Steven Fernsworth

Steven Fernsworth
Dominus of Erosion
(associations: landscapes, water & wind)
song of the Light

Aspect 2 6 AMP 6p
Domain 2 6 DMP 6p
[1] Erosion makes beauty from destruction.
[1] Erosion works through intermediaries.
[1] Erosion finds the weak spots.
[1] Erosion turns solids into dust.
[1] Erosion seeks to erase differences.
[1] Erosion triumphs in the end.
[1] Erosion crumbles the works of the mighty.
Persona 2 6 PMP 6p
Treasure 2 6 TMP 6p

+1 MP: 1p

[5] Bond: I can find the weak spot of anything.
[2] Bond: Plants are my friends and my allies.
[2] Bond: I'm bloody well keeping my professor job - I only just got tenure, darnit!
[2] Bond: I manage a love triangle with my anchors, Evelyn and Mariah.

[1] Affliction: Wind and rain seek me out to play.
[1] Affliction: Earth and stone crumble at my touch.
[1] Affliction: Metal will not harm me, nor I it; we have a truce.
[1] Affliction: People tend to underestimate me.

Skill: Boxing 1
Skill: Outdoorsman 1
Passion: Slow and steady wins the race. 2
Passion: Geology is fun and useful! 4
Shine 2
Cool 2

Treasure (wondrous): Bag of Seeds (plants)
Power: Grows plants.

Treasure (wondrous): Body Double (professor)
(A being made of plants, whose looks and mannerisms
are indistinguishable from Steven's.
Power: faking Noble Aura. )

Treasure(Mundane): __Stanford U __ (professor)
The august giant centipede-like spirit of Stanford is all too happy to lend a couple dozen undergrads to root through records or construct a makeshift supercomputer.

Treasure (miraculous): Spade of Ruination (weak spot)
Miracles of decreases, destruction, damage or death

Treasure (Wondrous Anchor): Evelyn, the Biker chick (love triangle)
Power: Slips by guards and the police.

Treasure (Wondrous Anchor): Mariah, the Sculpture Artist (love triangle)
Talks to Spirits.

Steven is a Professor in Geology, around 40 years old with a scrawny build (though outdoor expeditions has put him in fairly good shape). He has glasses and his brown hair is starting to thin a bit on top. In short, he does not look much like a Noble.
Though in a long-term relationship with a new-age sculpture artist named Mariah, Steven's life changed dramatically when he accidentally ran into a chain-smoking biker chick named Evelyn, and got caught up in a genuine love-at-first-sight whirlwind romance.
Feeling guilty, confused and desperately out of his comfort zone, Steven took a weekend retreat at a lonely mountain to decide what to do with his life and romantic situation.
As it turns out, the answer was "get enNobled".
With his new powers, Steven is now uniquely equipped to resolve his dilemma - except of course for the part where Love is forbidden to the Nobilis, and will leave him open to a myriad of problems…

Steven Fernsworth is a new Noble, and a little bit over his head. His Familia includes Music and Love(romantic/dramatic), which means his new home is a very high-profile target for Excrucian attacks.  
What's worse, Steven isn't actually very powerful, as Nobles go - a Jack of all trades, master of none. With very little in the way of special tricks, He has been forced to rely on his wits to get by. Methodically working to improve his lot, Professor Fernsworth now sports several alliances with elemental forces. Notably, he has won himself a fragile immunity to harm via metal.
He has now survived for six months, while still somehow keeping his sanity, his two lovers, and his job. The future looks… sitcom-ish.

Modus Operandi
This college professor has two things going for him: a wide range of low-powered abilities, and an uncanny talent for finding and exploiting weak spots and loopholes. Thus far, Steven tends to painstakingly work out the most low-powered route to his goals, and make up for his lack of oomph with lots of legwork.
With access to all the minor destiny-warping miracles - Domain, Persona and Treasure - Steven also has a lot of options that are powerful in the long term.

When in battle, Steven tries to either keep fights in his Chancel, or to bring out the big guns from the start. At 2 in every attribute, he has every level 9 miracle open to him, and can pick the best one for any given situation. He's at his best when with allies - the enemy tends to focus on the more obvious threats, leaving Steven to set up a whammy of a miracle, tailored to cut through his opponent's defenses.

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