Rufus Illborn

Rufus Illborn
Power of Dolls
(Song of Hell)

Aspect 5 5 AMP 15p
Domain 0 5 DMP 0p
[1] Dolls are models of real-world beings.
[1] Dolls are playthings - at the mercy of the whims of others.
[1] Dolls have only the life you lend them.
[1] Dolls are artificial and fake.
[1] Dolls spark and focus your imagination.
[1] Dolls are articulated and posable.
[1] Dolls seek to have clothes and accessories.
Persona 3 5 PMP 9p
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0p

Gift: Immutable 1p

[4] Affliction: I must go about wrapped in bindings, seals and chains, to stop my demonic battle-aura from rending my surroundings asunder.
[3] Affliction: My flawless porcelain body reassembles itself when broken.

[3] Bond: I'm a virtuoso of violence.
[1] Bond: I have a soft spot for rebels and outcasts.
[1] Bond: When there is music, I will dance to it.
[1] Bond: I have a vast array of seal-concealing disguises.

Treasure (mundane tool): Butcher's Knife (violence)

Treasure (wondrous ally): Sammy the Creepy Doll (outcasts)

Treasure (mundane collection) Outrageous Outfits (disguises)

Inherent Superiority: Scary 2
Passion: I Thirst for Battle! 3
Skill: Cosplay 3

Cool 5
Shine 3

Rufus Illborn is pretty darn intimidating. If you neglect the porcelain-white skin, the red eyes, and the stripy white hair, there's still the fact that he's wrapped head to toe in occult writings, amulets and chains.
He's actually a lot less conspicuous when going around town dressed as a mascot or an anime character, which is what he frequently resorts to.

Loosed from his bindings, Rufus exudes a dark, hellish battle-aura, which protects him and rends his enemies (and friends, and the general vicinity) with fire and shadow. Rufus himself will be the spinning dervish of destruction wielding a butcher's knife in the middle of it.
(Note that clever enemies can suppress or avoid the aura, by utilizing holy bindings and wards such as those which normally keep it contained)

Rufus says very little, and his facial expression mostly ranges between "stoic patience" and "barely repressed killing urges". Generally, he instead uses his masterful command of body language to convey his wishes. Occasionally his sidekick, Sammy the Creepy Doll, speaks for him, with its trademark annoying chatter.
Though for all that his exterior is scary, and his interior scarier, Rufus is given to occasional pet-the-dog moments. Plus, he dances a mean disco.

Modus Operandi
Rufus occasionally goes about in the world, judging the performance of individual Dolls from a distance, according to his inscrutable standards. Occasionally he grants a boon to a doll who has gone above and beyond the line of duty.
Slavery and blackmail makes good base material for Excrucian attacks on his Estate; should Rufus encounter such, he tends to respond the best way he knows how: violently.
In the evening, if there is opportunity, Rufus goes looking for music to dance to.

In battle, Rufus defaults to Aspect miracles. If he is out-matched or out-numbered, he sheds his protective bindings and lets his Battle Aura do the main damage (with Treasure 5 attacks), using sustained Auctoritas Magister and Aspect to dodge and weave, along with the occasional Mundane attack or Enchantment of fakeness.

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