torpedoed by the realities of Noble life."
"I gave you Ginneis' book a month ago, you know. It's a must-read. Lists all Estates and their Imperators and Nobles. Full of valuable tips on how to recognize who a Deceiver is emulating, too."
"What does a Noble of The Eighties even DO, anyway? They're OVER."
"Oh, Rick's active, all right. Hardly a month goes by, he doesn't retroactively add a hit song or cult movie or something. And he keeps stoking that nostalgia, too." Ted absentmindedly tossed the Volvo onto the weights shelf. "Plus, he claims Dionyl will be ripe for boomboxes and tacky fashions in thirty years or so."
Ramona suddenly frowned, as the connection clicked.
"…Waitaminute, waitaminute, the Noble's name is RICK? Don't tell me…"
"To serve the Dominus of The 80:s means job security", intoned Ted. "For indeed, He will never give you up. He will never let you down. He will nev- OOF!"

Ramona's List of Obsolete Phrases:

  • "Who died and made YOU King?" (100 people over 100 days just for starters…)
  • "You and what army?" (Their army, their friends' army… take a pick.)
  • "What planet do you come from, that that makes sense?" (They'll tell you.)
  • "Would it KILL you to stop doing that?" (Well, if it's a high enough Bond…)
  • "The Eighties called…" (Is an actual person. Same with Newton, Elvis, etc… )
  • "Thank you, Captain Obvious" (Oh c'mon, give me a friggin' BREAK!)
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