Perturbation in Palanquin

In Butt Town, you've got to get… no! Dammit, this is not a story about Butt Town.

This is a story about the noble city of Palanquin, which was built atop the heads of four ancient statues, and is home to many noble and distinguished thinkers.

This is the story about how they beat each other up! And then, kiss!


  • Kenara, perfectly ordinary daughter of a perfectly ordinary farming village, played by Felicia DesJardins
  • Seven Colors Lukas, a Twilight tailor who definitely doesn't have a sword, right?, played by Elliott Freeman
  • Cynis Tamira, who does have a sword, which is both the cause of and solution to most of her problems, played by impulsiveingenue
  • Lightning Saint Elesha, wandering merchant and slayer of armies, played by Robert Vance
  • The Cally, clearly a wise and influential person, played by Jenna Moran


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