Alice Havisham Glass


Alice Havisham, Power of Glass

Aspect 0
Domain 0
Persona 3

  • Glass, in breaking, wounds (2)
  • Glass reveals what is hidden (1)
  • Glass alters perceptions (1)
  • Glass tames light (1)
  • Glass contains with impunity (1)

Treasure 5

The Estate of Glass
An ancient Estate predating terrestrial sentience, or even life, conceived of when molten metal still roiling from the star-smelting violence of Creation was first learning to become solid. Over time, Alice has built it into one of the most importance industrial Estates.


  • Cool 5
  • Shine 3
  • Passion: I like stories (2)
  • Passion: I'm spoilt and get the best of everything (1)


  • The Sovereign's Gift (1)

While Alice's eminence among Nobles comes largely from the importance of the material aspect of her Estate to modern society, she achieved that not by manipulating gross matter but rather by breaking certain minds. Nonetheless, despite having little affinity for the corporeal world in general, Alice can, when she has to, control the physical side of her Estate as well as any duke or duchess.


  • Bond: I will make of you a beautiful thing 5 (The Code of Heaven)
  • Bond: My Anchor, Pip, is faultlessly obedient 1
  • Bond: I am the Queen of Wonderland 2
  • Bond: My eyes are all that's left of the Snow Queen's mirror 1
  • Bond: Everything I own reciprocates my love 1
  • Bond: My beauty suggests fragility and vulnerability 1
  • Affliction: I'm a ghost! 5
  • Affliction: I can be perceived through the mediation of my Estate 1

Alice usually appears as a waif in Victorian clothing, with pale skin and long, straight, dark hair. Her eyes are perfectly reflective, and looking into them reflects only the beholder's flaws.

Pip, on the other hand, always looks different, largely because she changes her Anchors on a whim, which usually kills the incumbent. Her current Pip, on the other hand, looks like a keeper, largely because he's an ogre squeezed into a tight suit.



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