<Hollyhock God> So! When last we saw the Family—oh, you haven't named your snake yet, have you? Nonetheless, when last we saw them, they were remembering the night the Heavens broke!

<Astara> I was going to rescue a star

<Hollyhock God> There, during the very gala to celebrate your familia's newest member, a star was stolen!

<Hollyhock God> A very important star!

<Hollyhock God> The star Nusakan!

<Astara> (Whose name I must shamefully admit I have forgotten)

<Hollyhock God> Which had been taken down from the Heavens for polishing!

<Hollyhock God> And now, a little over a year later, the Heavens are finally ordered enough that you have time to pursue Nusakan, its captor, and the source of this terrible scourge upon your Estates.

<Hollyhock God> And so the question is: what do you lot do?

<Maili> I think I was going to sneak in the air vents as a breeze to check the power plant it was being kept in out before we charged in :D

<Irina> Yeah, I think checking out the power plant was our plan.

<Astara> Okay, I need to know if I can do this trick:

<Hollyhock God> Hm?

<Hollyhock God> Probably!

<Astara> Stars have the property of distance. Can I Sacrifice that property from things to teleport?

<Hollyhock God> What's the exact property?

<Astara> "Stars are ever distant, but always reached for"

<Hollyhock God> Mmm. That seems like it would be a stretch. At least without exploring what that means a little bit more in play.

<Hollyhock God> But yes!

<Hollyhock God> Maili slithers through the vents like a breath of autumn air. It's curiously empty for a nuclear power plant. You count only five or six people in the whole structure. Slobs, mostly, except for one woman in a knockout black dress with a snakeskin clutch.

<Hollyhock God> There are definitely a suprising number of restrooms.

<Hollyhock God> And also, a central reactor. Full of all the accoutrements such a room demands: flashing buttons, colorful screens, and a seven-foot tall Japanese oni.

<Ina> (Sorry for being late!)

<Hollyhock God> You can tell he's Japanese because of the patch on his jacket.

  • Ina is now known as Aisling

<Maili> (sorry for delay, had to carry the laungry in)

<Aisling> (It's Pentecost and so I was on a family visit that ran long.)

<Hollyhock God> (No problem!)

<Maili> ; Well, that's certainly informative, Rather than casuing a fuss or attracting attention, Maili retreats to inform the others about what's inside first ^^

<Astara> So…does anyone have any plans besides charging in gloriously?

<Maili> "I can slip in undetected, and we can deal with them on two fronts."

<Aisling> I'd like to incarnate into the imagination of the guys inside.

<Irina> "We could try negotiating, but I'm not sure if oni are really the sort to make concessions…"

<Astara> We just need some fried beans

<Astara> "Though I don't have them on me at the moment. My working plan is to bash him over the head."

<Hollyhock God> Most of the slobs seem to be thinking about the usual things: beer, pretzels, sexy murder. You're pretty sure one of them is a garden-variety sociopath. The woman seems to be imagining profit margins. Sexy, sexy profit margins.

<Irina> "Mmh, let's at least hear him out. I'd just as soon not get into a generational war with an oni clan if we don't have to."

<Maili> "I'll go in quietly, either way. If you want to go in and talk, that's fine, but if something goes wrong, I'll be able to strike unseet."

<Maili> unseen*

<Aisling> Can I get a sense of the degree of the profit margins?

<Irina> "Certainly." Irina clasps her hands together. "So, who thinks they can sneak a few people into a nuclear power plant? It's not quite the vacation I'd hoped for after getting a chance to relax…"

<Hollyhock God> Obscene. Some of the numbers don't even make sense. She's doing three-dimensional math. It's impressive and probably not normal.

<Maili> "The Woman and the Oni seem like the biggest concerns to me. I'm slipping in. Go ahead when you're ready."

  • Maili shall sneak back inside and float about somehwere in a less than solid state :D

<Irina> Does anybody else want to be on Team Negotiation?

<Astara> "I've talked with Oni before."

<Irina> Irina's going to use an Aspect 3 miracle to try to sneak into the power plant unnoticed, Solid Snake style. Anybody tagging along who can't sneak themselves in, she can probably hide okay with Persona if need be.

<Hollyhock God> Whereabouts is Maili hiding in all this?

<Aisling> I would like to create an imagination of profits imploding if she doesn't leave the place right now, Hollyhock God.

<Maili> (her insubstantial air form, IE, decompressing herself)

<Hollyhock God> That is a how, not a where.

