Sams Trakl

Sams Trakl

Aconite (Key V)
Key of the Nemesis

  • I beat you at your own game
  • I make the rules of the game
  • I play only to win
  • Gamer Cult: A weird group of nerds worshipping me as a god among gamers


  • I can only win if I cheat
  • Should I lose, I would lose my self

Chamomile (Key X)
Key of the Mask

  • Your weird little brother
  • Your anchor, grounding you in the lie
  • Mortal Friends and Family: I'm Just a 12 year old boy, obsessed with video games, of course I have a family
  • Almost definitely completely harmless


  • Searching for those who want to play with me
  • Mimi Trakl: Thinks I'm her little brother… how can I get rid of her?!

I am…
Elemental and Untroubled
There comes that time, you know? When you look up from your handheld after beating a game and you suddenly realize that the world is a lie. It is just another game, just a bit more complex. Look how cocky they get, going on and on about their wars and hates and loves and whatever. I don't really care. I just play. I just win. Using whatever is necessary.
Some say I'm cheating and exploiting, but they're just jealous. I play to win.

My pState (The Rules of Sams Trakl's Games) is…
A Despicable Construction
I like to be in control. My games are the means to keep control no matter what happens. They make sense to me. They follow rules. I make those rules. You could say the game is inherently biased towards me, but that's just an excuse of the weak and skill-less. You can beat me. Theoretically.

My pState is…
My games reinforce their rules upon the world. They remake it in a way that makes more sense. Sure, it is still as much of a lie as it was before, but at least now it isn't so awfully nonsensical and chaotic. Bringing a semblance of order into your world is what I am about. I ground you. I am your anchor to the Truth. Or at least I pretend to be.

I was born out of…
I chose to become. I saw that fragile lie from out there in the endless void. Their pointless struggles, nothing but meaningless stories. Playing their little games and pretending it has any purpose. I wanted to play too. It looked interesting. It looked like a game that needed me to finally beat it. But it wasn't like I thought it would be. They are so bad at it. But if I would at least find someone who willingly plays with me and is a challenge to overcome…

My plan is…
To burn it all down!
Creation itself is the end boss. I began playing and honestly… the game wasn't as good as I thought it would be. But I can't just stop, I have to beat it. I have to win. That's all that matters.

My Backup plan…
I just have to win, you know? I was made to win. I wouldn't be able to be anymore if I lose. There is no plan B, it wouldn't make sense if there would be one. Either you win or you lose, it's that simple. But don't worry, in the end, I never lose. It's just how it works. It's how it has to work.

Contacts: Hate Friend (Mimi Trakl)
Celebrants and Cultists (Weird online gamer cult)
Mortal Friends and Family (Family and school friends)

I am going to break the world…
Because I am me, and it is so very fragile.
It is only natural, winning means ending everything. It's nothing personal. It's not about any ideals. It just lies in my nature. They always underestimate me, thinking I'm just some nerdy kid. But they will see soon enough. They will see their terrible mistake ones the world lies in tatters. Once I win.

The Rules of Sams Trakl's Games

  • are rigged so he always wins.
  • break those who break them.
  • are easy to learn, but hard to master.
  • always have loopholes to exploit.
  • override reality.
  • follow game-logic.
  • are an abstraction.

Aspect 3
Persona 2
Treasure 0

Skill: Gamer 5
Passion: Winning is all that matters. 2
Passion: I don't care about others. 1

I play to win. 4
I'm better than you and I will rub it in. 2
I want to play with you. 3

I can only win if I cheat. 3
I'm just a kid. 1



Deadly Wound: Weak to wind

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