Similce Yehimilk

Semilce Yehimilk, Excrucian Deceiver, Bleak Ambassador to the World

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Persona 4 5 DMP 12CP
The Things that Similce Yehimilk Took…
1 … were taken by his gentle fingers
1 … are made Awful and Wondrous
1 … are shaped by his whispers
1 … are never exactly what they were, not ever again
1 … leave behind a hole of regret and cold wind
1 … don’t cause any hard feelings
1 … are worth something
Treasure 1 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Likeable 3
Schemer 2
Consumer of Pop Culture 2
Problem 1
Diplomat 0

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction (2): When I flash my ID, any doorway becomes a doorway to the Bleak Embassy and back.
Affliction (2): Diplomatic. Immunity.
Bond (3): I am driven to bring Peace between the World and the Not
Bond (2): I have a secret backdoor into Misenchronic Engine… and it’s called friendship
Bond (2): I have to know how it ends!
Bond (2): I promise to “behave”


Second Skins

Firstborn of Angels
Sobek, Power of Lucha Libre
Otis Clemaztis, Excrucian Strategist



Life Path

  • Phoenix Posey: The Self-Creating Key
    • The Lie: I HAVE MADE MYSELF …
      • an ambassador from the Outside
      • working to bring about peace to end the world (All About the Crazy Headgames)
      • took everything of value from myself and ended up with… me (Choice)
      • I ingratiate myself into their world and their rules (You Plan to Build Something)
      • Here is the True Thing, beyond perception.
        • Here the red world and the falling stars.
        • Here is the dream that dreams do dream of.
        • Here is the nightmare that nightmares hath.
        • Here the wish that is beyond wishing
        • Here is the thing beyond the world; the Bleak Embassy, that is beyond the end of life (A Chancel in Creation?)
      • it won’t hurt, when it’s gone (I’m Going to Break the World because they deserve better)
    • The Truth
      • an enemy of the world
      • from nothing
      • I take what you have and make something wondrous out of it (Your pState is a Marvelous Artifice!)
      • I have history (no, wait, I don’t!) with the Misenchronic Engine (Contacts: Someone Important)
  • Acacia: Key of the Crossroads
    • The Lie: WHY I FALTER
      • there are so many book and TV series I have to find the end of!
      • this thisness is all that I have (If your plan fails, you’ll resort to… Despair)
    • The Truth
      • I love them
      • I’ve lost sight of what I’m fighting for
      • the things I take from you have meaning (Your pState is Active)
      • the Hollow follow me because I took their Purpose and made something wondrous from it (Contact: Mystery Cult)

I am self-made but also conflicted. There was a bit of Nothing that denied the world so much that it became something just to make it go away… And got it wrong! It showed up and said, "I am your enemy!" and then the world said, "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening," and the self-made thing said, "Oh… Er.. Um." And the World said, "Actually, can you come back later? I'm sort of in the middle of something." And the Deceiver, having quite lost the initiative, mumbled politely and wandered off.

Persona Miracle Chart

0: The Sight Determine whether someone or something was ever taken by you or ever had anything of theirs take.
1: Blessing Make something have been touched by you / Make something a bit more worthful / Make something be sort of influenced by your whispers
1: Curse Make something a bit less taken by you
2: Lesser Incarnation Spend a scene walking "in spirit" with a thing that you took
3: Lesser Emulation Become worth something / Gain the ability to act without causing hard feelings / Leave behind holes of regret and / cold wind wherever you go / Shape yourself with your whispers / Be made Awful and Wondrous
4: Lesser Enchantment Take something with your gentle fingers, with all the magic such a thing implies / Make someone preternaturally inoffensive / Increase something's value / Make someone supremely malleable (spiritually and physically) to your whispers / Transform someone Into a spell, monster, or something else terrible and splendid / Block someone from ever becoming their old selves again
5: Lesser Sacrifice Exile someone from your Estate so that they are nothing-at-ll like something you've taken / Make something worthless / Harden something against your transformative whispers if they were otherwise susceptible / Make someone or something, at least potentially, able to return to an earlier state again
5: Greater Incarnation Walk spiritually with a collection of things you've taken / Walk spiritually with one of your taken objects from the far side of the Weirding Wall
6: Lesser Binding Make someone a thief, guardian, or a curator of your taken objects / Make something you've taken something other than that which it should be
6: Greater Emulation
7: Greater Enchantment
8: Greater Sacrifice
9: Greater Binding

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