<Maili> (probably the vents then :P)

<Hollyhock God> And the woman seems briefly, disturbingly upset. She takes a seat. She drinks some water. She hyperventilates into her cupped hands. And then she looks up and around, suspiciously, and pulls out her cellphone and dials.

<Hollyhock God> Irina's sneakery seems much more effective. She seems able to move about the plant with relative impunity.

<Irina> Unless something else seems amiss, she'll head straight for oni land.

<Maili> (I should probably mention I can sneak about with Aspect 5 miracles offhand :3 that probably helps *facepalm*

<Maili> )

<Astara> Astara sneak about as well as an Adventure Archeologist sneaks. I'm not sure how well that is, but she looks good doing it (Intention 6)

<Maili> (so, rooftop ninja flips!)

<Hollyhock God> Irina approaches the door carefully…only for it to flatten her. A very angry looking Oni has recently beaten it down. Very recently—just then, in fact.

<Hollyhock God> "Stink of life and stink of sneak," he growls, putting his weight on the battered-down door and, by the transitive property, Irina. What does she do?

<Irina> No sense sneaking about anymore. Irina elegantly teleports out from under the door and settles a few meters in front of the oni, then flashes a smile. "Well, I hadn't wanted to sneak about, but nobody sent an invitation. I believe that you have something of ours. Do you have a moment to talk?"

  • Maili flits off to look for the woman

<Irina> Irina, incidentally, is dressed completely casually for all of this, just to make it totally obvious that she doesn't belong in the power plant. She doesn't do camo.

<Hollyhock God> "Yes," he says, perfectly composed. Of course, as he's saying that, he's also leaping out to tackle Irina with several hundred pounds of evil.

<Astara> "So, uh, would you believe me if I said I had some fuku mame on me, and so you should run?"

<Irina> Is her teleportation enough to dodge in this case?

<Hollyhock God> Maili arrives in time to see the woman rocking back and forth while she's on the phone to someone. "Yes. No. Just right now, okay? I love you. I love you. Soon."

<Hollyhock God> How is she teleporting?

<Irina> She has a teleportation gift. Lesser Motion of Self.

  • Maili solidifies quietly out of sight, and waits for the woman to get off the phone before making herself apparent…-

<Aisling> Let's create an imagination of whomever she loves betraying her and taking all the profits.

<Hollyhock God> Irina is able to teleport out of the way nimbly enough—his fists keep finding concrete. Of course, they also keep leaving impact craters, too, and the more he swings, the angrier he gets. And look, who's that? Is that Astara?

<Hollyhock God> Where is Aisling in all of this?

<Irina> Alright, dropping the stealth miracle and starting an Aspect 3 miracle of 'putting this oni in a headlock.' Up until she repays him for the pain of being flattened by a door, she gets 2 strike from her revenge Bond.

<Aisling> (Out of the way physically, still incarnating.)

<Aisling> (I have persona 5, that shouldn't be too hard.)

<Hollyhock God> Irina successfully gets the oni into a headlock. For three or so glorious seconds, she has him firmly in hand.

<Maili> (Now, sustain it and use aspect 3 tickle attack to disable!)

<Hollyhock God> …Unfortunately, after that, the oni seems to have the upperhand. What with his big hands and muscles powered by evil and the sound of crunching bones. They're probably not important ones. Definitely probably not.

<Astara> Astara takes the oppurtunity to whack him over the head with a crowbar. Treasure 5.

<Hollyhock God> The woman appears to be just shy of a psychotic episode now. She mumbles to herself and tears at her palms with long, manicured nails, digging up little scrims of red, moist skin.

  • Maili steps into the room, and clears her throat. "Something wrong?" (Gonna use the Sight to see if I can see if she's supernatural or not, dunno if it can determine mortals from nonmortals)

<Hollyhock God> Maili manifests before her just in time to see another being manifest: a square-jawed, clean-shaven blond in a sweatervest with a haircut you could set your watch by.

<Hollyhock God> To the sight, she registers as pretty mortal. I mean, there's little traces of -something- and a dude did just manifest beside her in a puff of door bell chimes and envelopes, but she doesn't seem like a Sovereign.

<Irina> Is it possible to apply part of a property, but not the rest, with Persona?

<Hollyhock God> Astara's crowbar glows as it strikes the Oni, pressing through his skull like a hot crowbar through an Oni's skull. He howls in pain! Wild, living, head-clutching pain!

<Hollyhock God> And possibly. It depends on what you have in mind.

