Thomas Blakeley

Thomas Blakeley, Hope's Pawn

Aspect: 2
Domain: 0
Persona: 2
Treasure: 0

Passion and Skills

Passion: I fight for freedom and justice (4)
Skill: Orator (1)
Skill: Waggoner (3)
Cool (2)
Shine (2)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I have an Auctoritas Magister protecting me at all times. It doesn’t protect my mundane actions, though: just my person and the area around me. (5)
Affliction: My human Foci are weirdness magnets. (1)
Bond: I died in 1862, and cannot act in the world except through an Anchor (or Focus). There are also mystic signals of my being dead, e.g. my reflection in a mirror is always a skeleton. (3)
Bond: I have seen the glory of Heaven. (2)
Bond: I care about my living descendents. (1)
Bond: I value the good reputation of the Union Army and the Cause. (1)


Binding Rite (Treasure 2, automatic+1, global+1, limited -2, rare +1 =3)
Celestial Glory (Major Creation of emotion 7, simple -1, local -1, limited set -2, rare +1 = 4)
Elusive (= 1)
Eternal (= 3)
Kill with a Glance (Lesser Creation of death 4, simple -1, one other -2, wide -1, rare +1 =1)
Perceive Hopes (Lesser Divination of hope 2, automatic +1, local -1, limited -2, rare +1 =1)
Teleportation (Lesser Motion of self, simple -1, self -3, wide -1, rare +1 =2)
Unblemished Guise (=1)
World-Speaker (Conversation with any Estate 2, simple -1, one other -2, full flexibility +1, rare +1, x3 =3)

Estate Properties

  • Hope is transcendent [3]
  • Hope springs eternal [1]
  • Hope brings light to darkness [1]
  • Hope inspires and strengthens [1]
  • Hope finds a way [1]


Thomas Blakeley is dead, and doesn't even have a ghost. He is utterly helpless without his Anchors – or, more commonly, his Gift-based pseudo-Anchors. Thomas doesn’t exist as a disembodied phantom who could affect the material world by using a little Strike to overcome his Affliction: he has to manifest through a Focus or Anchor in order to be present anywhere. If he lost all of them, he’d be gone, and his Imperator would have to create a new Power.

Thomas will often be Guiding rather than Possessing his current Focus; in this case they are influenced by his presence but still fundamentally act like themselves. He’s is still a bit fish out of water in the modern world (he’s very liberal-minded… for the 1860’s), but not enough for it to be worth a Bond or Affliction.


Thomas Blakely was born in Kentucky in 1834; his family moved to Missouri when he was six, where he lived until adulthood. He spent time driving wagons in Missouri, Kansas (where he met and married Mary Brown) and along the Oregon Trail. He spent several years supplying forts along the trail from a base at Ft. Laramie, Wyoming, where his two children were born. Once the war came, he joined the 23rd Missouri volunteer infantry when it was raised in 1861. He died during the Battle of Shiloh the following year.

Thomas was understandably surprised when an Imperator plucked him out of time and made him Power of Hope. Between his physical death and his enNoblement, he had incommunicable visions of Heaven and of the Spirit World. He’s not sure to what extent that’s the source of his unusual abilities (the really odd ones, not such comparative trivalities as sharing his death with others), and how much they’re due to his Estate being transcendental. As far as Thomas is concerned, hope is an aspect of the Divine in ways that (most) other Estates are not; it reaches beyond Creation as usually understood.

(As anyone familiar with the second edition will suspect, he’s an adaptation of an Inferno from the old rules: hence the Afflictions and Gifts to simulate the old rules. Not having to spend all those points on Spirit means he can have the full capabilities of the experienced end-of-campaign version, and still have enough points left over to play around some with Persona.)


Hawthorn, the flower of hope, and locust, signifying affection beyond the grave, in multiple intertwinings. No background.


Ralph Woodruff. Thomas’s first Focus was provided by his Imperator, after plucking his soul out of the 19th century and into the 21st. Ralph Woodruff is a neo-Confederate occultist from Kill Devil Hills on Bodie Island, part of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Having attracted Imperial attention with blood sacrifices in search of magical power, Ralph was suitably vile to be an appropriate choice as a hate-based Focus. He would appreciate his new status and the potential mystic power it gives him, were it not for the correct sense that his patron views him as disposable.

Richard Blakeley. A 24-year old graduate student in mathematics at Columbia, Richard is Thomas’ only living male descendent with the Blakeley name. Thomas claimed Richard as an Anchor as well as a Focus, using a bond of love that was at least as much for what Richard represents as for his own person. Richard at first thought it was a great blessing to have a demigod looking out for him, just as Thomas thought anchoring him was doing him a good turn. Oops.

Nicholas Drake. A multimillionaire venture capitalist with offices in San Jose California and Arlington Virginia, Nicholas is a sociopath whose hopes focus on misfortune for his rivals. In addition to money, he is up-to-date on the tech industry and has very sophisticated data retrieval and management. He’s currently trying to assemble proof for Thomas that he’s done enough good that treating him badly is unjust, which requires truly heroic levels of “spin.”

Chelsea Spencer. A 14-year-old girl in St. Paul, Minnesota who was apparently the chief target of a major Excrucian incursion. She reminded him of his own long-lost children sufficiently for him to claim her as a love-bond Focus. Thomas has no idea why Chelsea was of interest to the Dark Horsemen: she doesn’t honestly seem all that remarkable.

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