Emilia Paver-Hutchins

Virtue of Harvests

Song of the Dark

Aspect 2 6 AMP
Domain 0 6 DMP
[1] The Harvest is the lifeblood of civilisation.
[1] The Harvest is the result of honest effort.
[2] The Harvest invites prosperity and fortune when bountiful.
[2] The Harvest invites poverty and death when barren.
[1] The Harvest may not be deterred or postponed.
Persona 5 6 PMP
Treasure 0 6 TMP

Gift: Glorious
Level 7 major creation of emotion; simple invocation, local things only, one trick, common.

The harvest has always held a place of special reverence for cultures across the world and, without it, whole communities die or go to war. As the power of Harvests, Emilia inspires a similar sense of awe and reverence whenever she chooses to.

Gift: Constant
Level 3 lesser preservation of self; automatic invocation, self only, flexible.

The harvest never changes. It may be good, it may be bad but it never changes and it always happens. Only the destruction of the harvest will prevent its reaping. Like the harvest, Emilia is a constant: miracles that attempt to change her seem to roll off her like the water on a duck's back. And she can sustain herself on the subtle shift of the seasons and the quiet growth of crops.

[4] Bond: Like the harvest, I give and so do I take away.
[2] Bond: I am neither unfair nor unkind - just don't get in my way.
[1] I'm not a global mogul for nothing!

[3] Affliction: I can never withold a rightful bounty.
[2] Affliction: You can catch me in the last of the harvest, but if you do I'll possess you.
[1] Affliction: A lady is never improperly attired for long.

[3] Skill: Aggressive Negotiations
[2] Skill: I know a thing or two about economics

[2] Passion: Globe Trotter
[1] Passion: I like the finer things in life

Cool: 2
Shine: 5


Sea Star Shipping (mundane): 'I'm not a global mogul for nothing!'

  • A global logistics company with enormous resources.

Gable's Pocket Watch (wondrous): 'A lady is never improperly attired for long'

  • Ensures things are always convinient and on-time.

Emilia would tell you that her destiny is hereditary: each Paver-Hutchins ordained to reach higher and go further than those that had come before – a slow, upward march throughout the ages. From landed squires in the early 12th century, gentry in the 15th and wealthy industrialists in the 18th with more land and more workers under their care than ever before, the history of her family does seem to support her manifest views. Today, thanks to Emilia’s grandfather, the Paver-Hutchins have global reach: a world-wide shipping dynasty. It was up to Emilia to somehow expand from there as every member of her family had done before.

For her part, she became a God.

Not entirely on purpose, mind. But she had known, somewhat, the nature of prosaic reality. And through a series of risky business dealings has ended up owing a few…‘favours’ to the Camorra. In a sense, becoming a Noble was the only way she could pay her debts (though the how part is still a little fuzzy) but it is a challenge she has decided to accept with relish.

And Emmy, though Harvests is a much maligned estate squeezed and pressured by modern technology, doesn’t intend to let the opportunity go to waste.

Emmy cuts a striking figure: a little on the short side perhaps, but eminently elegant – with well trained posture and practiced poise. A pretty young lady, her eyes are a grey/olive mix and she demonstrates a love of boots and long dresses. Her hair is straight and flaxen; mostly loose but partly bunched into a small pony tail when looking formal – and all pulled back into a much larger pony tail when serious action is demanded. Regardless, her bangs are nearly always tied into short braids.

Domain Miracle Chart
Level 0 Estate-Driven Divinations: Know when something endangers the Harvest.
Level 1 Ghost Miracles: Make plants sprout or grow a little; make a reward a little larger or a little more important feeling; do the opposite of the above.
Level 2 Conversation: Communicate with plants, particularly plants tended by human hands. Lesser Divination: know about the amount of food a community has, or how successful their harvest will be.
Level 3 Lesser Preservation: Make plants grow; make a harvest bountiful; bring a small community closer together or do the reverse
Level 4 Lesser Creation, Summoning and Animation: Summon plants or food out of nowhere; alter plants or control them and twist them into pretzel shapes; create a cause that will rally a community to some action.
Level 5 Lesser Destruction: Destroy plants or food; break the bonds of a community.
Level 6 Greater Divination: Divine the future of a community from the state of its harvest; learn about an area in and around harvest time; know everything that’s going on in a botanical garden. Lesser Motion: Bless or curse a land to forever have a bountiful or barren harvest; control the direction or destiny of a community.
Level 7 Greater Creation, Summoning and Animation: Create enough food to end world hunger; summon and command plants to weave themselves into a habitable city; cause grass the world over to rise up and strangle their oppressors; bend civilisation itself to your knee.
Level 8 Greater Destruction: Obliterate all food from the world; scourge every plant tended by human hands from existence; destroy civilisation and cast mankind back to its tribal roots.
Level 9 Greater Motion: Change what is and what isn’t the lifeblood of civilisation; make the harvest the lifeblood of something other than civilisation; change what the harvest means to everyone in the world – making them harvest dogs instead of wheat or causing the harvest to be hated instead of revered; bind your estate to someone so thoroughly that they become the Power of Harvests.
Persona Miracle Chart
Level 0 The Sight: recognise people with a strong connection to the Harvest and civilisation – farmers, food plant workers, supermarket CEOs and mayors.
Level 1 Blessing or Curse: make someone lucky or unlucky for a little while, make something easier to accomplish if people try honestly to do it, make someone a bit more likely to become a leader for a day or two.
Level 2 Lesser Incarnation: incarnate in plants tended by human hands, incarnate in people with a strong connection to civilisation or the harvest – especially around harvest time.
Level 3 Lesser Emulation: become be the lifeblood of civilisation, become prosperous and fortunate, declare oneself to be a bringer of prosperity and fortune or of poverty and death, declare oneself to be undeterred and always on-time.
Level 4 Lesser Enchantment: enchant someone to win an election, bless someone or something to bring good fortune to others, curse someone to live a miserable or extremely short life, ensure something happens exactly when it is supposed to happen – regardless of any potential delays, declare something can be accomplished by honest effort and it will be so.
Level 5 Lesser Sacrifice: make a pillar of the community not a pillar, remove a lucky rabbit foot’s good luck, make even the most meticulous plan run late. Greater Incarnation: disperse your conciousness into all the fields of the world, incarnate into the groves and gardens of distant chancels or other worlds entirely.
Level 6 Lesser Binding: Greater Emulation: become a bringer of prosperity and fortune or a terrible goddess of poverty and death, become able to accomplish anything with honest effort, declare that you must be somewhere on time and appear there.
Level 7 Greater Enchantment: bless countries and continents to have decades of prosperity or poverty, declare a nation to be the lifeblood of civilisation – giving it a dominant position in world politics, declare something must happen at a specific time and have the entire world know that it must be so, declare something can be the result of honest effort and have everyone know that they can accomplish it if they try.
Level 8 Greater Sacrifice:
Level 9 Greater Binding:
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