<Irina> One of my properties is 'The void extinguishes emotion, knowledge, and value.' I was hoping to just do the extinguishing emotion bit.

<Irina> No big deal if I have to take all three, I'm just kinda feeling out the limits still.

<Hollyhock God> Oh…probably.

<Hollyhock God> It might have some aftertaste.

<Hollyhock God> But you pick the brunt of the enchantment.

<Irina> Okay. Irina teleports away as the wrasslin starts turning on her and applies that to herself as a Lesser Emulation. "Now, are you ready to calm down and talk to us?"

<Hollyhock God> Irina's got some broken bones unless you want to take a Wound to the contrary.

<Irina> That's just a surface wound, right?

<Hollyhock God> For a Power, yes.

<Hollyhock God> "No," the oni replies, hefting the battered door and throwing it squarely at Astara.

<Irina> Okay, she'll take it. Let's say some broken ribs or something.

<Astara> Right. Battle mode it is. Astara spends 3 DMP and 2 AMP and starts sustaining an Auctoritas Magister. She also dodges as a mundane action, intention 6

<Irina> Lesser Enchantment of Void—Irina turns the door into a strangely door-like void before it impacts, and lifts her lantern in one hand. "Very well."

<Hollyhock God> Even if the door hadn't conveniently stopped existing, Astara's dodging would have still been graceful, the sort of thing most movies exalt with bullet time and CGI hair billowing majestically.

  • Maili clears her throat as the man appears, and repeats herself; "Ahem… I asked if everything was alright…" She stated again, despite the addition of the new ffigure in the room, though, she prepared herself in cas he might prove hostile to her.

<Hollyhock God> The woman practically throws herself into the man's arms, and he strokes her hair gently, but looks to Maili with a stern, paternal glower. "Now, if you're the one messing with her mind, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to stop. And then probably ask you to lose a hand. Or a foot."

<Maili> "I'm doing nothing of the sort. It may be one of my companions, though. They're really not pleased with what was stolen from us ending up here. "

<Irina> "Try to leave enough to talk to," Irina chastises her lantern before opening the clasp and releasing her pet elder horror. (Level 5 Treasure miracle of 'devouring things,' taking 2 Strike on it if you can take Strike on Gifts, which I've never been clear on.)

<Hollyhock God> "Well," he says, his voice like something out of a fifties sitcom, "that's just crackerjack, but I'm still probably going to have to maim some one."

<Irina> And this is pretty much the first time I've ever interacted with the rules in a meaningful way, so let me know if I screw something up.

<Maili> "I'm sure they'll get better, as long as that's all you do. Were you involved in taking Nusakan, or do you just happen to have it here?"

<Hollyhock God> Irina's elder horror emerges from the lantern, a squamous un-thing of undulating shadow and rubber. It clamps the oni between one of its many slathering psuedo-mouths—and holds him there, pressing down on him with vicelike force.

<Hollyhock God> "I'm sure I don't have any idea what you're talking about," he says. If you were hoping for more answers out of the lady, you'd probably do well to keep hoping—she's still sobbing inarticulately.

  • Aisling stops incarnating into the woman and step into the room. "Oh, sorry. Didn't realize you cared. Now I don't think you want to have this escalate further, she might die."
  • Maili eyes Aisling, with a frown. "What were you doing? She was a concern, but not a naked threat."

<Aisling> "Whatever you want to imagine me doing."

<Irina> "Now, before we get down to business, I do owe you for earlier…" Irina expands the miracle to devour a bit of the oni. Not a bunch, a finger or something. Just a few broken ribs' worth.

<Hollyhock God> And as the horror's jaw quivers for a moment, the oni breaks free! His muscles ripple with hate and the horror's maw is ripped three feet on either side. It lumbers away, whinging like a maimed puppy.

<Hollyhock God> The woman starts shrieking loudly and in a regular pattern when Aisling appears. The effect is not entirely unlike a siren.

<Hollyhock God> Her husband, however, seems less than amused.

<Irina> Darn. Does the devouring bit get through before that happens?

<Aisling> (She seems too, honestly.)

<Hollyhock God> The oni looks down to find two or so fingers gone. This…probably doesn't help his mood.

  • Maili winces a little at the shrieking. "You went a bit too far this time, Aisling." She glances up to the man. "I'll let you take out your frustrations on her in exchange for the information I need. Not killher, of course, but she needs to learn something from this."

<Aisling> "Nope, Maili. That's not happening."

