Phillip On

Phillip On…

Mafdet - Curiosity killed the cat. On the other hand, who else among the Familia understands the predator's hunger?

Luke Lusk - Kisses and smiles. Nothing scares me more.

Inle - When I was a mortal he was my only friend. Now that I am divine I call him brother. When I have reached the end of my Red Path he shall call me master.

Kal - As a lawyer I understood his power. I have become the root of all evil now. So, we get along, him and I.

The Mademoiselle - She can see past my face, see that there is nothing but hollow hunger underneath. She is more than she appears, but who isn't?

Samar - If you heard my secrets, old man, would you tell them to the Darkest Lord? If I ate your tongue would I tell stories that could become true?

Krrr'zzmizsh - Makes my head hurt. I don't tend to waste time thinking hard about people I'm not currently hunting. Krrr'zzmizsh gives me a head-ache even not trying to think about him.

Shekoliel - The embodiment of my Dark Hunger, the manyfaced moon goddess driving me to hunt, to kill, to consume. She is wounded and her blood makes my mouth water. I wonder if she has put me on this Red Path to end her own existence one day. Will she be the final divinity I consume to reach my Dark Ascension?

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