Theodore Wainsmith

Theodore Wainsmith
Power of Teddybears
(Song of Light)

Aspect 4 6 AMP 12 +1p
Domain 0 6 DMP 0p
[1] Teddybears are cute and huggable.
[1] Teddybears are soft and fluffy
[1] Teddybears watch over you while you sleep.
[1] Teddybears must maintain the masquerade - they cannot move while people watch.
[1] Teddybears grow strong on love and caring.
[1] Teddybears always have time for you.
[1] Teddybears make it all OK.
Persona 2 6 PMP 6p
Treasure 1 6 TMP 3p

Gift: Durant 1p

Gift: Monster Teeth Necklace 2p (beefed-up version of Elusive)

[5] Bond: My feats of strength are amazing!
[3] Bond: I protect children from horrors of the night.
[2] Bond: My driving is reckless and awe-inspiring.

[2] Affliction: I protect innocents around me from harm.
[1] Affliction: My Nobility is not obvious to the Sight.
[1] Affliction: Children know me for what I am.

Treasure (mundane tool): Woodsman's Axe (protect)

Treasure (mundane Anchor): The Teddy Bear Council (protect)

Treasure (wondrous Anchor): Teddy-bear Commando Squad (protect)
Performs stealth missions.

Treasure (wondrous vehicle): Monster Truck (driving)
Truly All-terrain

Treasure (Miraculous tool): Peregrin Claw-knife (feats)
Can carve, pierce or skin magical effects/miracles.

Superior Vitality: 2
Skill: Lumberjack 3
Passion: Heavy Vehicles 1

Cool 4
Shine 2+2

"Theodore is our rock, a pillar of support in uncertain times. Truly, he is the heart of our Familia, as I myself strive to be its conscience."

-Evelyn Absent-mourning, Power of Cooperation

"T-bear is one solid dude to have at your back. But he could maybe chill a little bit, knowwhatImean?"

-Ramona of the Silent Eye, Power of Individuality

Theodore Wainsmith, "Ted" to his friends, is a rugged-looking former lumberjack, usually dressed in flannel and a cap. His strength is prodigious, even without the use of his miraculous power - even from birth, he was only ever partly human, the remainder unknown to him still.
Ted was known to teddy-bears for years before his enNoblement, after he stumbled onto the fabled Teddy-bear Picnic while hiking through the woods. After winning the right to return to human society in ritual combat with their reigning champion, he still kept their secrets faithfully, and helped them out on several occasions. When the Imperator decided to get itself a Chancel, Ted was found to be the ideal choice for a Noble of Teddy-bears.

The Estate of Teddy-bears used to be contingent on Stuffed Animals - until, that is, the Imperator of that Estate turned out to be a Mimic. In the wake of that event, Ted has taken measures to make Teddy-bears into its own thing, and by now Stuffed Animals is pretty much contingent on Teddy-bears. The extra responsibility, effort and soul-searching this required has made the Dominus of Teddy-bears into a serious, level-headed individual, the voice of reason in his Familia.
For all of that, he has his quirks: He genuinely loves showing off his strength, and driving heavy vehicles.
Ted has always known he was not quite human, but looking at humanity from the outside, so to speak, he has come to love it. From the loving care of his foster parents, to the camaraderie among his crew of lumberjacks, he has found much to admire. Upon enNoblement, he took to the Song of the Light without hesitation.

Modus Operandi
Ted runs a tight ship with his teddy-bear subjects; their purpose is to protect the spiritual well-being of human children, and Ted sees to it that they do a good job - but he also has a tendency to go above and beyond, and many a monster or kidnapper have been met by a kung-fu-wielding teddy-bear lending its body temporarily to its lord and master.
PCs are likely to meet Ted by investigating things going bump in the night, when asking favors of his familia, which includes the Powers of Imagination, Cooperation and Individuality. or when conversing with the human-looking guy at a Noble get-together (An Affliction makes it so that at first glance, Ted does not look metaphysically impressive enough to be a Noble).
Ted is likely to need help with one of his vendettas with Dark Nobles who've taken offense at his overzealous approach to child-protection, notably the newly-minted Noble of the Internet. Alternately, with doing damage control for his other, more reckless Familia members.

In combat, Ted goes for BIG moves, showcasing his strength. Throwing cars, whamming megaton punches, using a highway as a whip etc. These moves are better circumvented than directly opposed, considering his 5-point Bond.
As a matter of course, Ted rescues mortals in his path with reflexive actions, and his miracles are not as destructive as they could be.
When Aspect isn't enough, he goes for Persona, or sometimes his Treasure.


