Sid Matlock

The Bad Side of Town
• (3) The Bad Side of Town is a place you shouldn't go.
• (2) The Bad Side of Town teems with crime, violence, and urban legend.
• (1) The Bad Side of Town is afflicted with urban, social, and economic decay.
• (1) The Bad Side of Town is dirty and broken, but not without beauty.

Aspect 2 (5/5 AMP)
Domain 0 (5/5 DMP)
Persona 5 (5/5 PMP)
Treasure 0 (5/5 TMP)

Bonds and Afflictions
• Bond (4): I feel compelled to construe my day-to-day experiences as being normal–no matter how disturbing they are!
• Bond (2): I've sworn not to use my miraculous powers to provide solutions to issues of social injustice.
• Bond (2): I want to make the world better for people to live in.
• Bond (2): I feel personally responsible for the reformation of the horrors imprisoned in my Chancel.
• Affliction (1): I feel uncomfortable and mildly nauseous in places of great economic or political power, and can be warded against with icons of either.
• Bond (1): My familia are my friends. Totally normal friends.
• Bond (1): I enjoy messing with people who have it coming.

Skills and Passions
• Passion: Other people deserve my help. (2)
• Skill: College Student (2)
• Skill: Basic Occult Know-How (2)
• Skill: Computers and Stuff (1)
• Skill: Getting Along With People, Monsters, Etc. (1)
• Cool 2
• Shine 5

• Durant
• Elusive
• Unblemished Guise
• Urban Shaman (Conversation with Cities, Simple, One Thing, All, Uncommon, 1 CP)

Personal Destiny: 5

Project: How I Came to Terms With Being the Living Incarnation of My Estate

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