Johannes Behring Change

How I ripped apart the veil of the mundane.

  • Four Words revealed that even death doesn't free them from the lie. [Revelation] 10
  • Behring and Johannes split apart. [Change] 5

First Stone: As Change devours the world, the both hear it… a crack. The world itself breaks apart, exalting the border between mythic and mundane to levels far beyond anything Michi had intended for it. The worlds broke apart and became two fully seperate worlds, dangerously close to each other. Even in prosaic space, you could see the shadow of another world looming behind the earth.

How I changed the world.

  • I made Ugasha's root mobile by turning it into a ship [Trivial Victory] 2
  • Almost Everyone is Scelto [Victory] 3
  • I helped to usher in the Apocalypse [Victory] 3

How I cured my insanity.

  • Scelto is in my head, the bunny on my arm. 2 extra voices to drive me nuts. [Failure] 5
  • Now Coriander Hasp is in my head too… I'm pretty bad at this. [Trivial Failure] 2
  • Curing my insanity means the ghost is in charge. [Revelation] 10

First Stone: As Ha-Quadosch Behraka reads (or makes up the story as he goes, no one will ever know), the other people around Behring begin to hear him as well. And you can say lots of things about Behraka, but you have to admit that he's a damn good storyteller. They all hear the story and maybe their minds are even pulled inside, adding more memories to the tale. The ghost realizes in terror that Behring's insanity was not so much healed, but made worse. It becomes contagious to those around him, forcing them to know what goes on in his heart and possibly pulling their minds inside as well. No matter what they did, they were affected.

turns into project:

How I mended the broken heart of Change.

  • I was just another part of the real Johannes Behring all along. [Revelation] 10
  • Behring and Johannes split apart. [Change] 5

Second Stone: As Change turns against itself, they both hear it… a crack. Two eyes watch inside Karoka as the Heart of Change begins to break down, broken in twain, slowly bleeding out and devouring itself. All over the world, Change itself is breaking down ore going haywire, things suddenly changing for no reason, people becoming stubborn and unwilling to leave their place, the order of things thrown into chaos in one place, being unchanged forever in the other.
Izoldak watches.

  • Behring was unraveled into nothing as he approached the heart of Change. [Failure] 5

Project done, the Heart was recreated.

How I crafted my awesome Tools. (attempting to raise treasure)

  • I made the bottle that can contain anything. [Victory] 3
  • I failed to create the Estate of Death… kinda. [Failure] 5

How I found the magic inside myself.

  • I am not real, I was just an imaginary friend to Marie [Change] 10
  • I failed to learn magic before fading to the Not. [Failure] 5

First Stone: And the heart of Change, deep within Karoka, begins to shift. Thorny vines grow and draw at it, drag it into the Deep Mythic, into the Spirit World and into the Nothingness beyond. Change is not real.
"I am NOT real.", Karoka says.

"I am Real."
A heart, regrowing.
Change, remade from nothing.
The heart beats. It is not as erratic as before, but still, each beat a new path, a decision made, a life altered, a changed context. It sounds healthy. Unbroken.

Project done, gained Reality Shaper Magic.

How I learned to take care of someone else

  • I wanted to help Marie, but got distracted by icecream and weasels and stuff [Trivial Failure] 2
  • I didn't dump the responsibility on my family, the have a new life now. [Victory] 3
  • I couldn't protect Marie from Scelto. [Trivial Failure] 2
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