George's Pizza (Networks)

Viscount of Networks

Aspect 1 ( 6 AMPs) 3CP
Domain 2 ( 6 DMPs) 6CP
Persona 1 ( 6 PMPs) 3CP
Treasure 3 ( 6 TMPs) 9CP

Passion and Skills: 1CP
Skill: Delivery Restaurant (3)
Passion: Wholesome ingredients make wholesome results. (2)
Passion: Clasped hands make light work. (2)
Passion: You could be swingin' on a star. (3)
Cool (0)+0
Shine (3)+1

Bonds and Afflictions:
Bond: An equal opportunity employer. [Like Yubaba, I must give a job to anyone who asks hard enough.] (3)

  • Anchor: A handful of misfits whom I have employed in round-the-clock shifts to be my personal eyes and ears.

Bond: I only use organic ingredients in my recipes. (1)

  • Anchor: My menu - a Collection of foods.

Bond: My garlic fries are the best you've tasted. (2)

  • Wondrous Anchor: My garlic fries (now with Cleave ingredients). They're superlatively delicious, and healthy too.

Bond: I guide people toward perfection. (3)
Bond: I still have the first dollar I made. (1)

  • Wondrous Anchor: A "lucky" one dollar Canadian bill, signed by George and the other four original employees, and framed. Usually sits behind the counter of the original George's Pizza when it's not being used.

Affliction: I'm a legal entity - a creature of culture and policy and kismet, with no physical form of my own. (3)
(This gives the HG permission to screw with me in cases where my employees decide (despite the Shine) to not facilitate my taking a mundane action, and gives me MP when such incidents occur.)
Affliction: Where my first dollar goes, I go. (2)
(This is intended as a permanent Mystic Link manifesting at the location of the bill. When it's present in a scene, George's can always use miracles there and take actions through its colocated employees and assets… but that also gives George's a weak spot by which others can directly target a normally very dispersed creature.)
Affliction: While on duty, my employees always know what I'd rather them do, and I always know enough of their situation to form an opinion on the matter. (1)
(May as well encode this as an Affliction while I'm at it.)

Estate Properties:
Networks are grand systems made of humble parts. (2)
Networks grow to support their utilization. (2)
Networks behave unpredictably when their particulars fail. (1)
Networks take things where they need to go. (2)

On-Time Delivery [Inhuman Perfection (Skill: Delivery Restaurant), Global, Simple, One Trick, Uncommon] 1CP
Elusive 1CP

George's currently has four locations: three in the Edmonton metropolitan area (George's #1 - #3), and one in Locus Seth (George's #0). The Earth locations are all unassuming space in strip malls. The inside has walls studded with eye-catching objects chosen from the interests of the employees (since George's's Commencement, these have generally included a model train track, with little model trains going here and there around the restaurant). Tables, small and large, dot the area, and a counter sits towards the back for people to place their orders, with a soda fountain at the end (in one of the three locations, the counter is large enough to fit three barstools, for people eating alone or focused more on beverage menu items). Out back, there's generally two cars flanking the kitchen door: a coupé in George's Pizza livery, and a sports car carefully lacking such markings (a new addition to chain locations post-Commencement, for situations where time is of the essence).

As for the Chancel location… in three dimensions it's just like the other locations (adjusted, of course, according to the perspective of the viewer), but in the fifth dimension it's a veritable skyscraper, stretching across hundreds of frames of reference. George's can't help but expand here - it's constantly getting new people seeking a job, seeking to be part of one of the divine forces that rule the Chancel and make their lives better thereby.

George's Pizza was founded [20-30 years before campaign start] by George Côté. Fresh out of prison after a drug conviction, he wanted to turn his life around, and after saving up and borrowing from family and friends he managed to scrape together enough money to open a pizzeria. Bric-a-brac adorned the walls, and the menu provided a selection of American Italian cuisine, including some recipes contributed by friends. At the time, he had only one guiding principle in mind: he had been fortunate enough to land on his feet, but other people would come out of prison, want to go straight, and have no way to do it. So he decided then and there that no matter what a person had done, he would give them a job if they sincerely needed it. This led to a very close-knit work environment, as people from various walks of life pulled together to make the place work. Their effort paid off; by the time he retired in [5-8 years before campaign start], the chain had expanded to three locations in the greater Edmonton area of Alberta.

Then, in [a few years ago], George's was made the power of the Network.

To say that this changed its perspective is an understatement. George's, as a being, had always seen Earth from the Mythic side of the divide, and had played as host to the humans who haunted the planet while trying to guide them to goodness and brightness as best it could. But to be able to see the world the way the humans see it… for its employees to know that it was there and that it was looking out for them… it was an eye-opening experience, and one which George's immediately began putting to use. It began consorting with humans who could work magic, incorporating Heavenly infusions into its (already pretty small-h heavenly) garlic fries. It lended miraculous grace to its deliveries. It even turned a Strategist aside from her destructive path via a well-placed meal (George's doesn't know what happened to her, but suspects she'll be turning up again sooner rather than later). And all towards redeeming humans, giving them a ladder by which they might climb from corruption to virtue.

Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart:
0: Awareness of threats to Networks as a concept or category.
1: [?????????????]
2: Understand the flow of cars in a city. Ask a LAN to give your packets a little extra priority.
3: Prevent a traffic jam. Protect someone's circulatory system from boiling in the vacuum of space.
4: Conjure up a PTT network for an office building. Make the bus come.
5: Delete a farm's irrigation pipes. Understand the flow of money in the Canadian economy, or snoop on things passing through a network.
6: Swap two peoples' circulatory systems, or move a bus stop. Keep the US Interstate system safe during nuclear war.
7: Connect a house on the moon to the Internet. Create a new airline from scratch.
8: Destroy Eurail.
9: Move the San Francisco Municipal bus system to Tuscon.

Persona Miracle Chart:
0: Awareness of things that are Networks or correlate to them.
1: Make a collection of objects fit together slightly more impressively. Make a person's workout more likely to help their muscle mass.
2: Spend a day being a college P2P network, or an apartment building's central air.
3: Protect my pizza deliveries with an Auctoritas.
4: Make a single bus line sprout tributaries and become a bus Network. Wax the grandeur of a state legislature, and wane the hubris of its members and committees.
5: Know what it means to be the Internet. Remove single points of failure from a computer program.
6: Spontaneously spawn a new branch (if we're getting too many orders to handle at our current ones). [Lesser Binding?]
7: [Greater Enchantment?]
8: [Greater Sacrifice?]
9: [Greater Binding?]

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