Benedicte Sissel Desire

Aspect 0 ( 5 AMP)
Domain 0 ( 5 DMP)
Persona 0 ( 5 PMP)
Treasure 0 ( 5 TMP)

Divine: Dammit, I'm a ghost (3pt Affliction)

Passion and Skills:
Cool 0
Shine 0
Skill: Survival training (2)
Skill: Knowledge of mythic things (1)
Skill: Negotiation (1)
Skill: Life of crime (1)
Passion: I must prove myself among these divine fools. (2)
Passion: Failure is not an option (1)

Bonds and Afflictions:
I won't let anyone stand in the way of business (4)
My training will see me through this (3)
A promise is forever binding (2)
I'm still connected to the Cammora (1)
I serve the Code of Heaven (1)
My family must be protected (1)

I remind you of what you cannot have (1)

Estate Properties:
Desire shows you what you want. (1)
Desire knows what you will pay for it. (2)
Desire inspires one to achieve their goal. (2)
Desire relishes in the unobtainable. (2)

Jeet Kune Do Mastery (1 cp)
Aspect 5 (Skill: Martial Arts; 5), Simple (-1), One Thing (-2), Package of Abilities (-1)
Benedicte is well-versed in the martial artistry founded by Bruce Lee. He can judo-flip a demon if need be.

Masamune ("Mooney") (4 cp)
Treasure 6 (Unleashing Wonders; 6); Simple (-1), One Thing (-2), Few Tricks (-2), Rare (+1), Strike 2 (+2)
Masamune impacts with karmic force, rendering its victims temporarily drained of will to fight back but alive. 1851 Colt Peacemaker, reloaded by whispering some prayer into the empty chambers and then closing it back up.

Muramasa ("Maz") (4 cp)
Treasure 6 (Unleashing Wonders; 6); Simple (-1), One Thing (-2), Few Tricks (-2), Rare (+1), Strike 2 (+2)
Muramasa ensures death with even a glancing wound - it may not be from blood loss, a passing bus will do just fine. It seals your fate and seeks to reap as many lives as it can. Sawed-off Barrett .50 caliber rifle, reloaded by the presence of death.

Always Prepared (1 cp)
Greater Divination of Need (5); Simple (-1), Local (-1), Extensive (-1), Rare (+1)
Benedicte has seen enough of the Mythic World to know when he's going to be outgunned or screwed over. It's helped that he's developed a sixth sense for future trouble - when the going gets rough he'll have what he needs to make it through.

Sovereign's Pact (3 cp)
Greater Motion of Pacts (9); Hard (-3), One Thing (-2), Few Tricks (-2), Rare (+1)
With 2 MP, the Power of Desire can hold a being to a mutually agreed upon pact that transcends even death.

Mind's Eye Lens (1 cp)
Lesser Divination of Thought (2); Automatic (+1), Local (-1), Few Tricks (-2), Rare (+1)
The 'Power' possesses a pair of sunglasses that can see into the minds of non-divine entities around him.

Tarnished Transmutation (1 cp)
Lesser Creation of Change (4); Simple (-1); One Thing (-2); Extensive (-1); Rare (+1)
Benedicte can convert metal into a different type with just a touch. Gold's handy for payment, silver and wrought-iron kill plenty of things, and soft metals weaken bindings or locks.

Mysterious (5 cp)
Durant (1 cp)
Elusive (1 cp)
Keen Sight (3 cp)

A grizzled Cammoran veteran. His typical attire makes him look rather like a hobo. He's usually wearing a mixture of jackets and assorted pieces of body armor. Benedicte carries his six shooter across his belly beneath his jacket and the rifle is wrapped in red and white silk on his back.

Benedicte Sissel found his way into the service of the Darkest Lord's insidious organization through a series of well-intentioned mistakes. It began when he and his cousin left their homeland to seek out fortunes so that they could support their families which had fallen on hard times. His cousin had a contact within some shady organization and was able to start the two of them off at the ground level - mostly security and lookout for secret operations. Both had served a few years due to compulsory enlistment back home so the cousins were able to make a name for themselves compared to the common, disposable street thugs that were often recruited for small gigs. As they delved deeper into what was a criminal order the two of them began to find weirder occurrences as the cousins were tasked with handling progressively more mythic duties. And in time they became a bit stranger themselves, paid in full with odd favors and divine empowerment on a small scale.

When a mission to steal back a rare artifact - some weird gun - went bad Benedicte's cousin was killed by the thief. He was left to support his family as well as his cousin's. By this time Ben was brushing shoulders with the occasional Power and had a growing disdain for their kind. But he learned of their ways and how to manipulate these tortured souls for personal gain. The Cammora are invisible to Entropy's Laws and so he began to take up violating those rules on the behalf of well-paying Nobles. The most profitable was letting them openly express love and admiration toward him - simple things like accompanying them around social functions or escorting them on inane dates. To him it was hilarious, to see the divine creatures so repressed. Not everyone came to him but new Powers who couldn't cope with the sudden change or weren't smart enough to figure out the loopholes and ways of obscuring their deeds were bountiful sources of income. The cash he reaped was split between the two families and sent back home while Benedicte captured powerful Gifts to allow him to continue his dangerous work. Each of his endowments has a story behind it, a different Power (or even an Excrucian or Imperator) that touched his once well-meaning but corrupted soul.

But advancement among the Cammora doesn't come easy. You can't leave the organization except in a body bag and sometimes there's only enough remains for a very small body bag at that. Promotions are self-motivated, one must eventually see to the death of their superiors while maintaining the proper footing on the necks of one's supplicants. At the moment he's in line to rise to the level of a lesser Cammora lord, a huge honor among his kind. But there's fierce competition and when you've worked your way up so far there's plenty of things in the past that will rise up to take you back down with them. Abusing the Laws for his own gain, as he's done, isn't necessarily against the rules but pocketing all the profit will get you murdered in your sleep.


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