The King of Three

Dominus Vinculum, Master of Chains, Ruler of Strength and the Warlord

You think me selfish for doing what I do, little Sisters?
How can I be?
For Creation, I guard 3 Estates, more than any other Noble thus far.
I gave up my old name, my memories, everything about myself, to protect our Ymera and you all.
Of all Nobles, I alone am selfless in all regards.
I just wish to gain what Creation owes me for my sacrifice.
- The King of Three to his Siblings Beatrice and Aaminah, after having stolen the love of a pair of newlyweds to spice up his beef by crushing it and sprinkling it over the meat

Yes, yes, Cneph is evil, a traitor, et cetera, I've heard it all before - what does that have to do with me?
All I'm doing is fighting the good fight, protecting Creation and being suitably selfless for everyone in Creation - why attack my Estates?
And then have the gall to try to act like you're the injured party here, when everyone can tell that it's me who've suffered!
That will simply not do.
- The King of Three, talking to a strangled Strategist shard

Aspect 0 (5 AMPs)
Domain 5 (8 DMPs)
Realm 0 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 0 (5 SMPs)

Secondary Domain (Strength) 5 (8 DMPs)
Secondary Domain (Conflict) 5 (8 DMPs)

Restriction: Incredibly straightforward about everything
Restriction: Must answer a challenge to his own power
Disabled: Amnesia (+2 DMP)
Unseen (+2 DMP)
Manifestation: Chains (Can never hurt someone who doesn't believe in structure) (+2 DMP)
Manifestation: Conflict (Can never affect someone who has never been in a struggle before) (+1 DMP)
Manifestation: Strength (Can never affect someone who has no personal strength/integrity) (+2 DMP)
Affiliation: Code of the Self
1: Always act as yourself
2: Never stand for setbacks
3: Give freely, always

Sanctity of his Estate, Chains (5 points)
Sanctity of his Estate, Strength (5 points)
Sanctity of his Estate, Conflict (5 points)
His Imperator (3 points)
His Familia (1 point)
His Chancel (1 point)

Chains deals with creating structures that keep all people linked together, it deals with bonds between different humans and as a way to keep away enemies.
Strength deals with personal strength, a sense of integrity in how one acts, always ready to protect others and do the right thing.
Conflict deals with mastering others, in testing yourself to gain excellence.

Appearing as a tall man with a massive beard, his arms constantly wrapped in chains, he stands tall.
His hair is black, sprinkled with silver from what appears to be old age, with eyes are as black as the night.

Holding 2 Estates is a strain few Nobles can bear.
Being made to hold 3 of them, however, is something that can shatter any Noble mind.
The King of Three, as he now calls himself, found that out the hard way, as he was made into a Regal of 3 Estates at the moment of his Commencement, forcing him to suffer through the command of listening to 3 whole Estates at once.

The price for this was his memories of who, or what, he was before becoming a Noble as well as his ability to even show himself as he truly is to others.

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