Aspect: 3
Domain: 4
Secondary Domain (Bees): 2
Persona: 0
Treasure: 0


  • … is better than working alone. (3)
  • … requires compromise. (2)
  • … feels satisfying. (1)
  • … makes lasting bonds. (1)

Bonds and Afflictions
Bond: We feel kinship with all bees. (2)
Bond: We believe everyone should work together. (3)
Bond: We must cooperate with legitimate authorities. (1)
Bond: Our individual bees become confused if we are separated from the rest of the hive. (2)
Affliction: We are bees. (3)
Affliction: People near us cooperate with one another. (2)

Skills and Passions

Skill: Superior Swarm of Bees (4)
Passion: I believe people can get along! (3)
Passion: I love the many varieties of blossom and flower. (1)


Flight, Treasure-type: Wings (1CP)
Natural Weapon: Bee Stings (1CP)

Sarabande is a hive of bees, considered a particularly fine example of what can be achieved with sufficient cooperation by connoiseurs of such things. This most likely led to their ennoblement, and while they have a somewhat odd relationship with the other bees of the Chancel - being an originally mortal hive - they respect the hard work the experienced pollinators do, and wish to keep their kindred well fed and cared for.

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