Quotes From Michael Goodwin

Herein is the collected wisdom of Michael "Nephilpal" Goodwin, Ink Monkey Prime and writer of more things than I can mention, including but not limited to the Infernal and Abyssal Charmsets and the Thousand Correct Actions revision for the Dragon-Blooded.


Solars and Abyssal/Infernal Charms on Primordial Principle Emulation


This Turning Creation into Hell Business
the Beyond of Oramus Neph on the beyond
Virtues & the Ebon Dragon ownership manual for draconic embodiments of sin
Principle-Invoking Onslaught yes, it is that powerful
How Do I Write the Ebon Dragon with puppies and kittens, obv.
Wearing the Crown of the Universe on how it feels instinctively to be one
Neph Talks Set Theory Yozis, shinma, and mathematics, oh my


Neph on Samsara


Winning Isn't Everything Mortals get to have fun, too

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