Quotes are largely attributed to characters they concern, rather than to players. That said, bits of narration free of characters are ascribed to Players and quotes from one player about another players character (the HG counts as a Player for these purposes) receive clarifying context.
(Insertname's Comment: Quote choice is subjective, though I suggest the qualification of selecting things that most stand out. Please try and keep it in chronological order, more or less. Currently I'm as far as page 40… that is post #329. Still a long way to go. When making quotes, try to keep length in mind. Some things need to be pretty long in order to carry the full effect [I'm horrible with that… or at least terrible at cutting my own work…], but when possible cut it down to its smallest part without losing effect [a lot of time you gain effect that way, but some posts are just to perfect to cut up].
I've avoided correcting grammar, spelling and other errors, and excepting in the case of conversations over multiple posts, I've tried to avoid cutting stuff in the middle of a quote.)

Glorious moments, awesome miracles, epic victories, actions on a high and impressive scale.
(IN: This is the category that I have the highest standard for, personally, since I want the moments to be worthy of the title. That said, I've found plenty. Badass lines also slip in)

Things that supersede the normal, make the world bigger and more vibrant, and the world more interesting.
(IN: I'll be honest, I usually use this for cool setting details, or miracles that, while awesome, aren't quite Epic in their context. Name is somewhat misleading, as some Wondrous things are terrifying.)

Things that make you laugh and smile.
(IN: There are so many funny lines not included because of volume, so I try for the bigger laughs, or the ones I inexplicably really like, rather than everything that is funny)

Moments that make you go "aw".
(IN: I also use it for big quotes concerning romantic subplots.)

Things that make you want to cry.
(IN: Can be sad or bittersweet, sympathy, empathy or pity)

aka Little Things, a category for small comments (occasionally slightly longer ones) that hint at bigger things, help flesh out characters or setting.
(IN: This is sort of a "miscellaneous" category. It exists largely because there's a bunch of little lines I noticed that I really liked, but weren't *big* enough to be quoted in other categories. Probably the most subjective, as a result)

Skin crawling moments.
(IN: I admit, this category was added just so it could include the end of Chapter 1. It's a little skewed since I didn't have the category before that point, even though a few other quotes worked in retroactively)

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