Reagan Connors

Reagan Connors
Power of Plastic
(Song of the Light)

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0p
Domain 2 5 DMP 6p
[2] Plastic stands outside the natural order.
Plastic is cheap and easy to produce in bulk.
Plastic takes well to molding and shaping.
Plastic is isolating and resistant.
Plastic is light and flexible.
Plastic is flimsy and disposable.
Persona 2 5 PMP 6p
Treasure 3 5 TMP 9p

Gift: Elusive 1p

Gift: Immutable 1p

Gift: Trained by Warrior Monk Squids 2p
Aspect "Skill: Wrestling Submission Techniques" 7, hard -3, target -2, comp -1, uncom +1

16p total
[4] Bond: King of the Urban jungle.
[4] Bond: I cherish the deeply unnatural and weird things.
[2] Bond: I want to protect and promote my Estate.
[1] Bond: I must be kind to hobos and crazy people.
[1] Bond: There's always a taxi around when I need one.
[1] Bond: Litterer.

[2] Affliction: I sold my sense of shame for immunity to guns.
[1] Affliction: I have a sixth sense for finding bargains and free stuff.

Treasure (wondrous anchor): Sunglasses (weird things)
Helpful for crossing to Border Mythic, etc.

Treasure (wondrous tool): Spraycan (urban jungle)
Magical graffitti, wardings

Treasure (mundane collection): Taxis (always a taxi)

Treasure (wondrous anchor): Bubble Gum (Litterer)
Blocks/sticks to/slows things

Treasure (miraculous anchor): Smog Dragon (Urban Jungle)
Flies, Strong, Poison breath.

Treasure (miraculous anchor): Peregrine Bear (Weird Things)
Negates Miracles.

Skill: Urban Magic 5
Skill: Yuppie 2
Passion: "I'm an avid enjoyer of pop culture" 1
Shine 2

Before enNoblement, Reagan was a city-magician of some note, master of Urban Magic
(The art of swaying traffic lights, opening locks, warding against cops, making phone calls without a phone, painting magical graffitti, etc).
He lived a happy slacker's life, skating by on his powers, and sees no reason to change now (Though he does take the time to look after and promote his Estate).
Reagan is firmly on the top of the Urban food-chain; he knows his way around any city AND the Cityback. He has magical tools, pending favors from several of Anandas Ombudsmen - and he's taken the time to learn techniques for wrestling anything up to and including motor highways.
You are free to picture him as some weird mix-up of John Constantine and Steve Irwin.

Reagan has no sense of shame, making him indifferent to the bad opinion of others - though he does suffer from guilt if he does something he himself considers unethical. For trading it away to some demon, he received what amounts to an invisible whole-body bullet-proof vest, and he's generally happy about the exchange.
His lack of shame only excerbates his compulsive littering - whenever he discards opened packaging or trash, he tends to toss it up into the air, shouting: "Go! Be free!"

Modus Operandi
Reagan spends a LOT of time in the mundane world, hanging around in various cities. He can be found discussing economics with plastic manufacturers one hour, browsing wares in yard sales the next, watching the latest movie in a cinema the hour after that, finally ending the evening by guiding some Dementia Animus-sufferers to the nearest gates to Chancel Surolam.
He also takes any opportunity to gawk at weird happenings; wild actuals, meru-merus, visitors from the Lands Beyond Creation, etc, sometimes going as far as to bring them home as house-guests. (Should they act up, he can leverage his bond and wrestling Gift into going full-on Steve Irwin on their asses.)

This Power of Plastic prefers to stay on the mortal scale of things, relying on his Urban Magic skill and Treasures whenever possible - even in battle. Maintaining an Auctoritas is no barrier to mortal-scale Magic, and attackers may have to deal with summoned pigeon flocks, dropped flowerpots and suspiciously well-timed car accidents - all protected by Auctoritas.
When things get tough, Reagan is a well-rounded opponent, who might protect himself with Greater-protected bubbles of plastic, Enchant his opponents' gear into flimsy cheap knock-offs - or just call on his bigger-badder friends with Treasure 7 Attacks.

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