Philip Heartwasp

Viscount of Cannibalism

Skill: Lawyer (2)
Skill: Cool (3)
Skill: Shine (3)
Passion: You are what you eat (3)

Bond: The Hunger cannot be stopped! (5)
Bond: I must protect the kid (2)
Affliction: I take something from those I consume (2)
Affliction: Antisocial Personality Disorder (1)
Affliction: I can physically interact with spiritus dei; spirits, souls and miracles (1)
Affliction: Perfect manners (1)
Affliction: The hunger gnaws at my soul (1)

… eats it's own (3)
… steals the strength of those eaten (2)
… leads to sickness of the mind, body and soul (1)
… makes one a monster (1)

… stretches from the past to the future (2)
… allows causality to arise (2)
… keeps on tickin' (2)
… is like a river (1)

… buys goods and services (3)
… is the root of all evil (1)
… has great value (1)
… creates luxury (1)
… is convenient to carry (1)

DOMAIN (Cannibalism) 2
PERSONA (Cannibalism) 3

Level 7 Aspect Gift
"Passion: I eat gods!"
Simple Miracle (-1)
Full Flexibility (+1)
One Local Target Only (-2)
Rarity (+1)
6 CP

BACKGROUND: Philip had a problem from a very young age. At the turn of the century in America there was little psychiatric evaluation or help to identify a serial killer in the making. He had all the classic signs, harming animals, setting fires, wetting his bed to an advanced age, and showing absolutely no remorse for his actions, which quickly developed from mischievous pranks to malevolent harm. Somehow his parents, who never spared the rod, managed to whip him into College material. A combination of old money, contacts and a fanatical dedication to stepping on others to rise to the top got Philip into Harvard Law School, where he graduated at the top of his class. Of course by that point he had already eaten a fellow classmate and a random woman two states over.

His life advanced in this horrific manner. The more successful and ruthless he was in the courtroom, the more the dark hunger in his chest cried for release that could only be sought gnawing on the meat of his own species. He reveled in the gore, grew strong off the delusion of consuming their strength and souls. Fallen Angels applauded in his wake. And one of them eventually chose him to become the new Power of Cannibalism. She presented to her new Noble the roasted heart of his predecessor, and from that first bite of divine flesh Philip became hooked.

He is now an even worse monster than he could have ever become as a mortal. He has adapted to the Society of Flowers like a chameleon, a gentleman monster who will gladly discuss Locust Court politics over a grisly meal of longpig. A favorite among the Powers of Hell, for who else could love such a fiend, Philip actually follows The Song of the Wild. He imagines his horrible hunger is leading him down a Red Path to ascension. He is hunting down the divine flesh he requires to become the ultimate version of himself, whatever horror that may end up being. Since his Commencement Philip has successfully hunted, killed and consumed the Powers of Time and Money.

Perhaps more amazingly he has managed to keep it a secret so far. It is openly known that the Lord of Cannibalism dines upon humans, if he didn't how could he possibly protect his Estate, but the knowledge that he has stolen and consumed the hearts of other Nobles is enough to bring the wrath of the whole Society of Flowers and the Locust Court behind him. He covers his tracks well, and presents a pleasant if disturbing public face. The devil you know rather than the devil you don't.

PERSONALITY: Philip is a gentleman monster. He has impeccable manners, is a sharp-minded lawyer with a silver tongue. Dressed in severe black suits and always maintaining the absolute height of grooming, Philip is a bit of a narcissist. He spends hours staring at himself in the mirror. Much of this stems from his own inability to relate to others; he experiences no guilt or remorse from causing discomfort, pain or death. He is obsessive compulsive in regard to covering his tracks, staying absolutely clean and never revealing a bit of weakness. A psychologist would have an absolute field day with him, but recovery would be pretty much impossible. He would feign remorse until he was released and then probably eat the shrink for good measure.

PHERENIUS OSWIG - Is a Strategist who Philip has occasional meals with. They bonded at a South East Asian underground restaurant that caters to people with illegal tastes. The private back room is for high-paying, extremely immoral customers like Philip and Pherenius. They meet in secret and talk about things few would dare listen to without turning their stomach. In their mutual audacity and perversity they found a common bond, and despite working on opposite sides of the Valde Bellum they value the dinner company, and the conversation.

MAX MILTON - Is a ten year old who Philip inherited after consuming the Power of Time. He was the child of the Sovereign. Along with his soul and his ability to manipulate the fabric of time, Philip inherited the child. He must protect him, by an oath sworn by the soul he consumed. Though the Power of Time is gone his love for the child lives on through Philip, who does not know how to deal with it. Max is a pretty quiet and sullen boy; his father is dead and the man who ate him is his sworn guardian. Philip brought him to live in this eternal night-time undead haunted bazaar for his safety. It's like being Slenderman's pet. The ten year old doesn't like it.

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