Pascale Hart

Rider of Pestilence, Domina Remordeo

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0 CP
Domain 3 5 DMP 9CP
… spreads out of control (1)
… ravages the body and mind (2)
… preys on the weak (1)
… clings to you, and the things you touch (1)
… is born from filth and decay (1)
… is unclean (1)
Realm 2 2CP
Persona 5 5 PMP 15CP
pState 4 4CP
Pascale Hart's Madness…
… makes perfect sense to her
… orders and labels the world
… purifies the world
… has a horror of the unclean
… perceives patterns nobody else can see
… obeys its own internal logic and no other
… justifies Pascale Hart's actions
Treasure 2 5 TMP 6CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I like explaining things (0)
Passion: Neatness! Cleanliness! Order! (2)
Passion: Numerology (0)
Skill: Doublethink (2)
Skill: Imagination (1)
Skill: Perfectly Sane Science (3)
Cool 0
Shine 5

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I keep the souls of the plague-dead safe… in little jars! (1)
Bond: I can't stand the touch of unclean things (3)
Bond: there's nothing I can't dissect, understand and improve upon (2)
Bond: I'm normal, it's the world that's crazy (1)
Bond: I'm blind to suffering (1)
Bond: my horse is 500% better than any other horse! (1)
Affliction: I am reborn in my father's house when killed (3)
Affliction: I have only ever known evil (1)
(2 remaining)



Most people are trapped in reality, but for Pascale, it's optional! She may choose to stop being real whenever this would be convenient for them. Being illusory is a serious hindrance when trying to get things done, but very useful if someone is trying to shoot her in the head or lock her in a closet. Also, mortals on Prosaic Earth are not in the habit of perceiving unreal things and will tend to overlook her even when her appearance or actions would normally draw notice.
Lesser Enchantment of Illusion (4), automatic (+1), self-only (-3), a handful of tricks (-2), uncommon, 1 CP total

The Blind Lie
Pascale's falsehoods are peculiarly infectious. When she tells someone a lie she may imbue her words with miraculous power, and for some time afterwards they lose the ability to perceive anything that would contradict that lie. They aren't forced to believe her, mind you; they just can't see anything that would be inconsistent with the story Pascale told. There's a hole in their perceptions, which may or may not be obvious.
Lesser Destruction of Perception (5), normal (-2), one target (-2), comprehensive (-1), uncommon, 1 CP total


A kid of about 12-14 (apparent age) wearing a frock, an oversized white lab coat and a leather plague mask. If not for that last one, she'd be pretty cute.


Pascale's father lives in an evil house. He built it from blood and stone and the bones of nightmares. There he dwells to this day, playing warden and god to those unfortunate creatures who venture inside. They are made horrible, if they weren't already, and within those four evil walls they are helpless before the will of Osuin Lul.

One time, though, the story went differently. Someone entered the House, and he fell in love with her, or as close to love as a man like him gets. There was a child.

This child is Pascale Hart. Later she became the Rider of Pestilence, powerful and terrifying, blithely ignorant of and indifferent to the suffering she brings, but she began as a girl living in an evil house.

… it wasn't a nice place to grow up, as you can probably imagine.

Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart

0 sense when the Estate of Pestilence is harmed, threatened or offended
1 infect someone with the common cold or a mild flu; make someone look sickly; conjure dirt, stains, maggots and buzzing flies
2 know if someone is sick just by looking (and if so, exactly how sick); count the number of germs on an object by species; hold conversations with a pathogen and ask them to go easy on the victim (or be extra-harsh)
3 keep someone from recovering from illness; make an infection more contagious; strengthen taboos against lepers and the like
4 inflict fever, delirium, wracking pain and/or bleeding sores on someone; spread a disease locally; call a sick person to your side; command rats, flies, and other infectious animals
5 speak with Pestilence as a whole, gleaning information about a sick person or society; cure a person of disease, or end a small outbreak; make a disease non-infectious, non-virulent or clean
6 stymie all attempts to halt or control an epidemic; decree the fates of the sick; transfer a terminal illness from one person to another; engineer a sickness which leaves the body twisted but strengthened
7 spread plague across nations and worlds; summon hordes of infected people to you; command pathogens or vast swarms of plague-bearing creatures
8 cure a pandemic instantly; wipe a given illness from existence; make an epidemic harmless (the common cold) or non-infectious (cancer)
9 decree that pestilence will consume a given nation and plunge it into dissolution; make smallpox native to the Americas rather than Europe, potentially changing history; engineer unusual sicknesses which spread literacy, piety or self-knowledge rather than suffering and death

Persona Miracle Chart

0 see Powers and people touched by Pestilence
1 make someone a little more clingy or noxious; make a tune catchy; conversely, make people or things cleaner and more self-contained
2 incarnate within someone's sickness
3 make yourself sticky and hard to shake off; ravage the mind and body of anyone you touch
4 transform yourself into a viral epidemic; make a situation or phenomenon spread out of control; make an object or place toxic and sticky; enchant a person to be more predatory;
5 make a taboo thing less taboo; make a wildfire or Internet meme unlikely to spread; render a disease toothless by removing its power to harm; incarnate within a pandemic, or within the sickness at the heart of a Strategist or Fallen Angel
6 Multiply uncontrollably, seeding the world with innumerable children or clones; strike anyone who looks at you mad with fever; curse someone so that their firstborn child dies of plague; give someone a destiny to become a doctor or hospice worker
7 declare that the act of reading is toxic to the mind and body; make a random person off the street into an international celebrity by spreading their popularity
8 make things unlike your Estate on a grand scale, e.g. making kudzu tame and unlikely to spread
9 transform a city into a refuge for the sick and dying
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