Adalbert Adelheidt

Adalbert Adelheidt

The one behind the mirror

The mirror-world of Adalbert Adelheidt

  • is inside the mirror
  • reflects
  • is truly beautiful
  • is superficial
  • inspires endless desire
  • reshapes itself
  • cuts lies away

shard-coat, a coat made of the shards of the Power of Mirrors' skin
It's theme is altered reflection
miraculous anchor

The mirror's edge, a mirror-shard in the shape of a large knife
It's theme is separating something from its reflection
wondrous anchor

Adalbert's reflection, a three-dimensional "reverse" reflection from any mirror into the world
It's theme is blurring the line between reflection and real object
miraculous anchor

A vial of quicksilver blood, the blood of the Power of Mirrors
It's theme is reflecting what lies within to the outside
wondrous anchor

The mirror he is currently inside of
It's theme is Containing the world of Adalbert Adelheidt
mundane anchor


Aspect 0 5/5
Persona 0 1/5
Treasure 5 3/5

Will: 6/8

Imitator 2
Knife-handling 3
Superior Skill: Living Mirror-Image 3
(Lets him switch the mirror he occupies)

I made myself in your image 1
I must show the world true beauty 3
I cut away lies with the Mirror's Edge (Treasure: Mirror's Edge) 3
I reflect myself into the world (Treasure: My Reflection) 1
I wear the reflected lie (Treasure: Shard Coat) 3
A vial of quicksilver, reflecting the truth that hides inside (Treasure: Quicksilver Blood) 1
I am inside your mirror (Treasure: The Mirror I am currently in) 2

I am just an image in a mirror. 2
I am my worst enemy. 1
Beauty is my greatest weakness. 1

Second Skins:

The Power of Mirrors
Okay, so for now Mirros had Aspect 2, Domain 4 and the Mirracle Reflecting gift the Philosopher Deciver has.

Milkmay (Key XII)
Key Unformed



  • what lies behind the mirror's edge
  • the mirror's image, reflecting back upon the world
  • something that cuts away the lies with the mirror's edge
  • a young princess tending to the garden behind the mirror (Contact: Innocent)


  • I'm an enemy of the world
  • I am truth preceding form
  • A beauty so true, even the angels weep for they can never achieve it
  • The dead Power of Mirrors, reflected in the mirror (Contact: Ghost)

Phoenix Posy (Key XIII)
The Self-Creating Key



  • in your image
  • into what you desire more than anything
  • into my own worst enemy (Contact: Myself)


  • an enemy of the world
  • from nothing
  • just a reflection
  • a gateway to the lands beyond
  • in the world behind the mirror
  • obsessed over beauty

I am…
Uncoiling, Hunting, the Storm Arising

The world saw me before I saw the world. I reflected those who observed me, like the Not beyond always does. But something was different. The reflection started moving on its own. What if the image in your mirror reflects back upon the world?

My pState is…
A Marvelous Artifice!

The world saw what I reflected back at it. But it wasn't good enough, said the world. So I had to respond. I knew I could do it, working relentlessly to improve the image in the mirror. To show my worth, maybe? Or to show the world what it should be. To show the world what should aspire to me, a beauty so true even the Angels weep for they can never achieve it.

My pState is…

The world wept for it saw beauty in me it could never achieve. Not that it didn't try. It ripped inside me, in this world behind the mirror's edge, but it could truly reach it. It slipped away, to another mirror, to another world, into the gaze of other people. And whoever saw it, wanted it more than anything.

I Was Born Out of…
Guilt, or the Crime that Caused It

Someone saw the goddess of mirrors and murdered her out of envy. She had what everyone else had, she reflected it, it wasn't fair. But that was no excuse. I drank her silvery blood. I crafted a suit out of the shards of her skin. I reflected what was left and improved upon it. I took her blade and reflected myself into the world.

I Plan to…
Make a Pointed Argument

The world looks into the mirror. It thinks it sees the truth. But I better, I can see the lies that obscure the beauty beneath. You don't have to worry, though, for I am here to show the world the truth beneath. I will take the mirror's edge and cut all the lies away with it. I make the world see the truth in its reflection.

If my plan fails, I'll resort to…

And should the world resist, should it still stand… it will still be unable to escape me. It sees the reflection I made, the otherworldly beauty behind the mirror. It can struggle, but the desire will be too strong. Just a few steps closer and it could reach through the mirror's edge, reach what it wants so badly, reach the lands beyond…


Innocent - The princess
A young girl who loves nothing more than to talk to her mirror and pretend she's a beautiful princess. No matter how much I subvert her image, no matter how much I tempt, she will have nothing of it. For some reason, she can enter and leave the mirror-world on a whim. So I just talk to her from time to time. Maybe she thinks I am her imaginary friend? Maybe I am?

Ghost - The Power of Mirrors
Her murder enabled me to make myself. I took what was left. I exist. But something of her remains inside me. I don't know her intentions, but sometimes I am reflected in a mirror, even though I don't have a mirror-image. It's always her I see in this reflection.

Whenever I leave a mirror, something is left behind. Part of my world. Part of my soul. Part of me. When I encounter my reflections, terrible things happen. They wish nothing more than to invade my world and corrupt it from the inside. Maybe they want to become the proper me. Maybe they just want to shatter me.

My Territory in the Land Beyond Creation
The World Behind the Mirror

I pulled myself from the void right into it. I awoke in it. It is my glorious home and the castle from which I rule. It is my power and my heart. It is right there, just behind the mirror. Just a normal reflection, like any place in the Lands Beyond, at first. But I learned to mold it, to sculpt it, to make it more. It is beauty. It is truth. You will be set free forever should you dare to enter.

I'm Going to Break the World…
Because It's a Lie

The image in a the mirror is a lie. The world outside the mirror is a lie. I just cannot stand by and watch. It is such an ugly sight. Something must be done and If I am the only one willing and able to do it, so be it. Beauty is truth. Lies are ugly. I will use this edge to cut them away and set the world free.


How I avenged the Power of Mirrors

How I learned more about my nature

How I learned more about the world I reflect

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