<Hollyhock God> "Well, it's happening," the man says, still mysteriously chipper. "And appreciated, but it's not yours to give away, this revenge. It's hers to give or mine to take," he adds to Maili.

<Astara> This time, Astara only uses a treasure 3 (5? not sure) miracle to allow the crowbar to wound at a miraculous level. The actal hitting is a mundane action: Intention "Deafeat the Oni", Dealing with weird shit 5 + 3 will + 1 tool = 9 with 3 edge.

  • Maili sighs, and just turns a glance to Aisling. "Well, good luck, then. Get yourself out of this." (annd I'l ldrop back to immaterial state and flit outof the room in search of the star)

<Hollyhock God> Perhaps aided by the distraction of Irina's pet horror, Astara's crowbar finds the oni's shoulderblade this time and strikes with force enough to send a spray of black, clotted blood across the room. It howls in pain, and turns terribly wounded and winded but still ready to strike back.

<Hollyhock God> Elsewhere, the man walks towards Aisling, his wife still in hand. "So, how exactly would you like to work this out, then?"

<Irina> "This will end in your death if you don't concede," Irina says, still quite calm despite circumstances. She gestures forward again, sending another wave of tentacle-y fangs and fang-y tentacles washing over the oni and ripping at his flesh. (Another level 5 devouring miracle, no strike this time.)

<Aisling> "I imagine you realize you are in no position to stop my departure?" (Using an aspect four miracle to start moving away from his as fast as I can. If he tries to stop me, my level 4 'I Move' bond will likely come into play.)

<Maili> (BTW, Aspect 5, Strike 4 (Familia Bond) to locate/retrieve the star, if I'm clear successfully)

<Hollyhock God> Irina's monster puts up a valiant effort, but the oni hefts its squamous mass and wrings it like an oily cloth. At least, you hope that's oil coming out of it.

<Hollyhock God> What's Aisling's Bond, exactly?

<Aisling> It's 'I move'

<Aisling> At level 4.

<Hollyhock God> Aisling is, of course, free to leave. But as she does, the air of mundanity surrounding this handsome fellow falls away like water spilling from a broken dam. His eyes flare briefly and instantly. She is filled with an overwhelming sense that it would be wrongutterly, unconsciounably wrongto leave without saying goodbye, much less making reparations!

<Hollyhock God> (Whatever he's doing, it's some sort of Enchantment. A Persona 4 miracle levelled right at your heart)

<Aisling> (Should've raised my auctoritas, shouldn't I?)

<Hollyhock God> Maili dances through the reactor, flitting like a busy breeze, before finally slipping through a vent system and into the heart of the reactor itself. There, encased in thick, glossy plastic (that's probably not normal) is Nusakan, the Third Jewel.

<Hollyhock God> (It's possible!)

<Irina> "If you won't yield, than be gone." Irina gestures at the monster simply and unleashes a Lesser Enchantment to make him insubstantial. If possible, banishing his mass while still keeping him physical and such.

  • Aisling purposefully creates in herself all kinds of imaginations of horrible things that could happen if she didn't leave right now, and no matter how wrong it'd be to leave, staying would seem to be worse. She shouts a quick goodbye as she flees.
  • Maili is pretty cautious floating into the reactor even in her dispersed form. Using Aspect 5 to analyze the reactor setup, she'll try and figure if the star's been worke dinto the system, and if so, discern the proper method of shutting the system down . Epic b rainpower go!)

<Hollyhock God> Just when Aisling thinks she's put half the plant between her and the gentleman, there is a rush of speed and wind and he stands in front of her, his wife in his arms. "You're starting to learn a few manners. But I still think you have a few more lessons."

  • Aisling keeps running, "I'm sorry. I overdid it." She shouts back as her movements keep up. "I'll make it up to you somehow, later. When you've calmed down. Promise."

<Hollyhock God> Maili makes leaps of deducation and reasoning, equations blowing through her brain. It's perfectly, transparently clear to her that energy from the star is being siphoned through resonant meta-bafflers to generate microfusion reactions which are then harnessed…to heat water and produce steam to spin a turbine that makes electricity.

<Hollyhock God> Sometimes the downside of a godlike brain is the ability for deeper, more profound disappointments.

  • Maili figured, but she had to be sure. So, just removing the power source won't really cause any partiocular problem othe rthan shutting the thing down.

<Hollyhock God> He appears before Aisling again and again, moving faster than sight. He just stands there, wife's arms draped around his neck. Finally, he stomps a foot when he appears before her and leaves a crater three yards deep.

