Powers of Maxiel, Angel of Lights

Rhys Bellamant, Saint of the Sun, Dominus Solis: This shining Power of Heaven is handsome, brave, and as honest as the day is long. He has never felt bad about anything (except once), so he's not the one to talk to about feelings, but he does his best to understand your mortal ways. Basically decent, but shockingly naive.

Noel Kingleon, Duke of Lightning, Dominus Fulminis: Noel is nearly as brave and handsome as his Sibling, Rhys, but probably not nearly as honest. Miranda in particular seems to consider him as shifty as an undisclosed polarity! He prides himself on being quite difficult to flap.

Whitsunday Fine, Duchess of Light, Domina Lucis: The Domina of Light could probably call herself the Light's-Regal if she liked, but "Duchess" seems to suit her personality better. She's a strict Heavenly hardliner who won't take any guff! So of course Immanuel gave her guff immediately. That's why she's going to kill him! Eventually you mended fences.

Powers of the Murthe, True Goddess of Whimsy, Uncertainty, and the Wave

Rinne Murthesdaughter, Marchesa of Uncertainty, Domina Dubitationis: This young lady likes to steal things you thought were safe. It turns out they weren't! However she never robs her host so inviting her to parties and social functions is perfectly safe. She stole some stuff from your museum but eventually negotiation worked out a suitable arrangement. Until next time!

Will Murtheson, Wave's-Regal, Dominus Undarum: Will would be happier sitting on a beach somewhere than attending funerals. He's a surfer-dude Power who likes to take the long view on everything. Congenial!

Count Laughter, Baron of Whimsy: He thinks everything is funny, and he has way too much destructive power. Hide your wife! Hide your kids! Hide your Chancel!

Powers of the Waxen Serpent, Ophidian Imperator of Wealth and Illumination

Remus Finn, Dominus of Wealth, Dominus Divitiae: Remus is the Man Who Has Everything, an elderly gent with vaults stuffed with everything your heart could desire. According to him, things with lasting value are more important than gold and pleasurable company, but he has plenty of those things, too. His hobby is teaching you useful lessons; it's really quite irritating.

Isolde, Duchess of Illumination, Domina Irradiationis: She comes when you need inspiration. To shoot you.

Matilde Eriksdottir, Witch of Logic, Domina Porismatis: This devilish creature can be found wherever mischief is afoot, because mischief is fun. Trying to catch her will involve wading through her twisted riddles and logical traps. It's seriously not worth it.

Marley Barliman, Regent of Limitations, Domina Mortis: The Death's-Regal tries to bring people meaningful and dramatic deaths instead of silly anticlimaxes. She probably works harder than anybody you know. Lately she has been avoiding you because it's all just too awkward.

Powers of an Undefined Magister of the Light

Timothy Canard, Baron of Autoevolution, Dominus Ipsevolutionis: This Power governs the Estate of do-it-yourself evolution. He's a weedy little thing that could do with a bit of evolution, if you ask me! He longs for a glorious transhuman future.

Bill Hep, Power of Conurbation, Dominus Urbis Multae: Bill is a truly enormous Yorkshireman with an impenetrable accent. Conurbation is what happens when two cities grow into one uninterrupted urban area, but there's no point in asking him about it. He doesn't understand Conurbation; he just does it. With his bare hands.

Unsorted Nobles

Albemarle Blue, Seal's-Regal, Domina Vincli: This elderly oracle keeps a lid on a number of things other people called up and could not put down. A respected elder stateswoman of the community.

Ink-Lord Vesperius, Ink's-Regal, Dominus Atramenti: This little gnomish fellow hired Rinne to steal the Accords at Babylon, since you, like most non-Vesperius people, are too dumb to be trusted with important documents. We'll just see about that!

Children of Harumaph

Phasael mery-Harumaph, Deceiver: This Excrucian is charming enough to get away with anything, and does. Even as he robs you blind, you won't be able to be mad at him. What a scamp!

Mortals, Mere

D-train A small child of mysterious provenance, rescued from the darkest depths of the underworld. Yes, that's his name.

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