Persona Miracles Of The Night

Persona Miracle Examples:
0: Recognize people/things with a strong connection, positive or negative, to the Night
1: Make someone a bit bigger ; Make someone a bit more like their true self ; Make someone a bit more likely to remove solitude from others
2: Spend a scene as the Night
3: Make your steps capable of crossing miles at once ; Make you capable of hiding your own thoughts and emotions perfectly ; Makes yourself a sage, whose words make others carefully rethink their life ; Make yourself an excellent artist ; Make you a great 'life coach', saying just what needs to be said to reach through to whoever you are talking to ; Make yourself an excellent organize of a group, bringing people together from all over the world
4: Make the metaphysical distance between two people vast, rendering them incapable of caring for each other ; Make the distance that an army has to travel to attack a village as vast as the Night ; Hide the last hope of a rebel army against a tyrant's forces, making the hope impossible to notice ; Hide a road between a course of action and a desired response, making someone unable to figure out what to do to get what they desire ; Make someone unable to lie to themselves, forcing them to confront their own faults ; Make a school dorm bring anyone studying there into true companionship with others.
5: Make the distance a Chancel-Army rushing forward to defend against an Excrucian attack need to make disappear, bringing them instantly to their position ; Make everyone fully understand how laws work, and all the loopholes that can be used to make it work towards your advantage ; Make an Excrucian unable to justify why they are attacking Creation, even to themselves ; Remove any personhood from someone ; Make a prison a place where no bonds of companions can happen - everyone going in there will always be alone ; Incarnate in all Nights everywhere in Creation!
6: Make Mount Everest a guardian of the Night, it's claws descending upon anyone seeking to attack it ; Make a human fated to always succeed, as long as he performs his actions under the cover of the Night ; Make his steps capable of taking him from branch to branch upon the Ash ; Render his own existence unknowable, so that not even Hell can be with him, or know him ; Make himself such a powerful Sage, that one word from him can render an Excrucian beset with doubt for a whole Age, as they look inside themselves ; Make himself such a painter of beautiful arts that Angels will descend and bring the artwork back up to Heaven ; Make yourself capable of giving an encouraging speech that everyone in the world will turn and follow you as you march upon the Excrucian Host
7: Make the distance between this world and the things outside it unimaginably vast, rendering any Excrucian riding upon it incapable of reaching this world ; Make the distance between Excrucian riders vast as the Night, removing any chance of more than one attack happening upon the world, at once ; Hide the road out of Creation, trapping a Strategist forever within Creation, even after defeat ; Make everyone understand everything about themselves - humans could have been Imperial, and this knowledge now exists ; Unite all Worlds in Creation into a single government
8: Place all worlds on the World-Tree right next to each other ; Remove the Excrucian's capacity to ever think about their actions! ; Shatter the Excrucian Host's unity, rendering them incapable of ever working together towards any goal that would further their War ; Make whole worlds isolated, unable to be reached by any path, in any way
9: Make the Night into a Creation-wide religious holy symbol, no matter where you are ; Make the success of any nation dependent on sacrificing to the Night, at midnight ; Make people dance, and sing, and celebrate Creation when Night falls. Any time Night falls.

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