Wolpertinger, Power of the Unknown

Dominus Unknown

Aspect 0 ( 5 AMPs)
Domain 0 ( 5 DMPs)
Persona 0 ( 5 PMPs)
Treasure 0 ( 5 TMPs)

Skills and Passions

  • Superior Moving Silently (5)
  • Superior Logical Argument (3) - Wolpertinger will furiously and ultimately destructively demonstrate to persons why they cannot believe what they are seeing right now, specifically that a figment could argue it so.


  • Perfect Timing (8) - Wolpertinger appears only to those who are alone, only when they are in a situation where it is easy to believe they have not seen or met Wolpertinger, but he will appear to those who desire to see him, only when they are not ready.
  • Mysterious (5) - Wolpertinger is hard to define, track down, learn about, or generally find out about. This makes him sad, for some new unknown must die each time somebody tries to find out about him. Or find him. Or say his name.
  • Active Estate (8) - Whenever and wherever he goes, the Unknown flourishes. His presence draws more unknowns, or creates them if they do not exist. Glitches and bugs, the bizarre coincidences that shouldn't happen, the weirdness that is all about nobody else being around, all flow and bubble from him like a fountain of strangeness.
  • Flight (1) - Wolpertinger flies, and always appears having wings of some kind. Stout grouse wings, soaring eagle wings, any kind of bird wings, even mismatched pairs. They all fly the same way.
  • Luck (1) - Some part of the Wolpertinger is always an appendage of that lucky undersea animal, the rabbit. As a consequence, luck has its way if there is danger of Wolpertinger being seen by a witness for another person, or being captured.
  • Glorious (2) - Awe and sadness pervade an area that surrounds Wolpertinger, the mixture of seeing something completely and utterly unique, and of it now being less so, less mysterious for having been seen. Seeing him does change the lives of some mortals.

Bonds and Afflictions:

  • Affliction (3) Must only be seen by one person at a time.
  • Affliction (2) Must never be photographed, recorded, or captured.
  • Affliction (1) Must always hold something back.
  • Affliction (1) Appearance is unsettling.
  • Bond (2) Explorers must encounter unknowns.
  • Bond (2) Must appear to those seeking him eventually, when they are alone.
  • Bond (2) The unknown must never die

The Unknown

  • Is never what you expect
  • Is difficult to face
  • Lurks at the borders
  • Is something everybody eventually encounters

Wolpertinger is a sad creature, alternating in size when seen from that of a common grouse to nearly a full-grown deer, always with piercing eyes and wings of some sort. It's not certain whether the despair comes from his appearance, having to appear, the new death of some unknown, or a general resignation to his lot. He looks horribly enough like a taxidermists throwaway project, having often the body of a deer or rabbit, horns or antlers of some kind, wings, and the eyes of a bird of prey or owl. He is occasionally known by other names, and in his simplest form is a Jackelope.

Wolpertinger has existed since time immemorial, one of the most elusive of fanciful creatures, and remaining so until he was shot, killed, and his corpse stuffed and mounted in the window of a Black Forest taxidermy shop. As his unknown nature slipped away and was replaced by mundane fact, his absurdity was too much for prosaic reality. It pressed at the window where he was and shattered it, rejected him and replaced his corpse with a parasite-ridden creation of leftover parts from other animals. His true nature fell below that, escaping eventually to the lowest of hidden places and taking in the essence of other unknowns. His was the last death of a truly mysterious creature, as the Griffen, Gryphon, HippoGriff, and Enfield had all been extinguished just prior to this.

As the Power of the Unknown, he exists to keep mysteries intact, but not unheard of entirely. Any constraint on an unknown besides a name limits it, traps it and makes it more likely to expire. Wolpertinger endures meeting those seekers who are too close to another, less able unknown or cryptic creature or mystery. He then brings sorrow and loss of credibility to those whose sin was to love the unknown enough to try and clutch it too closely.

Dark Matter is his greatest project to date.

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