Bourjesse Estudeth

Wild Oats
Who I Am In This Your Dream
• Your Student
• Fascinated with the World
• Your Closest Confidante
• A forgotten friend back in your life.
• Your Teacher
• They see in me something I do not understand.

Excrucian War
• I steal your work
• At the end of every path
• We looked too deep, too hard, too quick. I made it back.
• I steal from the worst

What I make of you
• If you look for me your eyes will turn to knives.
• You bare yourself to my attack.
• I will learn the truth.

The Curiosity of Bourjesse Estudeth
• Kills cats
• Puts Bourjesse Estudeth in jeopardy
• Pries into secrets
• Hurts what it studies
• Learns from inflicting pain
• Cannot be satiated
• Cannot be avoided

Aspect 0 5/5
Persona 3 5/5
Treasure 1 5/5

Stare Daggers
Lesser Creation/Animation of Knives
-1 Simple
-2 One Target
-1 Flexible

Perfect Mimic
Up to Aspect 7 Mimicry
Normal -2
Self Only -3
A Handful of Abilities -2
Uncommon +1
2 CP
After studying someone, Bourjesse can copy them perfectly, including replicating any Aspect Miracles she has seen them do.

Learn the Truth 2
Learn about the Lie 1
Find Idara Nateen 3

Knife Fighter 2

Shine: 3

8/8 Will

I love my kitty, that’s why I vivisect her 1
I will uncover the Truth 3
My death Ray obeys only me 1
My knives cut out hidden things 2
My Cult allows me to operate efficiently in the Prosaic 2

I have to investigate secrets 1
I keep putting myself into danger 1
I cannot forget about Idara Nateen 2
I cannot see the Truth as other Deceivers do 1


How I performed my first Flower Rite

  • 2 Trivial Victory: I learnt the Properties of the Estate of Handball.
  • 3 Victory: Hurt Handball by making walls no longer bounce things off.
  • 3 Victory: I gave Handball to Tales.

How I got job experience with the Cammora.

  • 3 Victory: I got the name of Lady Spring's Sister's Lover (Rook Catchfly, for God's sake)
  • 2 Trivial Victory: I learnt how the soul connects to the body by studying my own pain.
  • 3 Victory: I learnt the true nature of Mr. White: Greed.
  • 3 Victory: I planted some tiger stained trees.
  • 4 Failure: I got fired.

First Stone: I walk in Creation, so shall Creation teach me, as I shall teach it. If the death of fire has claimed me, than I claim it in turn. I will not deny the death that is not there, will not put out the flames that hinder me not. I will burn on, let me learn from Creation.
Let me burn.

How I Taught the Camorra

  • 1 Failure: I got fired.

How I Learnt the Truths contained within "The Tales of the Forgotten King"

  • 3 Victory: I came to understand how my own nature is inevitably self destructive.
  • 3 Victory: Storytime with Amy!
  • 9 Change: I put aside discovering myself to discover something about Creation.

First Stone:
I placed my Truth within a dying Dalia Thorn to form a Mimic.

How I Gained the Second Skin of Dalia Thorn

  • 1 Change: I put aside discovering myself to discover something about Creation.
  • 3 Victory: I witnessed the transformation of a Power into a thing of Truth.

How I found Idara Nareen

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