Persona Miracle Chart Domain Miracle Chart
0: The Sight (Cost: 0 MP)
*See when people have strong connections with Teddybears - children, toymakers etc.
0: Warning (Cost: 0 MP)
*Recognize when the Estate of Teddy-bears is in danger.
1: Blessing/Curse (Cost: 0 MP)
*Bless or curse people with the power of Teddy-bears:
*Make them more or less cute, nocturnal, etc.
1: Ghost miracle (Cost: 1 MP)
*Produce a single well-worn teddy-bear to comfort a kid.
2: Lesser incarnation (Cost: 0 MP)
*Live the life of some kid's teddy-bear.
2: Lesser Divinations, Communications (Cost: 2 MP)
*Learn about a youth by questioning his stuffed toys.
3: Lesser Emulation (Cost: 1 MP)
*Watch vigilantly over someone while they sleep.
*Become eminently huggable.
*Resist an unwelcome time-stopping effect.
3: Lesser Preservation (Cost: 4 MP)
*Heal and renew an old teddy-bear.
*Augment elite teddy-bear commandoes so that they are much harder to hurt.
4: Lesser Enchantment (Cost: 2 MP)
*Make the ground far below soft and fluffy, so that it'll break your fall gently.
*Turn someone into a teddy-bear.
*Immobilize someone when they're near people.
*Make all the characters in a children's TV show into teddy-bears.
*Change a Winnie-the-Pooh doll into a Teddy-Ruxpin doll.
4: Lesser Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 4 MP)
*Çreate a giant pile of teddy-bears to land in.
*Create a Teddy-bear suit, and strengthen it to bullet-proof-vest capabilities.
*Summon and augment a work-team of teddy-bears to perform a task.
*Form and hold a bubble of teddy-bears in order to utilize their sound-absorbing abilities.
*Fill every free space in a room with teddy-bears, immobilizing everyone within.
5: Lesser Sacrifice, Greater Incarnation (Cost: 4 MP)
*Exile a teddy-bear, making it some kind of toy or gnome.
*Remove the cuteness from a particularly obnoxious girl.
*turn a pillow rock-like so it can be properly crushed in a fist.
*Eliminate the capacity of specific security cameras to watch you as you sleep. (Then sleepwalk past them with Aspect 5!)
*Incarnate in all Teddy-bears on Earth, in order to monitor the state of the world's children.
5: Lesser Destructions, Greater Divinations (Cost: 8 MP)
*Remove a teddy-bear from existence.
*Delete a teddy-bear from someone's memory (thereby preserving the masquerade!)
*Remove the 'visibility' property of your teddy-bear commandoes, making them stealthy.
*Ask questions of the Estate of Teddy-bears as a whole, without going to the trouble of convening the Teddy-bear Council or circulating a poll.
6: Greater Emulation, Lesser Binding (Cost: 4 MP)
*Make a normal teddy-bear into Super-Teddy, protector of all Teddy Bears.
*Make someone into a teddy-bear-themed superhero.
*Make someone able to talk to teddy-bears.
Make someone's plans destined to be thwarted by teddy-bear-wielding kids.
*Arm yourself with the love of your followers, literally!
*Make it all OK, using high-level miracles to chase troubles away.
6: Greater Preservations, Lesser Motions (Cost: 8 MP)
*Make a given teddy-bear indestructible.
*Make Lisa's teddy-bear into Ivan's teddy-bear, with matching paper-trail.
*teleport your crack team of teddy-bear operatives to any place you can reach via a mystic link.
*Subsume your teddy-bear army into teddy-bear wallpaper, thus readying an ambush.
*Destine a teddy-bear to bring luck to its owner.
7: Greater Enchantment (Cost: 8 MP)
*Make the population of Hawaii huggable.
*Make a single doctor have time for treating every casualty in an armed conflict.
*Make a starving family able to subsist entirely on their love for one another.
*Transform the moon into a small teddy-bear and put it in your pocket for later use.
7: Greater Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 8 MP)
*Create a rampaging indestructible Teddzilla (Though in accordance with its properties, it will STILL fall over unmoving and pretend to be an unliving toy if a single human looks at it).
*Darken out the sun with your air armada of blimp-carried teddy-bears, thus stunting crop crowth over an entire country.
8: Greater Sacrifice (Cost: 8 MP)
*Remove the Teddy-bear-ness from hit TV show "My Little Teddies: Friendship is Magic", making the characters into dolls, cars, LEGOs or somesuch nonsense.
*Make New Yorkers stressed and hurried, having no time for anything but their duties.
8: Greater Destruction (Cost: 8 MP)
*Destroy all the teddy-bears in an entire nation.
*Remove another Noble's careless editing of reality, as far as it concerns Teddy-bears.
9: Greater Binding (Cost: 8 MP)
*Set up the North Pole as the main production and distribution center for teddy-bears (and related toys).
*Empower a delivery man to be able to distribute teddy-bears around the world in one night.
*Destine a princess to marry a teddy-bear, in defiance of custom, propritety and romantic compatibility.
9: Greater Motion (Impossible with Domain 0)
*Manipulating dolls or stuffed animals as 'close enough' to teddy-bears.
*Destine a toy repairman to someday become president.
*Set up an entire teddy-bear nation in a previously empty dimension.
*In blatant defiance of Teddy-bear Properties, create teddy-bears who look like dragons or humans, don't uphold the masquerade, and are barely fluffy AT ALL.
*Change what a teddy-bear IS, making them another form of fairy, seen by children only in storybooks.

