Hereket Spincen

Hereket Spincen

Key II, Vervain (Key of the Dragon)The Excrucian War


I will stop the wheels from turning
I make of purpose a poison
I put a knife in every savior's outstretched hand
I already ended the world; now I'm clearing the rubble so you can get out


I love them
I am their enemy
I am loved by those who would be worthless

Key XI, Widow-Rose (Key of the Alien) My Nature


I am the fountain of youth
I make the underwhelming seem appealing, the insufficient acceptable
I can't bring myself to do wrong by the 'adorable' puppy demon Orogoleis


I'm an enemy of the world
You cannot keep me away
Venspex Rissell once wielded me, and would like to again


Lie That's Where You Come In "Why do I need fake things to fix things?"

I'll teach you to be just like me
I'll mourn with you your yesterday, if only you'll give me today
I'll gift you with shame and bless you with follies
I'll show you all that could never be

You are…
Elemental and Untroubled: Hereket Spincen will help you become just a little more like him, if only you ask. (Strengthens the Lie of Vervain and Widow-Rose)

Your pState is…
A Sorrowful Thing: Hereket Spincen's pState is all about the things that aren't, and should be, that never came about and couldn't afford not to. He'll help you come to terms with that, in time. (Strengthens the Lie of Vervain and Widow-Rose)

Possessive: And, too, it's all about him and what he might have, could have, and should have. It's OK, though, because it was only to be expected. Hereket Spincen's pState is Hereket Spincen's Squandered Potential. (Strengthens the Lie of Widow-Rose)

You Were Born Out of…
Guilt, or the Crime that Caused It: It would have been easy. It could have been done. It shouldn't still be an issue. Before Hereket Spincen was a Deceiver, he was a weapon of the Excrucian host. He would have killed the world. He was supposed to. It was what he was made for to do. He feasted on the flesh of Imperators and drank deep their supposed Immortality. Then the parlay was called, and the host left, and the weapon that would come to be known as Hereket Spincen wept bitterly the blood of Angels, until he had tears of his own. Then he cried no more. He would inspire others to do that for him. (Strengthens the Lies of Vervain and Widow-Rose)

Your Plan
Make A Pointed Argument: Hereket Spincen knows that the time where weapons and brute force were the right choice is done and gone, lost to the Excrucian host all of an age ago. He comes instead to trick Creation, to make it too hard for it to continue being, and to give it the easy out. There's no malice in it, mind, but Creation is a miserable excuse for an illusion of place, and it's about time it notices. (Strengthens the Lie of Vervain)

Your Backup Plan
Stage 2 of the Plan: Things are supposed to go wrong, really. Hereket Spincen best of all knows that he has never 'lived' up to his potential. His plans just aren't ambitious enough, and they're so easy to handle that Creation's Powers can often undermine them with a trivial use of their might. Of course, that's when he tangles everything up with him; it's where he makes them responsible, and shows Creation that it was its supposed defender seeking to excise it, all along. He thinks, perhaps, they can live up to his potential, when he does not. (Strengthens the Lie of Vervain)

Friends from Home: You know, it turns out that when a Strategist's weapon gets all self-motivated and pursues his own agenda, the Strategist in question takes a bit of offense to it. Venspex Rissell thinks a strong wounding weapon would do a lot more good for the cause than a lazy Deceiver, and is looking to set things 'right'. (Strengthens the Truth of Widow-Rose)

Innocent: It's embarrassing, but at one point, while trying to play a shell-game with some dead people to send their entire histories hurtling into the void, Hereket Spincen became acquainted with their jailor, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new demon fresh-minted and ready to love Hell into every last soon-to-be-damned thing in Creation. It was like Hell's iteration of a puppy, covered in cutting surfaces, stinking of decay, and dripping flame from its maw, but a puppy nonetheless. He was just too adorable, and to avoid putting him out a job, Hereket Spincen wound up giving up on that (entirely trivial) ploy. They meet irregularly, now, when the demon is acting as a witness, but it's usually enough to distract the Deceiver from what he's currently supposed to be doing. Orogoleis is his name. (Strengthens the Lie of Widow-Rose)

Celebrants or Cultists: There is a certain sort of wretched person who, without direct intervention, wants to be like Hereket Spincen. A sort of person who wants to stop all this meaningless advancement, to just wallow in mediocrity and unambitious non-ventures. Hereket Spincen has been around for a very, very long time, and these wretches have followed him through the ages. (Strengthens the Truth of Vervain)

An Awesome Vehicle: Hereket Spincen travels Creation in the comfort of his own visions of grandeur, a vision that he shares with many who are on the path to falling to his attack. (Strengthens the Lie of Vervain and Widow-Rose)

I'm Going to Break the World…
Because They Deserve Better: Hereket Spincen looks on the World as a thing that stops making sense when he approaches it. The whole thing barely stands up to casual scrutiny when he's not around, and to Creation's great detriment, right now he is. The whole thing is basically in a state of constantly crumbling down around its own ears. It's not a rescue operation, but it is a wake-up call. They're not living in a world; they're living in the vestiges of something Hereket Spincen never realized the true annihilation of, and it's the most terrible shame of all to be trapped in the true face of Hereket Spincen's Squandered Potential. (Strengthens the Lie of Vervain)


Hereket Spincen

Aspect 0 (5 MPs)
Persona 4 (5 MPs) (12 CP)
Treasure 0 (5 MPs)

Hereket Spincen's Visions of Grandeur (3 CP)
Treasure 5, Simple Miracle, Local Things Only, Focus has flexible, well-defined use, not common.
Hereket Spincen's Visions of Grandeur unfold into an impressive and supremely comfortable conveyance.

Affliction: I am the fountain of youth (4)
Affliction: Venspex Rissell is taking me back (1)
Bond: I can't try (3)
Bond: I clean up after myself (5)

Passions and Skills

I want to be forgiven 2
fighting 2
Superior slacker 4

(Free) Shine 4

Hereket Spincen's Squandered Potential…

dwarfs comprehension
can (and will) be blamed on you
inspires paradoxical faith in Hereket Spincen
is an unmentionable source of embarrassment
won't be repeated
has to be an exaggeration
explains everything

Second Skins
Daniel Huron, Power of Cooking
Tanya, Power of Surfaces

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