Seth Dexter

Seth Dexter

Power of Gizmos
(Song of the Dark)

Aspect 1 5 AMP 3p
Domain 1 5 DMP 3p
[2] Gizmos are cool and desirable.
[2] Gizmos make work easier.
[1] Gizmos are hard to understand.
[1] Gizmos complicate your life.
[1] Gizmos malfunction when it's maximally inconvenient.
Persona 1 5 PMP 3p
Treasure 4 5 TMP 12p

Gift: Mad Scientist 4p
Asp 7 (Skill:Engineer), simple -1, comp -1, target -2, uncom +1
(Effective aspect 7 when building, modifying or contemplating technology.

[5] Bond: Laws are meant to be broken - including those of physics.
[1] Bond: Tinkering with things is bound to make them better.
[1] Bond: My gizmos are my children! Children that I occasionally dismantle or scrap.
[1] Bond: I take a keen interest in SethCorp, my own private megacorporation.
[1] Bond: Don't EVER mess with my COFFEE SUPPLY!!!

[5] Affliction: To machines, I am a dark and terrible god, and they do their best to appease me.
[1] Affliction: My laughter is immensely disturbing. Also, it's infectious.
[2] Affliction: Those darned meddling kids! Disrupting my plans! Understanding my gizmos! Aargh!

Skill: Dilbert 4
Passion: CAFFEINE! 1
Shine 1+3
Cool 1

("break laws of physics" bond)
Treasure: Universal Remote
Controls technology

Treasure (wondrous weapon): Raygun
Shoots beams with odd effects

Treasure (wondrous shield): Personal Forcefield Generator

Treasure (wondrous vehicle): Limousine
…with the internal space of a jumbojet.

Treasure (miraculous resource): Nanite Swarm (tinkering)
Turns one thing into another

Treasure (wondrous servant): The Caffeinator (coffee)
It Shoots! It vaults! It serves Coffee!

Treasure (wondrous tool): PDA (Gizmos are my children)
Finds and manipulates information

Treasure (wondrous Anchor): SethCorp
Megacorporation with enormous resources.

Seth was a much-abused engineer working at a megacorporation in the 90s as a project manager. Picture a thinner and darker-haired Dilbert.
Depressed, over-worked and under-paid, his life was nothing much.
Until, that is, his skill in designing successful gizmos earned him enNoblement.
15 years later, Seth has his former place of employment firmly under his thumb, his engineering skill has reached mythical proportions, and machines the world over cringe at the mention of his name - because Seth has power over them, and gleefully exercises that power at the slightest excuse.
ATM's start spewing money as Seth wanders by, security cameras refuse to look at him, and even guns have been known to hiccup at the thought of firing in his general direction.

Seth usually walks around in a lab-coat, tinkering with any machine that catches his fancy. He's energetic and high-strung, with little patience for fools, conventional morality or the Law. A tendency towards black humor - coupled with an exceedingly disturbing laughter - completes the "Mad Scientist" set.
Reveling in the role of a stereotypical mad scientist, Seth has acquired an equally stereotypical weakness - adventurous teens and children. Hardly a month passes without some young rascals getting in his way - spoiling his plans by accident, figuring out his most complex devices, taking his robots out to play… Stupid dog sidekicks are optional.
And since, surprisingly, he doesn't have the stomach for killing innocents, he just curses a lot, chases them away - and childproofs his deathtraps.

Modus Operandi
The most certain way to come into contact with Seth is by messing with his company, SethCorp. Seth is of the firm opinion that no-one but HE gets to kick SethCorp around. However, he is ALSO of the opinion that he hasn't kicked the company around nearly enough yet, and he is always glad to find the slightest excuse to do so.
Seth likes to see people transcend artificial limits (such as the Law) and will occasionally give powerful gizmos to mortals "just to see what will happen".

In a conflict, Seth tends to default to the powerful - and free! - combo of his Aspect-7 Engineering and 5-point "Laws are made to be broken" Bond, mangling space, time and morality to entrap his opponents. These effects are easier to circumvent than to stop. His next fallback is his high Treasure rating, using his ray-gun, force-field and combat coffeemaker to good effect if things get physical, and calling on his miraculous nanite swarm if things get serious. In a pinch, he can also resort to a level-9 Miracle of either Aspect, Domain or Persona - whichever suits the situation better - though for the most part he will call on his familia for reinforcements before things get that far.

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