<Hollyhock God> How are things back in Onitown, population: Irina and Astara?

<Irina> I made a move a few minutes ago.

<Irina> Er.

<Irina> That should be 'visible' not 'physical.'

<Hollyhock God> So you did!

  • Maili is just gonna remove the star, casing and all, from the machne - She'll use intense air pressure via a sustained aspect miracle 5 to act as high-pressure seals over the connecting/energy drainy ports in the casing to keep anything harmful from leaking out. With the Star retrieved, she'll head for the exit.

<Hollyhock God> And so he does, mass leeched away into a place between the World and the Beyond. Anyone who listens with divine hearing can still detect his keening cry.

<Hollyhock God> The star, despite it's heft, clicks neatly out of place and Maili's pressure seals seem to hold well enough. There's a sound of machinery slowing throughout the plant, a general sense of something fading away. Like lights, which are reduced to emergency signs and little red bulbs.

<Aisling> "Look man. I understand you're pissed. You have every right to, I'm sorry. But I don't think you're in the right state of mind to come to a rational agreement. Call me in a week and we'll arrange reparations, I promise."

<Irina> Irina dusts her hands. "If you're a good boy and let us know what we want, I might give you your ability to interact with the rest of the universe back."

<Astara> "Judging by the lights, the star's been rescued already"

<Irina> "It's still in our best interests to find out what this was all about."

<Hollyhock God> The man looks at Aisling and his eyes dim, no longer filled with divine fire. "Promise it now, by the name of your Crown and your Imperator. Swear it to me."

  • Aisling promises that in a week, she will make a honest, good-faith effort to make reparations.

<Hollyhock God> "I am strong!" the oni screams into the nothingness. "I will break this blackness, eventually. And then I will break you. Slowly."

<Hollyhock God> The woman sighs in her husband's arms and turns to face Aisling, eyes bleary and bloodshot. "On behalf of the Cammorra, and in the name of the Darkest Lord, I accept your promise."

<Irina> Irina coaxes her elder horror back into its cell and nods distractedly. "Yes, that's about what I thought. We'll just seek our information elsewhere, then." With another wave of her hand, she doubles down on her Lesser Enchantment, outright turning the oni into an oni-like Void.

<Irina> "… now, shall we go look for the others?"

<Astara> Astara shrugs "Yes'm" (Still sustaining the AM until I say otherwise)

<Aisling> "Glad we agree there. Have a nice day, see you in a week." And she continues to leave.

  • Maili can't flit about invisibly now, since she's carrying the thing out, sustaining a miracle to contain any leaky energies it has. But she can also use an Aspect 5 miracle to head for the door!

<Hollyhock God> The Familia reconvenes on a dramatic outcropping a mile away from the plant with an appropriately grandiose view of the sun setting behind its concrete cooling tower.

<Astara> "You okay, Nusakan?"

<Irina> "That was your first real fight as a noble, yes? You did well." … Irina not so much, since she's sorta limping when she arrives at the gathering point.

<Aisling> "Sure was mine. So does anyone know any Cammorra or a 'Darkest Lord'?"

<Astara> "This last year i've been attacked by all sorts of thing. Also I've fought an Oni before, though I had fried beans that time. Much easier"

  • Maili hands the star over carefully, and steps back, gently releasing the air-seal once it's in its Power's hands.

<Irina> "That would be Lord Entropy, why?"

<Irina> "I'm afraid we didn't find much except an irate oni, so any information you gathered would be helpful."

<Maili> "Aisling decided hat torturing the woman would be a good plan."

<Astara> "Oh, are the Cammora behind this?..Damn, they're invisible to Law so I can't seek reperations legally."

<Aisling> "Well that's what he swore on when he accepted my promise."

<Maili> "What promise…?"

<Maili> "What did you promise him?"

<Aisling> "That I'd make a honest, good-faith effort to make it up to him."

<Astara> "Uh.. I am given to understand that being in debt to the Cammora is..bad."

<Hollyhock God> "You will regret that one day, daughter of fancies," a voice whispers from on high.

<Astara> "See?"

  • Maili sighs and shakes her head. "Should'vejust let him beat you up."

<Astara> (Who is the voice? Do we regocnize it?)

<Irina> "But you *were* led to believe that the Cammora were the ones behind the theft of the star?"

<Astara> (Or does only Aisling hear it?)

