Tales of the Forgotten King


Teacher 2

It's not their fault that they don't know 3
Focus on the solution, not the problem 3

Shine 4 (4 from Persona)

I teach you about yourself. 3
I value proper manners. 2
I will find a new home and a family. 1
Those who learn from me are bound to my will. 1
The manifested truth will devour you if you cannot conquer it. 1

I have no power over those who survive the truth within them. 3
I'm just a book. 2
The Blind Prince still warps my life. 1


Those who are studying me currently (mortal)
The manifested truths I spawn (mortal?)


Aspect 0 5/5
Persona 4 4/5
Treasure 1 5/5


The Truth Contained Within "Tales of the Forgotten King" …
… is a terrible truth about yourself.
… manifests itself.
… forces a confrontation.
… strips you of the lies you tell yourself.
… was within you all along.
… is something you cannot live without knowing.
… needs time to be fully comprehended.


Widow-Rose (Key XI)
Key of the Alien
My Nature

  • Unwritten things, never meant to be known
  • I am so warped by Creation
  • with terrible truths, written in a book
  • By reading me, the terrible truth within you becomes flesh
  • Written in the hand of the blind prince
  • I do not choose who reads me.


  • I'm an enemy of the world
  • You cannot keep me away
  • I had a home once
  • Maybe I can build a new one
  • The Camorra tries to keep the world safe from me

Clematis (Key IV)
Key of the Angel
I am reaching out to you…

  • Like I've got something to teach you
  • because it's not your fault that you don't know
  • with terrible truths, written in a book


  • Yet I don't dare to know the truth within my self

So full of feelings for them

A sorrowful thing

Born out of

build something

if plan fails
2nd phase of the plan

Warden, the Cammorra
Spawn, true selves of the ones reading the book
Innocent, the Blind Prince who wrote the book

character is a book


How I built a new home.

  • My old home was the Library of Hukkuk the Angel… destroyed by Phasael. (Revelation) 10

How I gained a second skin.

  • I impregnated DeSmith with a child that represents the truth within her. (Victory) 3
  • I created a reflection of DeSmith with the Estate in it… still not good enough. (Victory) 3

How I taught the truth to everyone.

  • Bourjesse and Mr White learned from me. (Victory) 3
  • I can not see the truth like other Deceivers, I just blindly believe in it. (Revelation) 10
  • DeSmith learned from me and accepted the Truth. (Victory) 3

First Stone:

On her vestments there is a symbol of a dead tree growing out of a skull. Everyone has seen this symbol, one way or the other. It stands for learning. It stands for truth. It is the symbol of the tale that will illuminate you, whether you want to or not.

Somehow it spread through Creation like a virus and many people desire to meet the master, to read the book that contains the truth. It keeps spreading. It is a meme spreading in reality itself. And everyone who sees it desires to learn more.


There is a book. They say the Blind Prince sat down in his study, writing for seven days and seven nights, writing a book. It was full of unwritten tales, full of long forgotten stories. They were forgotten for a reason. To keep the people of the world safe. But the Blind Prince wrote them down, for he did not write with his hand or his heart or his soul. He wrote with something deeper, something that was nothing. The book was taken to a grand library, so everyone could read it. And they did, even when knowing that it would break them.
You see, when you first lay your eyes upon this book, you know it is not about pretty lies. It contains a truth. Not a fundamental, world-shattering one, something smaller yet so much more significant. Like every really good book, it contains a truth about yourself. And let me tell you, a horrible truth it is, waiting in this book for you. It is never something comfortable. Maybe a terrible secret about you. Maybe the memory of something horrible you did. Maybe something truly bad about yourself that you never wanted to come to light. Maybe something from behind the layers of lies that shroud your being. Maybe something that doesn't exist.
Because, you know, the book is not a book. It is not from this world. It is Excrucian. It knows that the world is a lie, but that's not the point. It knows that you are a lie, but, while closer, that's not the point either. Some of the ones we call Deceivers focus on that lie, want to tear it down. The book doesn't. It cares only about the truth, for behind every lie there must be a truth. But knowing the truth is not enough, it will teach it to you. This book will haunt you until you read it. And you will, trust me there, you will, even though you know it will be your end.
The book doesn't want to end you, it knows it is not your fault that you don't know the truth about yourself. It just wants to help you to understand. When reading the book, truly reading and comprehending it - and believe me, you cannot rest before you do - you have no choice but to see the truth within you. It will be made flesh before your eyes, become manifest to confront you. You will struggle with it and you will fail. And when you cannot conquer it, it will devour you. But, imagine if you could conquer it! If you could accept it, make it a true part of yourself! Would it not exalt you, make you more than you could ever hope to be? Surely it would. That's what the book believes, that's why it wants to teach you. But it will never happen.
Because there is another truth hidden, about the book itself.
A truth it does not dare to see.

There is this book.
It is titled "Tales of the Forgotten King".
I pity you if you have read it and live to tell the tale.
For there are truths that aren't meant to be known.

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