Ryan Half Tank Glass

Ryan Half-Tank

Proprietor of Half-Tank Glass in Waterbury, Vermont.

Ryan was a lover of Glass from well before the capitol G was ever needed, a part time glass sculpture artist and more full time owner/one half work force of a reasonably profitable head shop. Ryan was first introduced to the awesomeness that is Glass when he was a young child on a family trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. Amid the boring things like candle making and farm chores was the glass blowers. Ryan had never seen anything like it. He spent the rest of the vacation asking to go see the glass again, and it didn't take long for Ryan to start pleading to learn how. It did take long for his parents to allow him. That was smart. Four year-olds don't need to be allowed around molten glass. Thirteen year-olds are probably just about old enough, or at least that's when Ryan parents finally caved to the requests and enrolled Ryan with a glass blowing tutor, every Wednesday after school. His passion proved equal to his obsession and it wasn't long before Ryan was sleeping on a friends pull out couch, paying $150 a month for it, and having enough left over for the good shit. Life was good.
The couch wouldn't be for long as Ryan began making a name for himself at art shows and selling anything he could to local art galleries and, more successfully, selling pipes on Etsy. Eventually Ryan realized he was earning enough that it would be cheaper to buy his own furnaces than to keep renting, and thus Half-Tank Glass was born. His own equipment meant more time to work the glass. Once again, life was good.

Then Power came.

Life's still good. Its just also complicated. Really complicated.

Life path
Vervain-Key 2- Key of Something Powerful
- I can make all my visions come true in my art.
- People want to help me in my work
Shadow- Burdens.
-Bound by Duty
-Set Apart
Water Lily-Key 14-Key of Something Spiritual
Zen Glassblower
-Subtle Beauty of Flowing Glass
- Skills must be honed
- Expand the mind, and the Glass will follow
-My Duties as a Power
-Half-Tank Glass

Estate of Glass
Glass is stronger than it looks (1)
Glass can take the heat (1)
Glass is art (2)
Glass is versatile (1)
Glass is sacred. (2)

Aspect 2 6/6
Domain 4 6/6
Persona 0 6/6
Treasure 1 6/6


Bond: Glass loves me and will never hurt me. (3)
Bond: I am the Grandmaster of glassblowers. (1)
Bond: Allen, my favorite and only employee (2)
Bond: My art will move you (1)
Affliction: If you've heard of me, you want to work with me. (2)
Bond: Don't harsh me. (1)
Bond: When I am working with Glass, I am happy. (3)

Skill: Glass Blowing (3)
Passion: Everyone should follow their Bliss (2)
Cool (1)
Skill: Mathematics (1)
Skill: Gardening (1)

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