Quotes From John Mørke

Herein is the collected wisdom of John "hatewheel" Mørke, the third Ink Monkey and writer of the Incarnae fluff for Glories of the Most High. He invented the moon! I bet you can't say the same.


No Such Thing As Generic Exalted Competency There are no skills that all Exalted have by right


Solars and Other Splats Why can't I do everything? (Solars please disregard)
The Beyond the Unknowable Beyond of Oramus
The Righteous Dead What's with all these ghosts up in the sun?
Damnation 101 Infernals and Abyssals, doing their damnedest
Hatewheel on Power Creep I want more sorrow in this age, dammit
Ask the Magnus You ask, the Magnus answers
The Why of the Daystar Why am I talking about a ball of fire for one million pages?
Unshining Answer Stop answering other people's metaphysical questions!


Luna's Aspects Zatesh, Phrye, Cattalesta, and Luna's other exes
Lunars in Creation Lunars in the Usurpation


Making More Shards Can Autochthon make more Solar Exaltations?
Autochthon's Perfect Creation the difference between Celestials, Terrestrials, and Alchemicals


Yozis are Bad They aren't nice people, people
James Yozi Will Not Return Yozi escape plots were a mistake

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