Treasure Miracle Chart
0: Claiming An Anchor, Communication (Cost: 0 MP)
*Receiving reports from various teddy-bear operatives.
*Find out where Ramona hid the Woodsman's Axe.
1: Possession (Cost: 0 MP)
*Take bodily control of the teddy-bear who reported an intruding monster, in order to be able to respond with full kung-fu fury.
*While in the waiting room for some politician, burn away frustrations by mentally driving the Monster Truck cross-country.
2: Guidance (Cost: 1 MP)
*Get a bonus towards driving the Monster Truck.
*Aim better while throwing the Claw knife at a target.
*Help out the Teddy-bear Commandoes on their mission.
3: Unleashing Wonders (Cost: 2 MP)
*Temporarily bond a malfunctioning Jumbojet as an Anchor, removing the Obstacles that would prevent a safe landing.
*Unleash the all-terrain power of the Monster Truck, making it able to climb up walls, jump over chasms and move speedily over water.
*Make the Woodsman's Axe a supremely efficient Tool for chopping down trees - something that can match a chainsaw in efficiency - and then lend it to a mortal to help him out.
4: Getting Some Help (Cost: 4 MP)
*Have the Teddy-bear commandoes (who presumably tagged along earlier) rappel down behind the hostages, freeing their bonds while no-one is looking.
*Have the Teddy-bear Commando Squad attack someone as a mundane action, hopefully distracting them long enough for you to act.
5: Weaponizing Anchors (Cost: 4 MP)
*Turn the all-terrain power of the Monster Truck up to eleven, making it able to traverse ceilings, jump between clouds and explore the bottom of the Mariana Trench.
*Have the Teddy-bear Commando Squad cripple an army's movement capacity with a daring raid on its fuel supply.
6: Weaving Destiny, Unleashing Miracles (Cost: 8 MP)
*Declare that the Teddy-bear Commando Squad will foil the nefarious terrorist plot.
*Together with the Monster Truck, defend a minor company from a hostile takeover (This presumably involves a bet on the outcome of a wacky car race).
*Activate the Peregrine Claw Knife, skinning a miraculous effect to learn about its internal structure.
7: Getting Miraculous Help (Cost: 8 MP)
*Summon the Peregrine Claw Knife - from anywhere in the world - and stab it into someone with Active Immortality, negating the Gift much like a Soul-carving sword would, while the action is maintained.
8: Communion (Cost: 8 MP)
*Extend the Peregrine Claw Knife's anti-miraculous abilities and heterodyne its power with the Estate of Teddy-bears, protecting anything within 100 meters of a teddy-bear from miraculous power.
9: Imperial Miracle (Cost: 8 MP)
*Declare that the Peregrine Claw Knife will take the life of a particular Deceiver.

Bonus Story

Vivian stalked inside in the grip of an uncharacteristic furor.
"Have you seen this?!" He brandished a partially crumpled poster. "It's a disgrace! It's a disaster! A sheer and utter calamity!"
"It's that planetoid you created last week", Ted stated after glancing at the paper. "And abandoned to a slow death", he added pointedly.
"That's the one! Only now they're making it a bloody THEME PARK!"
"A tacky, too-expensive, unfulfilling theme park! And what's worse, they're giving me full credit!"
Ted rolled his eyes. "That's the kind of thing you should expect to happen if you leave small worlds behind you willy-nilly, you know."
"But who could have guessed that something I did as an afterthought would backfire so SPECTACULARLY?"
Behind him. his valet was receiving a lesser fortune in betting money.
"Damn", whispered Ted morosely. "I didn't figure on this happening for DAYS."
"Pfft", said Ramona (who was favouring a reptilian body this day). "I thought it'd happen day before yesssterday."
The manservant smiled. "It's a matter of tracking his many enemies, and estimating when a move like this is convenient for THEM."
Ramona eyed the former art critic speculatively. "Harvey, you didn't ssssell out your lord and massster to his enemiesss, did you?"
"Don't be absurd! As if I'd risk invalidating the bet!"
Ted raised his voice to normal again, interrupting Vivian's self-absorbed ranting: "Well, on the bright side, this means hundreds of ape-people WON'T die a freezing death as their suns go out."
"They got roped into being theme park personnel!", Vivian snapped. "They should be so lucky!" He stalked outside, clearly in a snit.

“Well”, said Ted, “I guess we get to pull Vivian’s fat out of the fire. Again.”
“It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.” Harvey snarked: “And Vivian doesn’t DO ‘tough jobs’.”
“Mmmh”, Ted agreed. “Anyway, here’s what I figure our plan should be. I've got a favor or two I can pull with that Familia we saw last month…”

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