Quotes From Jenna Moran (Exalted)

Herein is the collected wisdom of Dr. Jenna K. Moran, the RPG designer formerly known as Rebecca Sean Borgstrom. Aside from writing Nobilis, she wrote the original and still best 1e Sidereal Charmset, the 1e Fair Folk Charms, and the 2e Solar Charms. You thought she was speaking figuratively, and this is why you weep.

Setting & Metaphysics

Binary Heroism What does it mean to be a hero, anyway?
Why does Wyld Shaping work? from Too much or too little focus on Martial Arts? on RPG.net
How Dead Are the Neverborn? From What's gained by useless Neverborn Charms? on RPG.net.
Primordial Grown-Ups from Saying Nothing About Morality on RPG.net.
Solar Anti-Shaping and the Great Curse from Scroll of Errata & Rules for the Great Curse on RPG.net
The Sutra of Genre

On Sidereal Charms

Avoidance Kata
Avoiding the Truth Technique
Blinding the Boar
Blade of the Battle Maiden
Charcoal March of Spiders
Ceasing to Exist Approach
Crimson Palm Counterstrike
Demon-Blocking Battle Pattern
Duck Fate
Earth and Sky Bargain
Efficient Secretary Technique
Exalt Ways
Force Decision
Four Magical Materials Form
Grandmother Spider Mastery
Harmonic Completion
Impeding the Flow
Joy in Adversity Stance
Lover's Oath
Marvelous Inclusion of Details
Of Things Desired and Feared
Of Truths Best Unspoken
Ordained Bridle of Mercury
Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form & Armor
Pattern Spider Touch
Pirates & Water Spirits
Shun the Smiling Lady
Song of Spirit Persuasion
Spell-Shattering Palm
Spirit Shape Companion
Subordinate Inspiration Technique
Terminal Sanction
Transcendent Hatchet of Fate
Unwavering Well-Being Meditation versus Optimistic Security Practice
World-Shaping Artistic Vision

On Sidereals

The Limited Sidereal Toolkit
The Great Prophecy for Dummies
Nudging Fate

On the Fair Folk

Thoughts on Hephaestus
The Etiquette of Shaping Combat

On Demons

On Demonic Morality
On Demonic Limit Breaks
Moran on Understanding Yozis
Can Demons Love? from Can demons love? on RPG.net (hint: yes)

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