Peng Transhumanism

Aspect: 5
Domain: 0
Persona: 1
Magic Pockets


Passions and Skill:
Passion: Cultivate Wisdom 3
Passion: Love the Universe 1
Passion: Allow others to pursue enlightenment 1
Passion: The universe is endlessly fascinating 1
Skill: Daoist Alchemy 3
Cool: 5
Shine : 1

2 One with Dao
2 I will create PROGRESS!
1 Perserve pu
1 Zu-Still working out exactly what about the zu, but the zu none the less.
2 I hate to see potential wasted

3 Seeking Ultimate Truth
1 Must flow
1 Absent minded (hey, all that mercury and computer chips has to do something)

A noble of Transhumanism. Who also happens to be a 10th century Daoist Monk.
<Add a name here, thinking Peng (鹏 though 鲲 doesn't get nearly enough love these days) because of the meaning.> was your average Song Dynasty Daoist Alchemist. He took the civil service exam, passed (wrote a great essay vindicating Xunzi), and being less versed in the art of ass kissing than in writing anachronistic poetry, quickly managed to get himself 'relocated' to a remote province for insulting the wrong man's beard. (To this day, he maintains that it was not a proper beard and that the man would have been better off clean shaven.)
Whilst in exile, presiding over such heady matters as who whether or not having your goat insulted was just cause to belt someone and just who was at fault when the zongzi in a local shop had been oversteamed. (Peng had required many samples for that case. They were good zongzi.), he began to seriously doubt that this was the best use of his time. It was, however, not until a local herdsman accused a dog from the next village over of witchcraft, declaring it had bewitched his goats and his wife into rearanging the furniture, that Peng decided that he had had enough. He retreated into the mountains and became an alchemist. Like most alchemists, he sampled a variety of noxious chemicals and spent late nights trying to brew immortality; unlike most alchemists, he succeeded.
For his first couple of centuries, he rather enjoyed flying about, getting drunk, and flying about some more. However, as time passed, and he began to sober up, he noticed things had changed a bit. Of course this was fine, all things were impermanent, but it wasn't quite so holding as it once was. He found himself enjoying the bustle of commerce in the Yuan dynasty and also found that there was nothing he knew that could rationalize him out of the emotions he found when the Black Death hit. Between the Black Death and the reactionary policies of the Ming (he had come to view trade and commerce as a manifestation of the Dao) he found himself seeking reasons and ways to prevent such things. He read his way through every library he could find and ended up in Europe just in time for the Enlightenment, quickly becoming acquainted in the scientific progress of the day. Since then, he has kept up with advances in science, believing them to hold the way forwards, though in recent years, he has come to doubt this too due to the fact that people stopped writing good poetry and more importantly, getting enobled.

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