<Aisling> "A honest, good-faith effort is not a boundless favor. And I didn't know he was until after he told me."

<Aisling> "As he said, 'On behalf of the Cammorra, and in the name of the Darkest Lord, I accept your promise.'"

<Hollyhock God> A great black presence uncoils from the Heavens themselves and descends, gentle as a feather. Your Imperator is a serpent of ineffable length, her black-and-blue scales speckled with stars and nebulae. She rests her ship-sized head against the earth itself and basks in the coming evening.

<Maili> "I'm fairly sure he was a power, and she, likely an Anchor of his."

<Astara> (Didn't the woman say that?)

<Maili> (We don't know that, and Aisling can hallucinate :D)

<Aisling> (I think the guy was meant to say and there was grammar derp there, alternatively Aisling is mixing up reality with what she imagined happening.)

  • Maili smiles and bows gently to the serpent. "You came to see us?"

<Hollyhock God> "You have recovered Nusakan," she says, her voice as gentle as a whisper. But still, it is full of happiness and hope and pride and concern, for Aaron's Serpents contain worlds of contradiction.

<Astara> Astara bows as well.

<Astara> And offers her the star

<Aisling> "If nothing else, it's a lead, right?"

<Hollyhock God> Odylla, the Empress of All Evenings, clutches the star in her coiling tail—it had been miles and miles away only an instant before, hadn't it? But now, it's there, wrapping around Nusakan so she may better examine it.

<Irina> "If the Cammora was behind it, who knows who was ultimately responsible. It was probably a job for hire."

<Astara> "Ugh. I hate politics. Give me a problem I can bash over the head, I'd be happier."

<Hollyhock God> Odylla, for her part, seems distant and uncertain. Her eyes move from Nusakan to other wounds in the Firmament, other dangers.

<Hollyhock God> "Yes," she finally says to Aisling, her galaxy-eyes looking down on her powers. "It is a beginning."

<Maili> "I doubt the Cammorra could do such a thing alone. Someone did it. I suspect the one whom you've promised reparations to knows something."

<Astara> "From what you describe, perhaps he was the Power of Manners?"

<Maili> "We really couldn't say for sure."

<Aisling> "Considering his ability to give me a strong urge to behave in some form that fits within Manners…"

<Aisling> "Sounds feasible. I hate him already."

<Astara> "I'm sure the feeling is mutual. At least we have a lead."

<Astara> "Irina, do you know him?"

<Astara> "Assuming he /is/ Manners"

<Irina> (HG's call, really. Irina's pretty well-traveled within noble circles, but she certainly doesn't know everybody.)

<Hollyhock God> A short description is all it takes for Irina to confirm that the man in question is, almost certainly, Tamberlane Meriwether, the Master of Good Manners.

<Astara> "Oh, Stars, even his name is obnoxious."

<Irina> "I wouldn't know why he was involved with a power plant, though."

<Maili> "Regardless, I think we should try and get some information from him. I think he'll know something."

<Astara> "DIdn't he just show up when his..Anchor? Wife? was threatened? Maybe it's her that's involved with it."

<Aisling> "She was thinking something about profits before I started prodding."

<Maili> "About that… did you consider that she might not be a threat?"

<Astara> "Star powered fusion plants are presumably very lucrative."

<Aisling> "No."

<Aisling> "I should have, but I didn't."

<Irina> "Well, since you promised to make reparations, I don't see that there was any harm done. Still, I do agree that we should give Mr. Meriwether a social call."

  • Maili nods a little. "… Alright. I'm not mad, but it went a bit far. He'd probably be less aware of our activities - or at least more inclined to help us - if we hadn't jumped to conclusions. All we can do is move forward from here."

<Hollyhock God> (Last call before the end of the episode—use your one-liners if ya got 'em.)

<Maili> (.. I got nothin~!)


<Astara> (Have Crowbar, will travel)

<Aisling> (Have impulses, lack sense.)

<Maili> (:P)

<Hollyhock God> Orylla lifts off gently into the sky and casually flicks her tail, releasing Nusakan from her grasp. It streaks across the velvet black and settles into its proper place like a gem set neatly into its socket.

<Maili> (I am amused that the aspect 5 character didn't beat anything up this episode)

  • Hollyhock God ends Episode 2

<Astara> "I'll drop by to see how you're doing later!" calls Astara

<Maili> (annnnd I gotta bolt!)

<Aisling> (And in fairness, the only person she got in trouble was herself. She did take full responsibility for her actions.)

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