Four Words Death

The Fallen Angel Azrael first invented Death as a means to bring people more swiftly down to Hell, to gather and learn there so they could swarm upwards en masse, rather than trying to wheedle their way up one by one. Azrael did not appreciate the scope of what he had created for some time, not until he wielded Death, in an act of desperation, as a weapon against the Angel Kiregel. He killed Kiregel, and found the Angel not brought down to Hell, but simply dead.
On that day Azrael swore to lock Death away for ever, that it might do no more harm. He sealed it in a box of living wood, swarming with insects and bacteria, and cast it into the nurturing womb of the giant Gaia, to be nurtured and sustained forever with her life.

But, when the Excrucians pierced the weirdling wall, they rode up Tartarus and into Gaia. The act of rape was one of their first in Creation. They freed Death, that they might turn it against Creation. They succeeded. And amongst their first acts was to kill the Imperator Uragwa, a Mimic they had already secreted into the world long ago. Uragwa had been entwined with Creation, his destiny part of its, endless and magnificent, and when his brethren killed him, and his blasphemous lie was spoken to the world, Azrael interceded. Azrael grabbed the four horrible words that the Mimic released in its death throws, and took them into his own body.

They drove him mad, ravaged his body, tortured him so that he was forced to release them, to speak the words again. He spoke them, but not before he prepared an Imperial Miracle to invest them with greater purpose and Power, he created the first true Power of Death, the Dominus Letum, from those words, bound and held silent by his own decree, to turn it against the Excrucians as they turned Death against Creation.

Little else is known about the walking patch sky with stars that do not fall, but should, that is Four-Words.

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